Keen Psychics Review2022:You Should Truste The Psychic Platform

Whether it’s a failure at work or a broken relationship. People always have different reasons to study psychic matters. Some do it for comfort, others for guidance. Most people yearn for some form of enlightenment. But not everyone has a psychic within reach. It’s not easy to find someone who really understands you, I mean someone who can really read you.
That’s where comes in. Keen provides psychological services to everyone around the world. They have served more than 35 million customers since 1999. With their huge selection of psychics, you’re sure to find something that suits your needs.
If you have more questions to know, keep reading to get an honest review and see if Keen’s service is worth a try.

How much does keen cost?
Keen has a pay-per-minute pricing structure. Readers choose their own price per minute, ranging from $1.99 to $30. This provides a range of prices to choose from within your budget. The payment structure is very simple and there are no value packages, bundles or bulk credits to buy.

As an introductory offer, you can choose between 3 minutes of Keen reading for free or 10 minutes for $1.99. Keen recommends the second option, claiming it’s a better option in most cases. The first option is only better if the reader has a very high price per minute.

Popular payment methods
√ Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express)
√ Debit card
√ Paypal
√ Prepaid Gift Cards

Key Features of keen
Keen offers a wide range of readings, such as tarot readings and love readings; these are done by a network of psychics who screen before accessing the platform. Keen also provides daily horoscopes, written articles and FAQs.

When I first started researching the service, I could immediately see that every Keen review cited the lack of video communication as an issue. Many people feel more fulfilled by video reading, but Keen doesn’t offer that communication channel. Through the selection process, my first impression was that it was very simple to sift through all psychics and use a given category to filter what I was searching for.
Some of the best psychic readings from Keen are:

Financial Outlook: Financial outlook readings can help answer any money-related questions. This reading option is also a good option if you have questions about your earning potential or job and would like to receive a career forecast from one of the best Keen psychics.
Spiritual Medium: The medium connects with a deceased loved one and delivers any important information they wish to pass on to you. This option can be a good option if you need to interact with anyone who has passed or want to ask them any questions.
Tarot Reading: Tarot Reading will help you find answers to any general questions, or dig into your overall energy Tarot has 78 cards, each with a picture to give you insight into any of your Happening.
Love and Relationships: Channelers who specialize in love reading and relationships have a special understanding of issues like soulmates and divorce.
On their website, there is no specific notice describing how to vet selected psychics. However, according to several reviews of, the site conducts background screening on all of its counselors.

If you want to see the most available options right away, use the three search functions on the Keen home page: Reading Topics, Processes, and Costs.

In addition to being able to manually suggest preferences, Keen offers a matching quiz that asks you a series of questions about yourself, then narrows down their psychic network for you.

Types of Channeling on the Keen Platform
Cartomancy: Insights into a person’s life using randomly selected readings from a deck of cards. Tarot is a form of cartomancy.
Dream Interpretation: A reading that dissects dreams and gives meaning to symbols/actions in dreams that are relevant to your life.
Numerology: Readings to help you fulfill your life path, based on numbers related to your life, such as your birthday.
Tarot: A type of card that uses a deck of 78 cards with an assigned image/symbol/meaning to help you understand a situation.
Types of Unstructured Readings
Psychological Love Readings: Readings focus on your love and sex life and are determined by the energy you carry.
Angel Card Reading: Similar to the Tarot Card Reading, the Angel Card Reading can provide insight into your career, finances, and relationships. However, instead of using tarot cards, the reader (or psychic) ​​uses the energy provided by the guardian angel.
Past Life Readings: If you’ve ever wondered why you’re afraid of certain things or have a crazy case of deja vu, past life readings can help you with that. As the name suggests, an online psychic will guide you into a state of hypnosis and delve into your unconscious memory to learn about your past.
Spiritual Readings: Spiritual Readings are perfect for those looking to be inspired, designed to raise your awareness of and connect you with the spiritual forces that are constantly at work around you.

Reviews and Customer Satisfaction

Reviews have proven to be crucial for customers to build trust with companies and to check the authenticity and quality of the services they provide. For a company to grow and grow, it needs to have a very strong and active customer base. The same is true for keen, who, judging from the website, have been using the facility to market themselves.

Since the site mentions all available psychics, and the site also mentions the psychic’s area of ​​expertise, but not so, the site also provides additional information, such as from the year they provided their services, ratings Reviews were provided for each of them from customers, the total number of reads provided by each psychic, and how many people gave. This brings a lot of clarity to building trust for customers. Not so, the site gives each customer the first 3 minutes free, and during those 3 minutes, the customer has room to choose whether to continue. This gives customers a lot of room to build trust or gain a level of satisfaction to continue using the service.

In addition to this, has a strong customer support service where customers can ask questions about billing inquiries, contact trust and safety, general support, fair play, and more. Keen Psychology Customer Service is available at 877-533-6435 and operates 12 hours Monday through Friday, 6am-6pm daily, Saturday and Sunday 8:00am-4:30pm (Pacific Time) ) can call.

When using the services on the website, the website asks for your name, username, email address, phone number, current and previous mailing addresses, credit or debit card or PayPal account information, payment address, other financial account numbers, social Insurance or tax ID number, driver’s license number or other government-issued ID number (or a copy of your driver’s license or other government-issued ID), date of birth, time of birth, place of birth, login, PIN, password, Account preferences, etc. To ensure that the personal information provided is not misused, the privacy policy that the website follows should be reviewed. You can go to a keen psychic website to see the same,

From the website, we can easily find some customer testimonials that the website is working well, a customer named Stephanie R. said: “When I am happy, depressed, sad, any emotion is unfathomable, I am in this Invaluable sites are always showcased by talented advisors.” Again, there are many more to be found there. These testimonials prove the credibility of the site and ensure that the site is not fake at all.

Is safe?

For over two decades, Keen has been a trusted platform to help people. Those in need can get help from their expert advisors based on the issues they may be facing. Seek out spiritual readings, psychic readings, relationship advice, tarot readings, astrology advice, and more. The variety of testimonials available on the site ensure that it is a reliable site, and connections to advisors can lead them out of situations where a person might be stuck in. Psychological Love Readings allow listing clients to choose from a variety of advisor lists to accept Consulting services, and from the customer reviews and presentation, it is certainly safe to use the platform.

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