Simple yogic ways to enhance your immunity and oxygen level

Simple yogic ways to enhance your immunity and oxygen level

As covid-19 continue to distort our lives, we need to develop in ourselves the confidence and immunity to fight the menace. And one way to boost immunity and enhance the body’s breathing capacity is considering the yogic processes. 

Yoga and its ways have over the years been an antidote to numerous physical and mental illnesses of the human body, and thankfully, it continues to be. With that being said, to find the answer to how to boost immunity and oxygen level in the body, we sort the help of the old school yogic ways. 

And our search led us to these amazing yogic processes that we believe will surely help you boost your immunity and also your breathing capacity in challenging times like one we are currently living in.

1. Sashtanga, followed by Makarasana 

To increase the oxygen level in your body, the most significant yogic posture you can practice is Sashtanga. The significance of this posture is that while practising it, you touch as many as 8 points of your body – forehead, chest, two hands, two knees and toes – to the ground. 

As you stay in this position (the longer the merrier) breath a bit deeper than usual while concentrating on your breath. Hold the position for 3-4 minutes and once done, lie down on the ground against your chest in what we know as the Makarasana position. 

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When performing Makarasana, if you are a woman, keep your left hand on the top of the right hand and both under the forehead. And if you are a man, keep your right hand on top of the left. Stay like this for 3-4 minutes. 

After 3-4 minutes, turn your head towards the right with it still placed on your two hands. Bend your right leg upwards in a way that the thigh is at the right angle to the body and as is the leg below the knee. Relax for 3-4 minutes while breathing normally. After 3-4 minutes do the same with your left leg too. 

Source – Sadhguru.Org

Once done, go back to Sashtang and repeat the whole cycle 3-4 times. You can do this yogic process 4-5 times a day to boost both your immunity and also improve your breathing.

2. Simha Kriya

Simha Kriya is a powerful yogic process that works to boost your immunity and enhance lung capacity. The great thing about Simha Kriya is that it helps you find whether you have any kind of respiratory problem or not. How? Well, if you can do Simha Kriya today, tomorrow, day after tomorrow, however, you can’t do it after 4-5 days, that is a sign of you having a respiratory problem.

How to do Simha Kriya

To start Simha Kriya, sit straight in the cross-legged posture. With both arms as straight as possible, place both palms on your thighs close to the knees. 

Use both your arms to push your body upward in such a way that your rib cage lifts off the diaphragm region. Close your eyes now. 

Open your mouth wide and take your tongue out fully. Breathe as powerfully as possible without jerking your abdomen (abdomen can move, but don’t jerk it). Take full breaths and make sure you make loud sounds from your throat (important). The sound would be like haahhha hahhha, as if you are trying to get something out of your throat. Do this 21 times. 

Once done, then next, roll up your tongue and take it as backwards as possible. With your mouth open, breathe as powerfully as possible while making the aforementioned sound. Do it 21 times too. 

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Next, inhale as much oxygen you can, close your eyes and hold your breath for one minute (at least 50-second if you are an adult). Any aged individual must at least hold his/her breath for 30-second. And if they are not able to, then they have a breathing problem. 

After one minute, exhale and sit quietly. You can do the practice three times a day for the best results. 

Conditions for practice 

  • You must be somewhat hungry. If you have eaten now, practice Simha Kriya only after two and a half hours. 
  • Anyone between 6-70 years of age can practice Simha Kriya irrespective of their medical condition. 
  • People with a brain haemorrhage and brain tumour must do the breathtaking only 12 times. 
  • Do the practice three times a day while leaving a gap of at least four hours between each session.
  • Though the exercise is very easy, but strongly recommend that if you face any issues while doing the exercise, quit then and there.
  • To understand how to do the exercise better, watch this video.

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Doing these two exercises on a regular basis will help you boost your breathing capacity and also immunity. Do try and share your experience with us. Also, share the article with anyone you think needs it the most as of now.

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