Sun And Moon Conjunction In 2nd House: Impact On Love, Career & More

Sun And Moon Conjunction In 2nd House: Impact On Love, Career & More

Sun in astrology is the King of your chart. It is the giver of all life forms. It shows your motivation to live your life and impacts the creative life force behind it. The same way planets revolve around the Sun, your life revolves around it too. On the other hand, Moon is the Queen of your chart. It depicts your mind and emotions that rule you all over. Your thinking and feeling process and response towards the world are all because of the Moon in your chart. And, the Sun and Moon conjunction in 2nd house combine the traits of both the planets.

Speak to our astrologers at AstroTalk and know if you have the Sun-Moon conjunction in 2nd house.

Whereas, if you already know that your Sun conjuncts Moon in second house, read what the placement has for you.

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Factors affecting conjunction of Sun and Moon in second house

Second house in astrology is vital for any Kundali and lies next to the Ascendant. It is responsible for aspects of life that are just adjacent to new beginnings. Important areas it holds are growth and family life. It also controls wealth and possessions.

With Sun-Moon conjunction in 2nd house, both the planets would solely influence the chart. But with that, there are other points as well that affect this Sun-Moon combination in second house. Have a look at them:

  • Aspects with Jupiter: If Sun-Moon in second house aspects with Jupiter, it shall bring you immense wealth. Moreover, if all three are in good condition in your chart, you shall accumulate great wealth effortlessly. However, if the aspect is weak, you might face exactly the opposite consequences in your life. Your vitality shall deplete, and other vital areas of your life would affect you as well.
  • Either of the planets exalts: When Sun conjuncts Moon in second house, both planets equally influence it. However, if either of them exalts, it might dominate the other one. If Sun exalts in the second house of your Kundali, you shall possess exceptionally great success in your professional life. While, if the Moon exalts in the 2nd house of your chart, it improves the overall status of your life.

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Positive effects of Sun and Moon combination in 2nd house

When Sun conjuncts Moon in 2nd house, it leads to humanity in behavior. Also, you will possess success in all aspects of life and would attract fame and name in society. There are chances that you would become a sage or philosopher. Your intuition power would be high, and you will read people and their actions quite easily.

Furthermore, with the Sun and Moon conjunction in 2nd house, your focus on things would improve. You would give undivided attention to whatever work you take in hand. Also, it wouldn’t be much hard for you to figure out your goals in life. There shall be high possibilities that you grab a successful government job.

Also, you will have pleasant relationships with the folks of the other sex. Family bliss and a harmonious environment would be there most of the time amongst family members. Add-ons with Sun and Moon in second house, you will be a self-sufficient and unarguable pro at whatever you do in your life. You would master your sentiments and perform better than the folks you are competing with.

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Negative effects of Sun and Moon conjunction in 2nd house

Sun-Moon combination in 2nd house provides the folks with a conceited and dissolute character. You might submit yourself to carnal desires and would manifest in rudeness towards others. Personality-wise, scenarios will be pretty tricky for you. You would be a creature of habit and love to stay in the past.

Moreover, you might become emotionally impulsive and expressive towards everything. With impatience being your second name, you may also suffer through many sentimental ups and downs all your life. The second house strongly influences materialistic possessions and valuable concepts. With Sun and Moon in second house, you might go through troubles in making decisions regarding professional life.

Not just this, where to invest and how to approach the same may become hard for you. You will value a quality lifestyle, but having the same will be hard for you. Conceptual skills would lack that will lead you towards indecisiveness and hardships in making choices professionally and personally.

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Conjunction of Sun and Moon in second house remedies

Consulting our expert astrologers at AstroTalk, we have got some gratifying and easy-peasy remedies. So, those who wish to wipe off the debilitating effects of the conjunction of Sun-Moon conjunction in 2nd house may follow these:

  • You must donate a few things to make the planets strong in your Kundali. For Sun, you must give off mustard oil and coconut to religious places. As for the Moon, you must give green colored clothes to little girls for 43 days.
  • The next remedy for combination of Sun and Moon in second house is to keep a silver piece with you and avoid donating the same. Plus, never take the same from anybody. With that, you should also never accept milk or rice from others.
  • Also, keep a silver piece during the foundation of the new house. With it, you must also avoid any disputes regarding property or wealth.
  • With all this, you must also build up a temple in your house. The same will help you and males in your home from personality conflicts and issues.
  • You can also recite Surya and Chandra Mantra every day to shove off the ill effects of the combination of Sun-Moon in 2nd house.

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