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Psychic reading should not be confusing and complicated, this is what PathForward provides. Path Forward, formerly known as Hollywood psychic, is an exciting new psychic service designed to not only predict the future, but also to help and guide you on your life path. Although the site is new, PathForward is one of the easiest to use platforms I have tried in recent months. They not only want to help you understand the future direction of development, but also want to help you discover what decisions you should make to achieve your goals so that you can get what you want from life.
However, if you need a little extra persuasive power like me, you can take advantage of their introductory discount of $1 per minute. Any website that is willing to give customers the opportunity to try something before they spend more is a good start. They may be one of the newer psychic sites, but they are definitely one of the better options there. Here is what you need to know before trying PathForward.

About forward spiritism
Path Forward is an exciting new online channeling service, it is not a typical channeling hotline. They provide traditional services such as tarot reading, e-mail reading, chat reading, and phone reading, but their channeling and mission are quite different. They have a small group of very talented psychics and some discounted prices to help you get on the right path.
The way forward has attracted some very talented and skilled psychics. Combine their preferential prices and excellent customer service, and you will get unique and affordable psychological services.

How much does PathForward cost?
PathForward’s pricing structure is relatively best. Although a welcome offer of $1 per minute for 10, 20, or 30 minutes is the standard on the website, plus three minutes is free, the regular rate for all PathForward psychics is only $5 per minute. The difference in PathForward’s pricing is that it continuously strives to serve repeat customers.
PathForward’s monthly subscription service, Inner Circle, is only $24.99 per month. The subscription includes 1 free 10-minute reading (usually $50) and a 10% discount on all other readings. New customers can also get 10 minutes of chat reading and 10 minutes of free phone reading.

Forward trading path for new customers

Types of reading on PathForward
Psychological Astrology Readings
If you are looking for a psychic who uses ancient astrology principles to determine how current energy affects your relationships, career, and life, then you will have some 5-star options on PathForward to choose from. Other psychics who provide this special reading are newbies to the site.
When arranging any kind of spiritual reading, your psychic needs to have a good energy match with you—a person who resonates with you. If you feel that one of the 5-star astrology readers is not suitable for you, you need to decide whether you are willing to take a risk on a psychic with few comments. Fortunately, the introductory discount of $1 per minute comes in handy. All you need for this reading is your date of birth. However, knowing your birth time and place will make the reading more accurate.
Heart Love Reader
Love is more complicated than ever, or at least it feels like this. Whether your current relationship has hit a wall, or you are just tired of finding love in all the wrong places, psychic love books can provide you with some valuable guidance.
If you don’t care about the talents of psychics or what tools they use to read about love and relationships, then you will have more psychics to choose from. If you want to get more specific information, such as clairvoyance that chooses to use tarot cards, this will narrow your options.
What I really value about the love books on PathForward is that psychics will not give you false hope. They are both inspiring and comforting, but they are also realistic about the fact that fate can intervene and your life path can change at any given moment.
Interpretation of psychic tarot cards
Tarot cards have been around for centuries, and many psychics on PathForward use them as tools when reading. If you are particularly interested in tarot reading, there are several 4 and 5 star readers who will provide it-the rest are brand new readers.
When I say that readers are newbies, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have been channeling for months, it just means that they are newbies to the PathForward website. Unlike other more mature tarot readers, you will not be able to browse some of the reviews to determine if they are suitable for you. Again, I think this is one of the main reasons PathForward provides such an attractive introductory offer.
If you have not read Tarot cards before, readers on PathForward will be happy to explain to you these cards and how they fit together to tell a story, and provide you with specific guidance.
Clairvoyance and psychic books
I find that people are most skeptical of insightful readers—before reading, you really need to trust their ability and integrity. Unfortunately, for new sites like PathForward, this can be difficult. However, the fact that they screened their psychics so thoroughly does give me a lot of confidence-I will explain in detail later.
If you are looking for clairvoyance, there are many experienced psychics to choose from on PathForward, many of which are rated 5 stars. In fact, many insightful readers have a large number of comments, which makes it easier to find suitable matches and ensures that they can provide accurate readings.

How easy is it to book for reading?
It is very easy to book and read on PathForward. You can click on our psychics and view the currently available psychics. If they are available, the box below them will be red and show “Chat now” or “Call now.” If the agent is busy or absent, the box will be white and display “Call Back” or “Chat Schedule”.






Three psychic readers users can talk to
PathFoward provides detailed instructions on how callbacks work on their website. You must have at least $5 in your account balance and be ready to call you back anytime within the next 24 hours.






If they do not receive a call back within 24 hours, if it is believed that there is a technical problem that caused them to miss the call, the user will extend the call back window and contact customer service. PathFoward’s consultants will also publish their schedule a week in advance, so users can try to call and read at these times or schedule a designated time.







Top PathForward Psychics
PathForward currently has more than 50 psychics-these are some of the most acclaimed readers.


Sofia PathForward psychic

Rating: 5 stars

Number of reviews: 541

Sophia has clairvoyance and clairvoyance, and uses Renaissance tarot cards as a tool when reading. If you feel lost and confused, Sofia is known for making customers feel calmer, more focused, more connected and balanced after reading. Many of her clients have been with her for many years. Each meeting begins with prayer and positive intentions, the purpose of which is to deliver healing, strength, and divine guidance.


Aiko PathForward psychic

Rating: 5 stars

Number of reviews: 321

Aiko is a psychic empathizer who is known for his intuition, comfort, and inspiration. If you want to better understand yourself and the current situation in your life, Aiko is a good choice. As someone who witnessed the 9/11 attacks first-hand, Aiko attaches great importance to listening to your inner voice and hopes to teach others to do the same.


Rating: 5 stars

Number of reviews: 283

Susan has clairvoyance and provides guidance from a place of love and compassion. Her clients describe her as honest, accurate, and easy to talk about their current situation. She is also known for her realistic attitude towards the timeline, ensuring that you understand that your life path and direction may change at any time based on your decision. Susan is here to provide you with spiritual guidance, rather than telling you how to deal with your relationships, career and life.



Rating: 5 stars

Number of reviews: 223

Terri is clairvoyant, clairvoyant, and an empathizer who uses tarot cards as a tool in reading. According to her review, she is one of the fastest, friendliest and most accurate readers on PathForward. If you want to understand why something is happening in your life and what you can do to make a positive impact, Terri may be the right reader for you.


Bottom line
PathForward is committed to empowering customers: it provides everyone with high-quality psychological experience and affordable services, and is the best choice for customers who want to establish long-term relationships with their favorite consultants. As PathFoward’s About Us shared, the site is more than just a psychological hotline-it aims to guide people through difficult times through empathy, caring, and intuitive guidance. Filtering tools can help readers choose consultants that match their mood.
PathForward aims to provide users with financial freedom. The In Sight Rewards program and Inner Circle monthly subscription are designed to benefit returning customers, while the introductory offer is a low-risk way for new customers to understand whether PathForward is suitable for them. In addition, they provide some of the best online security protections for users’ personal information. Their peace of mind promises that users will get a refund for any unsatisfactory readings.

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