Weekly Horoscope For 21st March – 27th March 2021

Weekly Horoscope For 21st March – 27th March 2021

Let’s have a quick check. How many times did you snooze off the alarm last week, Scorpio? Have you been keeping a count? Yes, that’s exactly what we meant, you are not the kind of human that procrastinate. Could you somehow be out of alignment? This week, let’s try to work on that while creating more space from joy to settle in, just like your weekly horoscope suggests. And Virgo, why you keep wishing if the task in hand were any easier? Had it been easier, it wouldn’t have chosen you. You have just won a lucky draw. Cherish it and give your best because after some time, whether you lost or won won’t matter. Cancer, you can’t always think of yourself and look at things from only your point of view. There are multiple forces at play here. So shall we sit around to guess who else seeks your attention the most this week?

Aries Weekly Horoscope

Did the long-gone love reappear in your dream lately, Aries? Well, it might be a signal for you to consider trying restarting the alliance for the stars too believe that you gave up too soon. Moon in Taurus this week will motivate you to form love alliances. This is also a time when bonds of care and trust will grow deeper. Also, if you plan to leave someone behind this week, make sure they know why you are leaving. Expressing yourself is an act of bravery and power and you must not shy away from it. As far as your career is concerned, tough situations at the workplace this week will allow you the opportunity to grow. Do what you can do best without worrying about what would happen next. Worrying, simply, will take a toll on your mental health and lead to misunderstanding. Investments made in the stock market this week will bring positive results for you.

Taurus Weekly Horoscope

Once again, you are on the cross-road, Taurus. Juggling between responsibilities in the kitty and your urge to live the life your way. Sadly, the week will give you less perspective on which side you must head towards, like always. What our astrologers predict is that, as of now, try to focus on the end-goal keeping baby steps in mind. Moreover, this week, the urge to tell someone how you feel about them would be sky-high. However, your current circumstances might pull you back from doing so. A well-thought decision, Taurus. With the effect of Venus, you have a tendency to compare yourself with others and the one you love is no exception. So until you are not a worthy contender, consider watching some rom-com to quench your thirst for love. Also, this week, you might be concerned about your financial stability owing to workplace woes. Yet, we would recommend going easy on yourself and all would be fine. 

Gemini Weekly Horoscope

The ship seems to be sailing smoothly on the Gemini island. As the festive season approaches, you must consider spending time with family members and pay some heed to what they have been planning for you. Talking about plans, this is a great week to go on a trip and behold mountains. The transition of seasons from winter to spring would be a sight to cherish and allow your body some much-needed detox. However, if a holiday is something that you can’t afford right now and plan to bash the keyboard with your fingers, don’t feel shy from experimenting at the workplace as it would bring your positive results in the first attempt. Gemini horoscope warns you to not consider switching jobs right now as it could affect your financial stability. The week is good for love alliances as chances are married couples will get rid of misunderstandings and make their relationship stronger. 

Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Cancer, don’t see walking backwards as a sign of failure. Because sometimes, walking back is simply returning home where you can once again rejuvenate and restart. And the things you learned throughout the journey? Cherish them this week. A simple way to do this is to take a walk down the memory lane and compare yourself with your older self. That’s all the comparison you need to be part of in life. It is something that would allow you the motivation to tread forward. As you do so, love will be by your side this week. Also, a good time lies ahead for single parents and divorcees. On the work front, do not get unsettled by the crowd even if they push you to get ahead. Ensure that there is some fierceness in your fragility. If you invest in the share market, hold on to your stocks belongings for now. 

Leo Weekly Horoscope

It’s time for the Leos to play the ‘Never have I ever’ game and what you will find is that never have you ever even considered doing things you, as a child once told your parents you would do when you turn your age. The week allows you the chance to ditch the sandals and walk barefoot on the road. Make plans for that perfect holiday. And finally, be excited about all the sexy clothes you are going to wear while doing all this. Well, you might ask if there is a holiday in the Leo HQs? Maybe, because our expert astrologers tell us that the week for Leo will be smooth with not many highs and lows that they need to worry about. This is an excellent time to focus on developing your will power and resilience for these qualities help us steer the storms of life. This is also a good week to get a loan sanctioned and even buy a car. Married men must take their wives along when considering any such investment. 

Virgo Horoscope Weekly

Why run when the view is so pleasing, Virgo? We understand the urge to compete and reach the destination faster than anyone else. But sometimes, all one does is run without a destination in mind to only exhaust themselves in the end. Instead, try to plan your week before you start running to complete the task at hand. All the bragging is because the week for Virgo’s is going to be a regretful one owing to some personal and professional choices you may have made in the past. The best way to overcome this is to find someone to talk to and not procrastinate the changes you need to make. Also, be proactive and check in with friends and family about how they are feeling whenever you get the time and opportunity. Career-wise some great overseas opportunities seem brewing. If you get a call, wear pink to the meeting for the best results.

Libra Horoscope Weekly

There is nothing like a coincidence, Libra. The divine’s plan is flawless and scripted to perfection. All you need to do is be present to savour the offerings instead of ostracising the magic. This week, you can make use of your charismatic influence to get things set for you, both personally and professionally. On the love front, you would want to spend more time with your partner. Students in love will have the urge to get mushy but must dodge any such alterations and completely focus on studies to avoid any sort of future regrets. The week is great for all people financially; with very few exceptions. If you are in a fashion or teaching career, you will see unexpected gains. Healthwise, stomach woes could unsettle you. Consider brisk walking and rethinking your schedule. 

Scorpio Horoscope Weekly

Scorpios this week might want to dodge their intense need to lurk in the shadows of things that eventually allow them less than what they deserve. That is for a relationship, life and anything and everything personal with Scorpio. Operating from a place where you can’t even see yourself is equal to fooling yourself. Don’t do that. Say what you need to. Do what your heart tells you. And if you do, the curious child in you will feel worth and proud of the contribution you are making in this world. You may need to use a lot of self-empathy and self-protection this week. This will help transform your love life, especially and add to it the spark it has been missing. The cards are urging you to put your financial worries aside too. Newness is the theme for the week, cherish it. 

Sagittarius Horoscope Weekly

It is lovely to see how independent you have become when it comes to your emotions, Sagittarius. Well, your heart knows the change by-heart but not always the other person. Try to convey the message to the people around even if there is no need to. Tell them exactly what you feel without keeping them hanging or blatantly ignoring them. This is one of the many human things you can do this week. On the work front, try to accept the incoming challenges (instead of putting them on the shoulders of others) to gain some useful experience. However, don’t sit working in the wee hours of the night as it could irk you down. Also, this week is all about thoughtful planning and keeping a firm rein on your spendings so that you stay within your budget. 

Capricorn Horoscope Weekly

Most people want to feel free in love but then there are some people for whom being trapped in love is all the freedom they seek. And Capricorns are that kind of people. Well, we don’t say there is anything wrong about it. But that’s only until someone else’s decisions don’t start to influence yours. Adore the concept of plurality. Listen to them and also the thing inside your chest. This is what truly living your life means. This week bask in the glow of those around you who love you, especially your mother. Also, if you have work pending, try to wrap it all up because if not, then the Saturn in you will prompt you to think all you are is; useless. Those of you dealing in shares can consider investing in the auto industry even if the market seems risky. 

Aquarius Horoscope Weekly

All Aquarius can expect this week is entertainment, entertainment and entertainment. The time is great for you in many areas like sports, investment and also love. For the areas left, all you will need to do is put a little extra effort to turn the outcomes in your favour. Many of you will desire to explore and travel. If you have been considering a plan, get your spouse along to tighten your emotional connection. If you are a single parent, don’t go for flings right now for there is a possibility that you might get attached and the other person might not be interested. Students appearing for competitive exams must rethink their schedule for it seems very unbalanced right now. If you seek to invest in the stock market, invest with a long term objective in mind. Bar away from intraday trading. 

Pisces Horoscope Weekly

Your baggage seems to be getting heavy, Pisces. And sadly it is not with all the stars you one’s dreamt you would carry in your bag. Simply say, you are going down at the wrong time for this time and week is to stand tall against everything that brings you down. As the week proceeds, you are very likely to meet someone who would become an integral part of your life. However, even when with them, do not take undue risks with your health or become hasty with habits you have developed over time. If you are a boss to someone, try to empower them more than you usually do. Simply don’t act impulsively as you might end up taking the wrong decisions. Wear white colour as much as you can or at least keep a white hanky handy for luck to be by your side. 


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