Ranking zodiac signs based on how possessive they are in a relationship

Ranking zodiac signs based on how possessive they are in a relationship

There is a thin line between right possessiveness and wrong possessiveness, where right is what Ross had for Rachel and wrong being what Joey had for Chandler (at instances).

In a relationship, being a bit possessive is not the sanest thing as it shows how affectionate you are towards your partner and care about anything they do. However, anything beyond a level is catastrophic and the same is for possessiveness.

Though out of concern, sometimes we find ourselves invading the privacy of our loved ones by being extraterritorial. And some zodiac signs, naturally, are more likely to do that. So calling them once and for all, we have here ranked the least to most possessive zodiac sign as per astrology.

#12 Sagittarius

Try to make the Sagittarius in your life jealous and you will realise, ahh!! it doesn’t work. The Sagittarius would give you their heart and love you with all they have and expects the same from you. However, if you can’t give them the love they deserve, they are not the ones who would come to you pleading for the same. Any relationship works on the trust factor for the Sag and being possessive just complicates it. However, despite all this, you can’t say Sagittarius are not at all possessive, it just that they don’t let their possessiveness enslave them.

#11 Pisces

From the cute little dog in the house to the one they are attracted towards. Pisces is literally possessive about anyone and everyone in their life. However, the good thing about these people is that they are also aware of how being over possessive can only hurt the relationship they share with others. Thus, the Pisces usally balance their possessiveness for good, however, whenever they have a chance, they wouldn’t shy away from being possessive.

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#10 Aquarius

As an Aquarius, you are prone to be the carefree kind. These people live with the idea that whatever happens, happens for good. And with this scenario in mind, they don’t shy away from flaunting their carefree nature. However, the bad side of this tendency is that such a carefree attitude could sometimes encourage your partner to be more like you. And that is, not giving a damn about who you talk to or meet. It is the tit for tat situation, which thankfully, you can change for yourself by simply understanding the virtue that – little possessiveness is not at all bad.

#9 Libra

Libras are the owner of a balanced way of living their life. They tend to give you the space you deserve and it is really up to you what you make of it. To be specific, Libra doesn’t try to stop you if you have an eye for someone else, they would happily let you go as they realise that it is of no use to chase someone who is not interested in you anymore.

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#8 Capricorn

For most of us, possessiveness is limited to love and relationship. However, when it comes to Capricorn, these people are also very possessive about their belongings too. Capricorns are the hard workers in astrology. They work half their life to acquire the best things and then the rest half in the fear of not losing them. The same is when it comes to love. The Capricorn, though, doesn’t reveal their possessive side often but when you are in a relationship with them, you will realise how they tend to do enough things that make them one of the most possessive zodiac sign.

#7 Gemini

Geminis find themselves hung between being possessive and trying to maintain their independence. The twin sign is very prone to double thoughts. Hence, they tend to ask so many questions, which could sometimes irritate the other person. However, Geminis are also very understanding in nature and if you simply cuddle them and talk their concerns out, that will bar them away from being extra possessive. At least for a few weeks.

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#6 Cancer

Cancer people are very sensitive human beings, which is something that automatically makes them possessive about the relationship they share with others. As a Cancer, you usually get overprotective about the human in your life, which leads to you overthinking and thus draining your peace of mind. In a nutshell, unlike any other zodiac sign, being possessive brings along physical issues for the Cancer.

#5 Leo

As a Leo is you are someone who would announce the love affair that your share with your partner just to ensure that the world knows who they belong to and thus don’t try to fool around with them. However, the act can sometimes lead your partner to think that you don’t trust them with being loyal and thus are over possessive about winning them and not loving them.

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#4 Taurus

Taurus is one of the most possessive zodiac signs in astrology. Trust us when we say that the Taurus could have easily taken the first spot when it comes to the most possessive zodiac sign but what refrains them is their attitude-fluctuation when it comes to being possessive. A Taurus usally develops a great understanding of any person they meet. So if they trust you with their life, they would not be so judgy, possessive or controlling. However, if you have a history that makes your attitude suspicious, the Taurus in your life could get territorial and dictator kind. 

#3 Aries

Aries has the tendency to act like they don’t care but less they know that love doesn’t work that way. Like everyone else, Aries too, when in love, can’t think of anything but why did they like his/her Instagram picture, who was the person they were talking to late at night and why their clothes smell different? Aries in love seeks all your attention on them and if you don’t allow them the same, ehh!! they will find their own ways to get that from you. And these ways include something as spicy as a striping session or something as dreadful as blackmailing the opposite gender friend of yours.

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#2 Virgo 

A Virgo can get very cryptic when they are possessive about something or someone. They would scout your moves and even the slightest of suspicion has them investing in overthinking sessions. The Virgos usally have a tendency to think less of themselves, which makes them believe the other person is trying to find someone else to fill the ‘less’ gap. However, most of the time, it is just the naive nature of the Virgo fooling around with them, which they must not entertain. This will help them invetsing more in lovemaking than in being possessive about love.

#1 Scorpio 

The Scorpion possessiveness is the result of them on the lookout for that one time, forever kind of love. And you need to trust us blindly when we say that Scorpios tend to take like an aeon to finally trust someone and get into a relationship with them. So, once the archers finally have it, you can expect them to do everything to keep the person around and that includes being extra possessive than needed. The Scorpion may use arguments as a tool to show you their possessive side. However, if you allow them some space and time, they would go into self-inspection and feel pity about being rude. So cute!!

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