The History Of Tarot Cards – Continued

The History Of Tarot Cards – Continued

Date Published:
August 23rd, 2010


It’s been a while since the last post, but let’s pick up with our examination of the tarot card deck.


Our modern symbol of justice is a woman (sometimes referred to as “lady justice”), blindfolded (so she’s fair) holding the scales of justice. Tip one way, guilty. Tip the other way, not guilty. This is similar to the typical depiction of the justice card in a tarot card deck. A female sits, or kneels, holding the scales of justice. She is not blindfolded in this case, and also holds a sword.

When you see the justice card in your tarot card reading, she is reminding you that you are responsible for all your actions (and inactions) and the consequences that result. The justice card in your tarot card reading tells you to stop and look at your past actions and the outcomes. Have your wronged someone lately? Did you take something without their permission? Indulge in too much dessert lately?

It doesn’t matter what you have done, it just matters that you acknowledge it. This is the justice card, not the judgment card. The tarot cards do not care what you have done. The justice card is not concerned with how big or how small your misstep is. Seeing the justice card tells you to figure out what is was and to remind you that you probably need to right your wrong. Do you need to apologize? Return or replace something? Hit the gym a little more?

The Hanged Man

Sometimes known as the traitor, the hanged man card tends to strike fear in those who see it in their tarot card reading. Much like the death card, it is a misunderstood card. While the card is a picture of a man hanging upside down from the gallows, the card is not about punishment or death.

In a literal translation of the card, the hanged man in a tarot card reading tells you that you are, well, hung-up. You are stuck in place usually preoccupied by your thoughts. While you are trying to figure something out, you’re making a mess of it by not picking a course of action or over analyzing the situation. Take a minute, figure out what’s holding you up and move forward.

Other translations of the hanged man include surrender. This is not a literal interpretation. By surrendering the things in our life that are not being good to us – thoughts, actions, people, things – we are better able to shed our negative energy and move forward in a positive and healthy direction. Only by letting go of these things can you balance your life.

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