The best online tarot reading in 2021-trustworthy
What does the card think about your future? Will you find love, success, and adventure? Maybe you will find all three.
Tarot cards are an ancient and powerful psychological tool that can help you understand the challenges in life, where your relationship is heading, or what will be prepared for you in the future.
But where do you start looking for a trusted tarot reader?
To help you, I have reviewed several online tarot readings to provide you with the best list.

1. Psychic Source – Best for attractive introductory quotes

Psychic Source Tarot Reading
Psychic Source offers the best introductory discount for new customers: $0.66 per minute, plus 3 free trials. This may explain why the schedule of top readers is quite tight.
Even if you are not a new customer, the psychic rate on Psychic Source is very comfortable compared to some other sites. The average tarot reading cost for top psychics is about $7 per minute.
What I also really like is that the site is well thought out. It has many tools to match you with the right psychic. The interactive Find a Psychic tool will guide you through the question and match you with the reader.
Finally, when accessing the reader’s profile, you can listen to the recording to better understand them before scheduling a reading.

2. California Psychics-the easiest to use

Interpretation of the California Psychic Tarot
Launched in 1995, most California psychic tarot readers have been read thousands of times and received hundreds of comments.
This website makes it very easy to schedule a tarot card reader to read or start reading immediately. The personal data of each psychic is easy to understand and their availability is immediately displayed.
You can also see how many people are waiting to read and how long you need to wait. The estimated waiting time for advanced psychics reading may exceed 2 hours, which is why it helps to arrange reading
New customers can get readings for only $1 per minute.

3. Keen – best suited to guarantee the satisfaction of reading
Keen tarot reading

Keen Psychics goes to great lengths to provide a positive experience for customers. From 20 years of reputation and detailed psychic files to a 100% satisfaction guarantee, Keen Psychics is known for its transparency and credibility.
As a new customer, you can purchase 10 minutes for only $1.99, which is ideal if you are not familiar with psychic books. If you have any questions before paying to read a particular psychic, you can send them a message directly-this is a feature that you don’t see often on other websites.

4. Purple Garden-best for mobile tarot reading

Interpretation of the Purple Garden Tarot
Purple Garden is a great psychic reading service. If you want to read tarot cards on the go, you can try it. Unlike other websites designed primarily for desktop users, the entire platform is designed to be accessed via smartphones or tablets.
Purple Garden has a dedicated tarot reading category with more than 100 consultants to choose from. One of the many benefits of this platform is that no matter what time of day you want to read, there are online readers.
Purple Garden psychics charge between US$0.99 and US$14.99 per minute for reading, and most of them are between US$5 and US$10. You can also get 5% cash back on every purchase, which you can use for future reading.
If you want to communicate face-to-face with readers, this platform is particularly good because it provides the option of reading via video, not just calling or chatting. Therefore, if you want to watch your readers pull out cards in front of you, you will have many highly rated psychics to choose from on Purple Garden.

5. Oranum – Best for free live performances

Oranum has more than 400 tarot readers that can be obtained via chat or phone, but this is not unique to the site.
The free live performance is what distinguishes Oranum from other psychic reading sites. Before you decide on a tarot reader, you can watch their live broadcast to determine if they are suitable for you. I like this feature because it allows you to establish a spiritual connection with the psychic before paying for one-on-one reading.
If you like specific readers, you can join their fan club, use their services at discounted prices and access exclusive content.
The live performance is public, but if you pay coins (points), you can switch to private video reading. New customers get 10,000 coins for free when they verify their credit card.
What I don’t like about Oranum is that the reader profile looks a bit messy. Understanding the information displayed there is not easy: reviews, reservations, video recordings, etc. are all in one place.

6. PathForward-the most suitable for affordable tarot reading

PathForward Tarot Interpretation
PathForward, formerly a Hollywood psychic, has been connecting users with trusted psychics for the past 15 years, which highlights its credibility.
I was impressed by the affordable price of Pathforward. New users start at $1 per minute, and ordinary users never exceed $5.
There are far fewer Tarot reader reviews on PathForward than Kasamba, but they feel more authentic and helpful.
I also like search filters, which allow you to sort readers by subject (e.g. occupation and money), gift (e.g. clairvoyance), and communication style, ranging from compassionate and considerate to direct and expressive.
Of the 53 psychics selected by PathForward, only 31 provided tarot readings, which is surprising because this is such a popular psychic tool.
If you are interested in a reward program, PathForward has a program called In Sight Rewards, which allows you to earn 3% of Rewards Dollars with every purchase.

7. Kasamba-best for trusted tarot readers

Interpretation of the Cassamba Tarot Card
Kasamba has more than 180 tarot readers that you can chat with, and more than 150 people who provide readings over the phone. It is beneficial to have so many readers to choose from, but it also means that it takes time to find the right readers.
The good news is that Kasamba has a strict psychic interview process to ensure that every reader has the necessary experience and qualifications.
Reader profiles contain thousands of ratings and comments. What I appreciate is that the comments are only from users who pay to read the tarot cards.
You can call or chat with readers immediately, or you can set up notifications when they are free to read.
Interestingly, many tarot card readers on Kasamba also provide angel card readers, which is great if you need extra inspiration.
Another thing I like about Kasamba is that the site has been around for more than 20 years. For me, this proves that people keep coming back because the reading is insightful and accurate. If this is not the case for you, at least you can even get a refund.
Prices range from US$1.99 to US$30 per minute. New users can also get the first 3 minutes for free, giving them a chance to try channeling.

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