Tuesday Tale: Why did King Ravana once capture all the 9 planets & how were they rescued?

Tuesday Tale: Why did King Ravana once capture all the 9 planets & how were they rescued?

There are numerous tales about Lankan King Ravana and his excellency in various professions, talents, tricks and tales. And one of those tales is about a time when Ravana captured all the nine planets in astrology.

It is no hidden fact that Ravana, the King of Lanka, besides being a great King was also a great astrologer. His astrology excellency was the result of exalted Jupiter in Moon, the conjunction of Moon and Saturn in his Kundli and also the aspects of Sun. When all these planets camp in the same house, the positioning allows excellent astrology knowledge to the native. 

Using the sheer knowledge and power that Ravana possessed, the King had defeated all the Devas. Interestingly, after defeating the Devas, Ravana was preparing to welcome his son into the world. 

On hearing the news of Ravana’s son being born, the defeated Devas got extra worried. The Devas thought if Ravana’s son is born, the two, together, will wreak havoc of kinds on the world. 

Thus carving a plan, all the Devas urged the nine planets to shift into astrologically unfavourable positions so that the son of the Ravana doesn’t possess sufficient powers. 

However, Ravana was informed about the foul play being played by the Devas and it was then he captured all the 9 planets and kept them under their feet ‘with their head facing downwards’. This way, despite Devas’ request, the planets couldn’t move to an unfavourable position. 

Narada Muni Comes to the Rescue


The Saint Narada Muni was informed about the whole situation and he decided to help the Devas and the Grahas.

There is one thing in astrology called Shani Drishti. There is a popular belief that Shani Drishti is as deadly as his position. Shani is believed to cast an evil eye and this causes deep trouble in one’s life. 

Shani could have used the Shani Drishti to escape from Ravana’s clutch, however, as all the planets, including Shani, were lying facing the floor, the Shani glance couldn’t work on Ravana. 

Thus, Narada Muni, with a plan, arrived at the palace of the Ravana in Lanka. Trying to manipulate Ravana, Narad Muni praised him for his victory over the Grahas and advised him that he should stamp on the chest of the planets and not their back to further humiliate the Grahas.

Ravana, who was unaware of Shani Drishti, lauded the idea and immediately got the planets turned up. As Shani was turned, the Shani Drishti fell on Ravana’s face and it was the beginning of his hardships.

Ravana’s Revenge 

Angered by the act, Ravana got hold of Shani and locked him in a tiny cage that had no openings, so no one can ever see the face of Shani and thus can’t be affected by the Shani Drishti. 

After some years, when Hanuman flew to Lanka as Lord Ram’s messenger to Sita, Hanuman heard the voice of Shani weeping from inside the cage. Hanuman broke open the prison and rescued Shani. However, during the act, the Shani Drishti fell upon Hanuman.  

Shani, though was very thankful to Hanuman for rescuing him, but also bound by his virtues to infuse hardships of Sade Sati or Shani Dosha in Hanuman’s life because he had beheld Shani Drishti and no one can escape from the sufferings that come with it.  

Hanuman, understanding the same, wanted to know what kind of sufferings he will have to go through. Shani explained that first, he will come upon Hanuman’s head and this will make him leave his home, wife and sons and go about suffering.

Hanuman was very ok with Shani residing in his head as he was devoid of family. Shani took refuge in Hanuman’s head. 

Hanuman, bound by his duties, then continued fighting demons. In the act, he picked up big boulders, which he usually used to crush into pieces using his head. Lord Shani was definitely getting hurt by all this and it was then he decided to camp off Hanuman’s head. 

As Shani got away from Hanuman’s head he blessed him saying that he is the only one who cannot be troubled by Sade Sati or Shani Dosha. Further, Shani also requested Hanuman to make a wish for his brave conduct of saving him from Ravana.

Hanuman humbly requested the Shani Maharaj to not trouble or cast an evil eye on his devotees.

Since then, people started worshipping Hanuman to escape from Shani.

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