Do you have questions about your love life? Do you want to know what is prepared for you in the future? Maybe you feel lost and need some guidance. Purple Garden psychic readers provide an online platform to talk to experienced consultants who can guide you. Browse hundreds of personal information to find the right psychological counselor who specializes in love, career, health, etc.
From the makers of Purple Ocean and Bitwine, Purple Garden psychics focus on dedicated live reading. With the Purple Garden psychic reader, you can contact your consultant from the comfort and privacy of your home. Psychics provides real-time reading online via chat, video and voice. Search your profile to find a psychic who specializes in areas of life that bothers you. You will find consultants with various experience levels and budgets.
At the same time, Purple Garden is available for iOS and Android devices, allowing you to quickly and easily get deep answers to pressing questions in life such as love, money, occupation, and deceased relatives.

Types of services provided by Purple Garden
Astrology The concept of judging your future and certain personality characteristics based on your zodiac sign. Usually by horoscope.
Tarot cards-use cards and images that can be seen on the cards to find out information from your past, present and future
Love and interpersonal relationships-It may be a good idea to connect you to your soul mate or to help you interpret whether you are married or divorced.
Dream analysis—–Analyze dreams and tell you their meaning. People believe that your dreams are your subconscious way of communicating with you.
Psychic media—–A family and pets who can contact the media of the deceased with a variety of choices
Career prediction-help you understand whether you should make a specific career change or whether you can be promoted.
Angel insight—–a way to connect with the unperceivable existence around us.

Way of communication
The psychological counselor provided by Purple Garden provides a range of options for on-site reading. You can receive your reading conveniently and confidentially through real-time chat, voice or video. With the help of the trial function, VIP customers can test and read without risk. The Purple Garden mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices and supports multiple languages, including English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Chinese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish and more.

Confidentiality and security
Many people may find it uncomfortable to talk to a psychic face to face, especially when it comes to some of the most sensitive issues in life. Purple Garden is a good choice when you cannot visit the psychic in person, or prefer to read in privacy at home. You can choose the communication method, whether it is real-time chat, video or voice. You can also create a user ID so that you don’t need to provide your full name.
Because each psychic has its own introduction video and their profile, you will better understand who to talk to before scheduling a meeting. You can also view the comments and recommendations of previous clients on each consultant’s profile.

4 steps for your purple garden expert to read
Download the Purple Garden app.
Register your details.
Choose your favorite psychic. (If you are not sure, please see “Employee Selection”)
Click “Live Chat” or “Live Video Call”
Add funds to your account (and start talking with your psychic).

How much does the purple garden cost?
The Purple Garden is located at the more expensive on-site channeling service. Purple Garden psychic consultants can set their own rates. Although the service wants them to be competitive, the rates are still higher than usual. Purple Garden usually sends promo codes to lower the price. Rates range from US$0.99 per minute to US$14.99 per minute. The usual range for chat is $3.99, call is $6.99, and video call is $9.99.

So what do previous customers think of Ziyuan? You can view the feedback and comments of each psychic in their profile. Since the platform has a variety of consultants, you are free to choose the best consultant for you. If you are not satisfied with your reading, you can leave a comment and rate your experience.
I’m skeptical about whether I believe in psychic books, but I don’t think it hurts to see what she has to say. In the absence of me, reading seems to be very relevant to my personal situation, deliberately providing her with too many life details to see if it is real reading. I feel good about it. I will most likely use her again. -Testimonials from PsychicLoveSamantha in May 2020
I am very grateful to Giovanni-his prediction has been realized as described in his previous reading-looking forward to the realization of the next prediction. -June 2020 1111Giovanni1111’s testimonials
This lady is the real deal! Really good! I even accepted what my SO said to me without telling her! thank you very much! You relaxed my mood a lot, and made me think it was so good to talk to you, so lucky! -Testimonials from spiritualist Mia Gray in June 2020
Although Ziyuan received some negative comments indicating that their psychics were fake, this varies from person to person. With so many consultants to choose from, people will definitely have a variety of opinions. In other words, the transparency of the archive, including customer reviews, ratings, and introductory videos, can help you choose the right psychic before arranging for reading.

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