Solar eclipse 2021 & its effects on your zodiac sign

Solar eclipse 2021 & its effects on your zodiac sign

As the first Solar eclipse of 2021 nears closer, we, keeping our promise, are here with a blog that will detail all about the solar eclipse 2021 and it would affect your zodiac sign.  So make sure you look into it to turn the surya grahan 2021 in your favour.

For a perspective, the divine bestows the earth with multiple types of solar eclipse. There is a partial solar eclipse and then there is also a complete solar eclipse. Unlike lunar eclipse, that affects an individual’s mentality, solar eclipse, on the other hand, affects the physical traits of humans.

Solar eclispe 2021 date and time

The 2021 annular solar eclipse will happen on 10 June 2021 in the Taurus zodiac sign. However, if you are wondering, will the 2021 solar eclipse visible in india? Then the answer is no. The annular solar eclipse in 2021 will not be visible in India. 

The 2021 annular solar eclipse on June 10 will only be visible from the northern areas of North America, Europe, Asia, North Canada, Greenland, and Russia. The eclipse will span for a period of 3 minutes and 48 seconds.

The 2021 solar eclipse will take place on June 10 at 01:42:22 PM to 06:41:22 PM.

Despite the fact that the annular solar eclipse will not be visible from India, however, it will bestow its good and bad effects on various aspects of your life. And we would try to decode these effects based on different zodiac signs in this blog.

Note – These predictions are based on your Moon Sign. 

Solar eclipse 2021 for Aries 

The solar eclipse 2021 is not the best time for the Aries Moon natives in terms of health. The positioning of the planets tells us that the native might have to face stomach related issues. Invest in exercising and eating right. There will not be many changes in terms of business or your job during the period. It is advised that you don’t hurry yourself when it comes to leaving your job as you might have to struggle to find a new one for yourself. Also, for what so ever purposes, taking new loans or borrowing money must be the last resort.

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On the bright side, if you have been planning to tie the kont, the solar eclipse period might be the reasonable time for the same. Married couples too will be able to solve issues between them and there will be a bust of positivity. The solar eclipse will be such that you might see prosperity in life by the end of the year. Any business trip you take during the eclipse period will be successful. The elder children may face disagreements with the parents.  

Solar eclipse 2021 for Taurus 

The effects of solar eclipse on the Taurus natives will bring them the luck of abundance of wealth. However, the natives must try to rein their expenditure as chances are you might spend way too much on your loved ones. The solar eclipse 2021 will be a good time for you to start a new business. You will also prosper in terms of your job. However, with prosperity will come extra work load that you will have to manage while keeping your health in check. Talking about health, the emotional strain that the natives will go through during the eclipse may result in physical health issues. 

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On the downside, during the end of the year, the Taurus Moon natives might have to deal with wealth loss and defamation. The solar eclipse will not be a favourable time to invest in a long term investment. If you have been planning to buy a property, take multiple opinions. Your relationship may suffer but we believe you know the art of bringing it back on the right track.

Solar eclipse 2021 for Gemini 

If the gemini moon knows how to counter their stress (traveling to a beach), then everything else physically will remain fine during the 2021 solar eclipse. Further, eclipse time is very delightful in terms of family relations. If you have been planning to have a baby, this is the right time. Natives who seek to travel abroad for job or studies will hear some good news. This is also a great time for academic excellency if you are preparing for any sort of exam.

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On the downside, the eclipse will bring ups and downs in your business and job. Your expenses might swell and you might find yourself in a debt trap. Thus it is advised to borrow with caution. One investing in the share market must not try to over infuse the money in the same. Married couples must consult their wives for the best advice when in comes to investing money. AstroTalk astrologers also rtecoomed to disown any plans of investment, if possible, during the eclipse period.

Solar eclipse 2021 for Cancer 

The solar eclipse 2021 is a bright time for the cancer natives in terms of property related matters. Any issues regarding property purchase or issues regarding ancestral property will get resolved. The eclipse time is also favourable for long term investments. Thus investment in property, gold or share market might bring you a good return on investment. In terms of career, the effect of solar eclipse 2021 will be moderate and you will enjoy career stability. 

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On the downside, the children in the home will have to work harder to excel academically. Unmarried couples might have to deal with issues bulging from ego clashes. Married couples seeking a child might have to wait a bit longer. The health of the family members will remain strained. The eclipse is a great time to plan a trip. If seeking to adopt a pet, do consider adopting one during solar eclipse 2021 time of 01:42 to 06:41 PM. 

Solar eclipse 2021 for Leo 

The solar eclipse of 2021 will bring positivity in terms of relationship matters for the Leo Moon. People in their marriageable age seeking to get married will find themselves a partner much quicker than any other time. Even singles who have been wanting to find themselves a partner will have an abundance of luck if they go looking for one during the eclipse 2021.

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On the downside, the weight of problems during the solar eclipse outweighs the goods for Leo. As the solar eclipse inches closer and progresses, the Leo moon may see back and bones related problems, eye issues and more. This time is also not favourable in terms of job or business thus you must rein your expenses to ensure financial stability for yourself. You may find yourself stuck in some sort of judicial matter too. Any long term property woe will continue. To negate the harmful effects of solar eclipse, try to take a religious trip. Help others to earn a good karma for yourself.  

Solar eclipse 2021 for Virgo 

The 2021 solar eclipse bings a be worrisome news for the Virgo Moon natives. The native might see a dip in the relationship that s/he shares with their friends and closed ones. One might also experience strained relationships with the elder siblings. The best remedy the AstroTalk astrologers suggest for the problem is to keep distance from friends and family members for a while; all for their and your good. Financially, you will need to rein your expenses for better financial stability at the end of the year. 

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On the bright side, this is a favorable time for a job, business and long term investment. If you are looking for a partner to get married to, we recommend that you be patient and delay the plan for a while. The eclipse period is not favourable to get into a relationship but the period after 20-30 days of solar eclipse is. Bring a Tulsi plant or a water fountain home and keep it beside a Buddha statue to add positivity to your living space. 

Solar eclipse 2021 for Libra  

Libra moon individuals too will not see things happening in their favour during the solar eclipse 2021 period. Pregnant women must take extra care of themselves to ward off any prospects of misscarige. You will feel a lack of interest in your job or business, thus strained professional growth is unavoidable. Healthwise, not many physical issues await you but surely your tendency to overthink will make you prone to anxiety and stress. You will also feel like doing nothing for a day or two.

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Besides the unfavorable, the good too awaits you. You will gain limited but favourable profit from the investments you had once made.  Also, chances of you bumping into your old love are lurking. The solar eclipse will favour the Libra natives peraping for any exams. You will have the motivation to work harder for your goals but all you need to do is focus. Take a religious trip to Sun temple to enjoy the blessings of lord Surya.

Solar eclipse 2021 for Scorpio 

The worrisome phase for the Scorpio natives will plunge steadily as they approach the solar eclipse 2021. The one who is single will be motivated to find themselves a new partner. However, the incapacity of the Scorpio to judge the right ones, at least initially, could lead them into wrong relationships. The ones who have been planning to get a divorced will be motivated to rethink the decision. The one seeking to make money through investments must look forward to long term investment.

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Also Moreover, as time passes, you will have to deal with the anxiety spells as you will find yourself worried about your future. You sometimes also lack at taking decisions for yourself. The eclipse period will allow you the motivation to speak for yourself. However, in the act, don’t try to hurt someone but show maturity even when you are trying to convince someone about something. The ones involved in partnership-business will also have to face issues. 

Solar eclipse 2021 for Sagittarius 

The month of June also brings Rahu and the Sun together for the Sagittarius. Entwined with solar eclipse, the period will empower you to overcome your enemies on one hand but also make you a bit greedy. Family happiness will excel and so will the relationship between you and your spouse. You parents health, however, will remain glim and thus must be taken care off. The solar eclipse will be a favorable time in terms of physical issues as you will be able to get rid of long proologing health complications.

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Two things that the Sagittarius moon must safeguard themselves from during the Solar eclipse 2021 are court related matters and travelling. It is suggested that you don’t drive much during the eclipse period and especially not take long distance rides. The one who is married must invest in creating intimacy in their love life. You may worry about your children, and if the children are students, they will have a reasonable time related to studies.  

Solar eclipse 2021 for Capricorn 

The annual solar eclipse in 2021 will be a bit on the downside for the children belonging to the Capricorn moon. You will have to pay extra attention on your studies. Moreover, it is not the best time for your younger siblings and if your elder sibling is married, then the period will intensify the problems in his/her married life. The eclispe will also be not the best time to change your job or find a new venture for yourself. 

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However, despite the lack of luck in terms of new ventures, you still will gain enough from your currency business or job. As you proceed towards the end of the year, your finance will further improve. If you have been planning to buy property or renovate your home, the grahan period is the best. Capricorn has the tendency to compare themselves with others in terms of finance. These people don’t usually like being in a relationship with people doing better than them in finance. Thus constant money flow will strengthen your relationship too. 

Solar eclipse 2021 for Aquarius 

Money related and health related matters will get better with the incoming solar eclipse. Though there would be monetary gains, however, you might also be lured to get hold of materialistic possessions. This is also a favorable time for taking studies related decisions. In career terms, chances of foregin travel are high. Though you will have to work a bit harder in your job but the prospects of transfers and departmental change will keep you excited. This will be a fun time for the singles to indulge in social activity as they will have the luck of finding someone. 

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On the down side, while your health is to bloom as the solar eclipse period inches closer, the health of your mother, on the other hand, might worsen. Couples can plan a baby if they have been wanting too. If you wish to sell property, this will the right time. However, do a proper analysis of the buyer beforehand.

Solar eclipse 2021 for Pisces  

The solar eclipse 2021 brings for the pisces moon native high chances of monetary gains. The ones in job must consider changing for better opportunities. However, while doing so, they must not shy away from choosing for themselves a job that think they can’t excel at. The solar eclipse is an opportunity for you to learn new skills as your creativity will bloom. However, while doing so, make sure you pay proper attention on your health as stomach and skin related issues are lurking for you.

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The surya grahan 2021 will also help you excel in education. While relationship with your spouse will grow, your elder sibling may feel you are not giving them the timer and attention they deserve. The eclispe is a good time to bring home a pet too. Career wise, a salary hike is also on the cards but might accompany added workload with it—a progressive period for the business.

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