What’s So Gay About Astrology?

What’s So Gay About Astrology?

What’s So Gay About Astrology?

Date Published:
September 17th, 2019

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Chicago is historically one of the gayest cities to live in, right up there with San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City. The inner city is an LGBTQ+ friendly place, especially on the North Side and the West Side (where our boutique is!). So, what does the inclusive queer culture of Chicago have to do with astrology?

Well, astrology is seen as an assumed common ground between queer people and astrology is having its moment in the gay culture spotlight! In today’s blog, I’m going to talk about why this is happening and my favorite theory as an astrologer, behind the strong bond that members of the LGBTQ+ seem to share through the stars.

What’s Your Sign?

As an astrologer in Chicago, I get a fair amount of LGBTQ+ clients who come in asking about their star charts and what sign they are. It’s a common question that comes up on first dates, in the clubs, and arguably within the first week of seeing another person. If you have even the slightest interest in astrology, queer or not, you know your sun sign and which signs you’re most likely going to be compatible with, based off predictions and personal experiences.

The idea of romantic sign compatibility has been around as long as astrology has, but in 2019, the association between queer people and astrology has been higher than ever. The idea of “queer astrology” has been a rising trend in the past couple of years, especially in pop culture from songs to jokes to social media, it’s almost as if there’s no escaping it. There are popular Instagram accounts — like @queerCosmos, @thelesbianvirgo, @yourmomshoroscope, and @queerstrologyy (to name a few) — that are dedicated solely to memes and information about astrology. Popular dating apps even offer to filter your possible matches by zodiac sign! In fact, many LGBTQ+ identifying people study astrology as a way to connect with the community members around them.

Finding Spirituality

Professional astrologer, Jessica Lanyadoo, believes that astrology allows queer people to connect with a higher power in the same way that many straight cis-people identify with organized religion. There is something spiritual in the stars, regardless of your sexual orientation or identification. Connecting with that spiritual aspect allows people to feel connected to a Divine power without feeling the same judgment or dogma that comes with other forms of religion.

Many queer people spend most of their lives searching for their tribe and a way to make sense of their identity. Astrology is often seen as the way to do that. It’s a way to answer the questions about our inner selves that everyone asks: why am I like this? Why do I have these feelings? Who am I? Will anyone still love me? Looking to the stars is seen as a method of answering these questions as accurately as many other forms of organized religion would, without manifesting the same pressures, judgments, and toxic communities (to LGBTQ+ people). That isn’t to say that astrology and religion are exclusive of each other! There are lots of wonderful and accepting religions, however, many queer people have had poor personal experiences with religion that they didn’t have with astrology.

The Astrology Boutique

So, to revisit the original question, why do a large number of gay identifying people share an affinity for astrology? I agree with my fellow professional astrologers, because it allows them to explore and revel in a sense of community and spirituality that is often denied members of the queer community. Now that you’ve read this blog, do you need to know more about your natal chart before your next night at ‘Tracks in Boystown? Contact the Astrology Boutique for your very own star chart!

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