Your Weekly Horoscope for June 13 – June 19, 2021

Your Weekly Horoscope for June 13 – June 19, 2021

Libra, this week, you seem to be in a mood to celebrate yourself, flaws and all, because you have finally realised that someone else shouldn’t be the one setting the standards for you. You are your own mystery to solve and battle to fight. Cheers to that!! Sagittarius, if you can imagine it, you possess the power in you to get it for yourself. You always had that power. Yes, even when you had those tiny hands that you have seen growing all this time. So believe in your power, and you shall have a great week to look forward to. Taurus, it’s time for you to get together to only focus on the end goal. We don’t like it when we say this, but you are all alone in this.

Aries (21 March – 19 April)

Your typical energy is fiery, innovative and go-getting. But at times, energies too need to be lowered for too much of anything is harmful. The stars this week urge the Aries in you to take the back seat without the fear that you are losing the precious time of your life. This week you need to focus on all aspects, including what you are going to do to have fun in the coming weeks. All this is necessary to fight anxiety and random thoughts that get in your head but have no base in the real world. As far as love is concerned, a very promising week awaits you. You will be able to strengthen both your physical and emotional bond with your partner due to the influence of the Sun. Your expenses might also see a rise this week, however, you won’t regret any of these. Aries parents must try conversing with their children and share their life experiences with them as the time is perfect to strengthen the parent-child bond. Be aware of short-tempered people.

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Taurus (20 April – 20 May)

You are to begin a new task this week that will take you closer to your long term goal. We recommend you be patient when trying to accomplish the task as this way, you will be more productive. You would also need a motivational tonic to tread towards your goals. Romantically, you won’t find yourself much active, and if you try too hard, you might end up boring the person you like the most. So, it is a phase in time when you must spend time with your friends. As the Sun moves in Gemini this month, the combination will bring harmony and peace to your doorsteps. You can further enhance this harmony by simply planning a trip to some cosy place to behold how the arrival of the monsoon is an example of how a change, sometimes, can be so beautiful. Career-wise, the overall month for Taurus is a delightful one so make the professional move for positive results. However, make sure you take all the important decisions into your hand this week.

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Gemini (21 May – 20 June)

This week, you are off to a rocky start with stress-related problems at your doorsteps. You will find yourself battling confusion and difficulties, especially in your love life. Many of you will struggle at understanding what your partner really feels for you. For one and the last time, we would recommend not questioning your partner around the same, at least this week. On the bright side, property-related prospects are open for the Gemini, and any investment now will bring good ROI. As the Solar Eclipse on June 10 is bygone, one who seeks to expand their family can begin the planning now. When it comes to making big life decisions this week, we recommend you rely on emotions and your passion instead of facts and figures. One looking for a foreign job and admission will see their luck shining. Economically, this is a truly remarkable period for you in which a lot can be achieved.

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Cancer (21 June – 22 July)

It’s the week for the monsoon baby, Cancer. Monsoon baby? And Cancer? Well, imagine it this way, won’t you love the cold breeze kissing your face as you take it out of the window to inhale the soothing smell of the soil after the first spell of the rain while you are on your way to that destination wedding spot? To simplify, this week is great for the Cancer to both travel and tie the knot. Moreover, if you are someone who has been looking for a job, this week is one where you will likely find one for yourself. Also, many of you might realise that all this time, your friendship was built on a false foundation. You may want to di-announce such kind of relations from your life. If you are a business person, this might be a great time to fuel new investments into it. Try to forge partnerships for enhanced profits. Also, take care of your head area as we sense something malefic plaguing it.

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Leo (23 July – 22 August)

Sometimes it seems like everybody else is buying that fancy house, getting themselves a ride, finding love and moving ahead in life. But all of it is an illusion. It’s simply our monkey mind fooling yet inspiring us to work harder. However, amidst the bluff game, you should not let your mind make you overdo things. Analyse where you are and what you are headed towards before your change any decisions of yours moments after looking at someone else’s success. On the love front, your personal relationship would be normal. Single parents, on the other hand, will have the luck to find someone worth their attention. Minor stomach related issues might also be a guest to you this week. Our astrologers recommend you wear a gemstone that suits your Rashi as it will align your energies for the greater good. Students aiming for something big may see a lack of support from parents but do not let it discourage you.

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Virgo (23 August – 22 September)

This is the week for the Virgo natives when they can enrich the effects of spirituality for themselves. With the Solar Eclipse bygone, our astrologers see bright time awaiting the Virgo natives and thus recommend you to overlook all the things that are practical and find peace and tranquility amidst the spiritual journey you had always wanted to take. Both married couples and singles this week will see a revival in married life. For once planning to tie the knot, it is a flourishing time. Although there are many prosperous events ahead of you, obstacles can also emerge if you indulge with people in control of the authority. It’s better you play fair and mind your own business. Not the best time for you to invest in the stock market. Getting anything new for the kitchen will prove beneficial for you. Those of you who are looking to continue with your studies after a gap will get a chance to do so.

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Libra (23 September – 22 October)

Rolling up your sleeves without a plan in the mind is worthless. It is a temporary adrenaline rush that takes us nowhere. Thus this week should be about planning your life before you roll the sleeves. You must be vocal about your ideas, especially if the person hearing them is family. Moreover, as you work hard, you must also ensure you don’t sacrifice the pleasures of life in this way. There is a middle way – one that does not require the obliteration of self, and isn’t this all the what your sign is all about? Also, many of you this week will have the urge for a materialistic commodity, which you can consider buying as the financial prospects are normal for you in the coming weeks. The Gemini sign will be the most compatible for you. However, if you are already in a relationship with a Gemini, it is recommended that you don’t reveal your relationship to anyone any time soon.

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Scorpio (23 October – 21 November)

People have a tough time decoding what you really feel for them. And that is one thing that is stopping you from finding the love of your life. So this week, you might want to be less cryptic about your feelings and express them often. Not too much, but enough. As the week progresses, many of you will bump into an offer that will look too good to be true, and if you ask us, it really is too good to be true. However, that doesn’t mean you are not worthy of it. So resist the urge to doubt yourself once, and you will experience professional gains. Also, this week, you may lack stability and focus. In such a situation, it’s better to have a chat with your friends and spouse rather than going back to the old school habit of locking yourself up. Professionally, make sure you don’t behave lazy, especially if you are working from home. Both shares and stocks and property seem to be viable options to invest in.

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Sagittarius (22 November – 21 December)

This is a prosperous week for the Sagittarius and one they can use to change a lot in their lives. With the Solar eclipse bygone, the Sagittarius emotions will be aligned well for them and help them in making tough life decisions. If you have been planning to arrange a pooja at home, this month is spiritual enough for the cause and will bring an abundance of blessings for you and your family. Moreover, your planets are protecting you from poor health, so you may want to utilize the high energy for your benefit. Your love life this week will be all about physical needs, and you would not be in a mood to get away from your partner. Moreover, the one sign you must look out for this week is Taurus, as these people could act as the wood to your fire. If you invest in the stock market, you won’t see much change in your profit and loss statement. Our astrologers recommend that you make Yoga a part of your schedule.

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Capricorn (22 December – 19 January)

Nothing that is happening for you is a sudden shift of the clock hands. We are leaving this life as a pre-birth plan that is tried and tested by the divine himself. So if you think that a tried and trusted product is faulty, then maybe it’s simply you not using it properly. Try walking with awareness and that would be all the light you would need this week. This month as the Sun moves in Gemini, the shift will impact your child’s life positively. Although luck is on your side, many of you will take time in realising that for yourself. Capricorns in the professional space will find themselves obsessed with the idea of perfection lately. But you must realise that perfection is achieved over time and is no one-time thing. Hence, don’t try to overdo things while giving your best. Also this week, you can try to remove some of your armour and let the Gemini pierce in; to fulfil some of your romantic fantasies.

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Aquarius (20 January – 18 February)

Slowing down should be your motto of the week, Aquarius. And if you do slow down, you will be able to behold things that deserve your attention other than the work-life schedule. These things could be the approaching of the monsoon, the drawing your daughter made recently or the new hairdo of your spouse that you haven’t complimented till now. With the Sun entering Gemini, your current hurdles will be resolved. In the office space, you will have unconventional ideas that will win you the favour of the boss. However, the good words must not inspire you to take upon an extra load of work as any kind of tense situation can make you uneasy this week. As much as some things are reaching ends, new things are beginning for you Aquarius. All you need to do is pay attention to the positive side of the ends. 

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Pisces (19 February – 20 March)

Nothing good comes by holding onto memories doesn’t matter how good they were. The solar eclipse bygone has left for you a blank slate that will help you reimagine your life. Those who have been looking for a romantic relationship must look beyond the little physical world of theirs, aka try exploring the online relationship game as you will find someone compatible sooner. This is a great week for any charity work, so if you haven’t fulfilled any mannat of yours, you shall do it now. Also, health-wise, if you don’t steer yourself into numerous activities, you will be like the stagnant water, low on energy. Our astrologers also sense heated debates between married couples, thus if you see any such happenings brewing, part ways from it or simply zip up. There may be some ups and downs on the financial front initially, but everything will be back to normal by the end of this week.

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