Tarot Monthly Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign for August 2021

Tarot Monthly Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign for August 2021

Tarot cards tell a lot about your life. With many success stories and some near-about misses, the tarot monthly horoscope for August 2021 has something for each zodiac sign.

With one card for each, check out yours in no time, reading the article below!


Card: Upright, Queen of Pentacles

With words of affirmation, Queen of Pentacles foretells that the month for the folks with Aries zodiac sign will be a bag full of accomplishments and fortunes. You would have improved professional conditions. With new partnerships and success in ongoing projects, you shall also have luck while planning new things in your life.

We know that you are someone with high hopes, superb knowledge, and potential, and August is the month to try it all, indicates the Queen of Pentacles. Tarot monthly horoscope for Aries also predicts that you could take big decisions this month and seek benefit from it. However, you might feel some sways regarding your health, but that would be temporary. Furthermore, with such a blissful tarot card, rewards and praises will be all around accompanied by stability in finances.

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Card: Upright, Page of Pentacles

This tarot card symbolizes abundance and energy. Along with a quest for wisdom, you shall have a long line of inordinate success this month. This success might be sudden or because of all the efforts you’ve put in your past times. Page of Pentacles also predicts that your life would be the result of the choices you make this month. Therefore, avoid making decisions that you are unsure of. Be it your love life or professional life, you must not come to conclusions early and fast.

Page of Pentacles is merely a destiny card, reminding you to “trust your instincts” no matter what happens. Also, the tarot monthly horoscope for Taurus says that you must introspect all the facts and figures of life. There might be times in the month when you may feel that money is your supervillain, especially when building relations with your partner. However, the business shall earn profit and gains from all edges and ends.

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Card: Reversed, Ten of Swords

Though this tarot card signifies inevitable ends, yet you must not worry, Geminis, as you shall still dodge a bullet. Ten of Swords reversed holds the power to influence matters regarding health. You shall be at risk during the entire month. However, things shall not get severe, and you will be through this by the end of the month. With it, this card shall be a wake-up call for you. Therefore, you must take proper care of your health. Exercising might become hard for you, but keeping pace with it will be a need of the month.

The tarot monthly horoscope for Gemini also shows because of these health issues your lifestyle might suffer. But on the other hand, you should make the most of your time this month in the most positive manner. All in all, you need to remember that “health is the key to a satisfying life,” and having healthy food is the only way to do it.

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Card: Upright, Nine of Cups

You had a blast last month, right? Well, this month shall be no less as you got the wow-some of cards, the Nine of Cups! Whatever that is for you shall be yours. You can be you. Furthermore, you can take a chill pill from the pressurizing situations and feel off from tensions and dilemmas, if any. There might be some major change coming your way. You may either change your city or move off from your house. With that, old projects and assignments will be completed by the end of this month.

However, so much hard work might lead to exhaustion and stress in daily life, but that shall be temporary. You can be a free spirit the whole month and enjoy your time from within. Your vibration for life will be strong, which would bring harmony to your current relationships. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to keep a check on what others expect from you. As there are some chances that you may ignore some vital folks in your life and hurt their emotions.

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Card: Upright, Four of Wands

The Four of Wands represents peace, love, and prosperity altogether. And you dear Leo folks can roar in all these three in August 2021. You may stand firmly on your own decisions. By putting in some radical resolutions, they shall also go through deep connections with their beloved. The only shady probability that might chase is splurging on comforts and spending on unnecessary stuff. In love-related matters, you shall experience appreciation. Out there in the crowd, you may clash with someone who might try to tarnish your beautiful aura and position with this tarot card for August 2021.

Financially, the year will make you witness a hike in your tempting skills to chase comforts. But beware as this shall lead you to a road full of stress and instability in wealth. Moreover, the Four of Wands also says that you might end up being a victim of your “angry bird” mode. Therefore, you must keep yourself away from pessimistic thoughts or the feeling of being carried away, and in the end, you will find peace and positive closure.

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Card: Reversed, Seven of Swords

Though reversed cards are not very good when pulled out yet Virgos, the Seven of Swords, the reversed card shall act as a mixed one for you. Like a perfect picture, enthusiasm will flow in your lives, and you shall get to see your life hitting on the right road. However, minding your attitude shall be the need of the month with this tarot card for August 2021. There might be some discomfort or heartbreak in your relationship. And, in case you face heartbreak, take it as an event for the betterment of your future. With that, stay off from confrontations and don’t rush into scenarios or judgments about anything, i.e., Play it Slow!

The Seven of Swords reversed also indicates unexpected and unnecessary sadness. Thus, you must not ignore the gloominess coming your way. Furthermore, you must remember to check your mental health and not feel shy in taking emotional help. Plus, keep in mind that no matter how sadistic you discern, your close ones will always have your back. Your outlook towards health is a need as it shall define you the whole year.

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Card: Reversed, Eight of Pentacles

So far, you have been on an on and off-track this year. Sometimes you’ve felt bumping into people suddenly, while sometimes, you just want to isolate yourself. With Eight of Pentacles, the reversed card, you might experience some hurdles in your relationship, but things will get better as the month moves ahead. All you need is to open your heart and let your partner experience your true feelings and emotions freely. The card also reveals that if you are single, you may find your Mr or Miss Right. On the other hand, couples must check their pessimistic approaches and professional lives to keep up a healthy relationship.

Moreover, with Eight of Pentacles, discretion is a must for you when spending money, and staying away from investments and expensive goods will prove to be a wise move for you. As for health, Chin up Librans, as your health will be in your command the whole month, and all you need to do is follow a balanced diet and lifestyle and avoid health-risking activities with this tarot card for August 2021.

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Card: Upright, King of Swords

Oh! The Universe has drawn a wise counseling card for you, the King of Swords. With the capacity of acing your life this month, you shall have a blissful time with this tarot card for August 2021. You would seek success in your professional and personal life. The card unveils that with experiencing creativity levels rising, you would also become the center of attention because of your excellent work. The mid-weeks might sway in some ups and downs, but you can still call it a season of breakthrough for them as they would make compelling bonds and channelize themselves to people in the most appropriate manner.

Along with it, with the Kings of Sword in your favor, you may also expect some good news. It is time to sit back and enjoy what you have sown in your past, which is all happening and fruitful. Therefore, many of you will find your life partner this year and marry them. All in all, love is so in the air, Scorpio sign buddies! Just cherish it all.

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Card: Reversed, Seven of Pentacles

It is so healthy, Sags! With a reversed Seven of Pentacles, you shall be dealing with health issues. A stop sign to the bad ones, while a welcome to the healthy ones, you need to sort and categorize them. With a lack of long-term vision, the tarot monthly horoscope for Sagittarius foretells a bunch of non-blemishing events this month. With being low on energy, you might see luck going on and off from you from time to time. Especially in the midweeks of the month, you might feel your enthusiasm lacking severely, and prosperity might run away from you.

Accompanied by ego clashes, you might have conflicts with your love partner. Therefore, we would suggest you not consider this month a healthy one for your relationships. You may make plans in the same line, but all would go in vain with, says the reversed Seven of Pentacles. However, you shall seek a rise in wealth and have an ideal time to verify and analyze your feasibility needs.

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Card: Upright, Three of Swords

The ouch card from the suit for the Capricorn natives, totally accompanied by lots of wonderings! There it is, the Three of Swords indicating a painful release from the cage you are in. On the other hand, you may also expect some manipulation from people around you and be under the influence of the same. With this tarot card for August 2021, you might be persuaded to contemplate and make adjustments.

You shall run into confusion with the events happening in the month but believing in yourself is what you need to do, suggest the tarot monthly horoscope for Capricorn. Furthermore, with the Three of Swords, health troubles might surround you. Finesse in life would be hard for you, and maintaining a proper diet and schedule in exercising would be a big deal to crack. However, by the end of the month, you shall have satisfying well-being followed by an appropriate diet routine.

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Card: Reversed, Queen of Cups

Please refrain from falling into relationships this month Aquarians, as the card you’ve got is a painful one. The reversed Queen of Cups foretells a heartbreak if you do so. It may not be just in terms of relationships, but in other aspects of your life as well. You might also deal with brute scenarios, but that shall get them the strength for catharsis. Plus, you need to hold yourself strong and work keenly on your fragilities. You may also find your intellect twin, but remember to be slow with communicating with the same.

Furthermore, with the reversed Queen of Cups, you may expect to experience some risk over health. Stress might rule you, and mentally you shall feel traumatized by the not-so-good events occurring in your life. But, again, by the end of the month, you will feel healthy and fit in all, suggests the tarot monthly horoscope for Aquarius.

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Card: Reversed, Two of Swords

Daydreams under confusion? Yes, you got the card which indicates a lot on your plate to deal with. With an oppressive start, the reversed Two of Swords card shall make you go through various ups and downs. If put in other words, there could be non-stop action in your life this month. The tarot monthly horoscope for Pisces also advises you to be cautious. If you are into committed relationships, do avoid conflicts and ego clashes. While if you are trying to find somebody, avoid trying it in the first week of August 2021.

With the reverse Two of Swords card, you also need to be very careful as immunity-related issues might chase you this month. Also, insomnia may act as an add-on to your health woes and reduce your stamina in all. So, precaution is a must. As, when you value your fitness, wellness would work in your favor. 

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