Sun Transit In Leo On August 17, Effect On Your Zodiac Sign

Sun Transit In Leo On August 17, Effect On Your Zodiac Sign

Sun is one of the most beneficial planets in astrology. Besides being the significator of one’s soul, relationships, respect, eyes and politics, Sun is also the ruling planet of the Leo zodiac sign. The positive transition of Sun in one’s chart can help the individual with good health, high rank in the society, financial prosperity and much more. On the other hand, the negative effects of the planet Sun can be associated with eye diseases, pitra dosh, face-related problems, etc. And all of these positives and negatives are to be our host with Sun transit in Leo scheduled for August 17.

Sun’s positive and negative effects depend on which house of your kundli it is sitting in at a point in time. So as the Sun transit in Leo, it will change its house in your kundli too. And to help you find if this would be a positive or negative shift is this blog.

The mightiness of the planet Sun will transit in Leo on Saturday, 17 August 2019 at 12:47 PM. Sun will remain in the same position until Tuesday, 17 September 2019, 12:43 PM. This transition will bring different effects for all the 12 zodiac signs.

Note: The prediction is based on the Moon Sign of the person.  

Aries Moon Sign

The mightiness of the planet Sun will transit in the fifth house of the Aries moon native. The Sun transit in Leo is very beneficial for the Aries moon in terms of career. One looking for a job during this period will be able to find one soon. If you are a government official, you will see gains coming from the higher authorities. In your workplace, you will be able to impress your colleagues and will be lauded for your ideas. Office romance also seems to be brewing for the singles. However, on the downside, this may be a tough time for the ones already in love. Couples will have to work harder to forge a peaceful relationship. Misunderstandings would be your host, which you both need to work together to curb. Travelling together could help you in this. Offer water to Sun for his blessings. 

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Taurus Moon Sign

For the Taurus Moon, the planet Sun will enter the fourth of your birth chart. The 4th house in astrology is the house of home and family. Sun entering this house will be beneficial for you as any dispute or disagreement at home will shun. You will see improvement in the health of your parents and they will be guarded against any kind of harm. On the work front too, the Sun transit in Leo is beneficial for the Aries Moon, especially if you own a business. You will see your profits soaring. The ones in a desk job may get a promotion. The tanist will also add to the prosperity of your marriage life, and things will only get better from here. Any investments made in the property and share market at the end of the transit period will reap high profits in the future. 

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Gemini Moon Sign

The planet Sun will transit into the 3rd house of the birth chart for the Gemini Moon native. The 3rd house in astrology is the house of communication, journeys, brothers, sisters, creativity, mental intelligence, habits, and inclinations. With the Sun transit in Leo, Gemini moon natives may take a short business or spiritual trip. The finance and career-related matters will see much growth. However, any property related matter in the family can lead to disputes and tattered relationships. Nevertheless, the lucky thing is that the transit period also allows you the energy to deal with adverse situations. Thus, you may use the same to tackle any family related issue. The transit of the Sun is also a good time to start a business. You will be able to make better and informed decisions during this period in every aspect of your life

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Cancer Moon Sign

The planet Sun will transit in the 2nd house of the birth chart for the Cancer moon. The transition period will be beneficial in terms of economic prosperity. You will find yourself making a profit from multiple sources. The ones who invest in the stock market will see their luck shining on them. AstroTalk astrologers predict that this is one of the best times of the year for the cancer natives economically. This period, however, also brings a change in respect to your behaviour and nature. You may find yourself getting irritated about small things. Anger and ego issues will be your host and may disrupt the family peace. It is advised that you be patient and control your anger during this phase. Try to not overwork and make time for things that make you happy. Doing so will help you relax and make better decisions.

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Leo Moon Sign

The ruling planet of the Sun, Leo, will transit in the 1st house of the birth chart for the Leo moon native. The Sun transit in Leo will bring a change in the personality of the Leo Moon. You will be able to make better choices across aspects like love, health, career and more. This period is also high on romance for the Leo natives and you will be able to find love easily. However, astrologers suggest that to find a compatible match, you look for people beyond your vicinity. With the goods follow the chances of your speech affecting the ones you don’t want to hurt. You may be rude with your words and thus must rein your speech for personal benefits. This is a good time to take a road trip with your spouse as it would add to your love aspects. You will be highly social in this period thus may be exposed to extramarital affairs. 

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Virgo Moon Sign

The planet Sun will transit in the 12th house of the birth chart for the Virgo Moon. This transition denotes an increase in your spendings. However, these spendings would be the ones you won’t regret. Situations may arise when you may have to travel during this period. And these would not be vacation trips. The transition period will also bring a change in your attitude. You will develop feelings for someone and at the same time don’t want to be with them. This situation will distract you from the important things. Any important decision you take during the transition period is likely to come to bite you. Thus make sure you include close stakeholders when making important decisions during the Sun transit in Leo on 17 August 2021. Moreover, you also need to take special care of your children as they may be prone to acquiring some bad habits. 

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Libra Moon Sign

The Sun will transit in the eleventh house in the birth chart of the Libra Moon. The transition is truly special for someone working in a government job as you will see getting benefited from your higher authorities. During the transit, your respect in society will increase. However, it is advised that you don’t let the praise get on your head. On the downside, the transit of the Sun in Leo will be hard on your love life. You may see your relationship with your spouse getting sour. Your family environment is to also remain stressed. As the transition moves ahead, health concerns may arise in the family space. You and your partner may have to deal with problems in the upper body. Stressing, however, will further escalate the woes. Thus practice constraining your speech and invest in exercising and healthy eating.

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Scorpio Moon Sign

The planet Sun will transit in the tenth house of the kundli for the Scorpio moon natives. The tenth house is about power, prestige, financial strength and more. With the transition, the Scorpio natives can look forward to enhanced benefits at the workplace. There are very high chances of you getting yourself a promotion during Sun transit in Leo period. Your relationship with your partner will improve but not blow off the chart. You won’t be your best when it comes to romance but may miss someone who you can’t get. On the downside, the health of your mother may deteriorate during the transit period. So you need to take special care of her. Also, the workload will pile up on you during the transit period and thus you need to figure out how you will tackle it. Make sure you eat healthily and only make well-researched investments in the stock market. 

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Sagittarius Moon Sign

The planet Sun will transit in the 9th house for the Sagittarius natives. This transition would add to your honour and will improve your status in society. You will find yourself more inclined towards religious and spiritual deeds. Moreover, you may also take a long spiritual journey, which will help you in exploring vivid perspectives. You will also see progress in your professional world in the form of promotion or a new opportunity. On the downside, the transition time will be a challenging time for your family. You may have to witness a decline in your father’s health and a rise in the stress level of your mother. To curb these effects, you must spend more time with your family. Also, be wary of your decisions when it comes to property-related investments as you may fall prey to false deals.

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Capricorn Moon Sign

The planet Sun will transit in the eighth house of the birth chart for the Capricorn Moon native. Sun transit in Leo would bring both negative and positive results for the Capricorn moon. As you will have monetary gains on the one hand, on the other, you may have to incur losses due to a certain dispute. Thus as the transition proceeds, you need to be careful about your spending habits. Try to curb your materialistic needs and save more than you spend. This time period will also be a challenging one for the married couples. Chances of misunderstandings leading to tiff are possible. You also need to be careful when commuting. Any kind of road journey is not the safest for you. Thus, AstroTalk astrologers suggest that you travel only when it’s necessary.

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Aquarius Moon Sign

The planet Sun will transit in the seventh house of the Aquarius moon native. This period will bring certain problems in your married life of the Aquarius moon. An old memory may barge between you and your partner and it will create certain problems. AstroTalk astrologers suggest that you must not ignore these problems and deal with them first hand. Healthwise too, the period is not the best as you will be affected by stress, work pressure and over-eating problems. On the bright side, the Sun transit in Leo is a wonderful time as far as your career is concerned. New opportunities will open up, and the ones struggling to find a job will be able to find one for themselves. Stock market investment and any new investments in business will be beneficial. Any partnership deal will also be beneficial in this period for the Aquarius moon.

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Pisces Moon Sign

The planet Sun will transit in the sixth house in the birth chart of the Pisces Moon. The transit will help the Pisces native to rule over their enemies. You will be able to outsmart anyone who tries to bring you down in both your personal and professional life. Minor issues on the health front will remain however, they are nothing that you can’t tackle. Any pending legal issue may get resolved in this period and the results will probably be in your favour. An increase in expenses is what we see, therefore you need to keep a tab on how much you spend. While you will gain from multiple sources, you also may find yourself struggling with an economic crunch if you do not act smartly now. Your spouse may also act differently around you. This can add to your stress. A healthy conversation can come to your rescue.

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