Rajinikanth’s Birth Chart Analysis: Yogs In Kundli That Makes Him A Superstar

Rajinikanth’s Birth Chart Analysis: Yogs In Kundli That Makes Him A Superstar

Name: Rajinikanth

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 12 December 1950, Tuesday

Time of Birth: 11:49:00 PM 

Time Zone: 05:30 East of Greenwich

Place of Birth: Banglore

Longitude & Latitude: 77.34 East, 12.58 North

Ayanamsa: Chitra Paksha = 23 Deg. 10 Min. 20Sec

Birth Star: Shravana 

Birth Rasi – Rasi Lord: Makara-Sani

Rajinikanth’s life till now

Rajnikanth is someone who needs no introduction. The star is a dominant face in the Tamil film industry and has a fan following that cherishes him and his work from across the globe. Born as Shivaji Rao Gaekwad, Rajinikanth has had his share of struggles growing up. Before becoming a household name, he used to work as a conductor with the Chennai Transport Service. It was his unique style and speech delivery that used to impress people back in those days. As he grew up, he discovered an interest in acting. Thereafter, following his dream, he went to pursue a diploma in acting from a film institute in Chennai.

Consequently, owing to his skills he got selected for a tiny role by legendary director K. Balachander. In the years ahead, he continued to do several other negative roles before he was embraced by the South Indian cinema completely and catered to bigger roles. Since then, he has not only worked in Tamil cinema but has also been a part of numerous Bollywood movies including, HumBulandiChennai Express and more. Born in 1950, Rajinikanth married his lady love Latha Rajinikanth in 1981 and now is the father to two daughters. Rajinikanth’s Birthday is celebrated throughout Tamil Nadu on the 12th of December. Rajinikanth’s Zodiac sign is Capricorn, and as per the DOB of Rajinikanth, his birth star is Shravana. Rajinikanth‘s Moon Sign is Makar. 

Rajnikanthas’s character horoscope 

Rajnikanth’s kundali prediction explains that he is an emotional and sensitive person by nature. Born under the Rashi Lord Shani, his childhood was surely tough and full of hurdles. However, as it is said that Shani is the best teacher one can have, the superstar surely learned a lot through Shani. Rajinikanth is of quiet nature and tends to take others’ opinions of him very seriously. He entertains a silent posture which allows him a personality that is strong, striking and self-explanatory. Rajinikanth encapsulates a loyal and patriotic nature. His decisions are driven by the welfare and care of others. 

What more that Rajinikanth has is confidence. Rajnikanth’s horoscope explains that his stars allow him the optimism to trust his capabilities. He is very practical in his approach and has an eye for minor details. As per Rajinikanth’s birth chart, his luck favours him a big time. His kundali has prospects and yogas that allowed him to gain wealth and prosperity post-marriage. The superstar is highly sympathetic and kind to those who can’t do anything for him. However, despite these charcuteries, Rajnikanth’s birth chart explains that he has experienced a lack of sympathy and unkindness in the first half of his life. However, in the latter half, he has used the experience to emerge innovative in his field of work. Owing to these traits, he is what he is today – rich, famous and humble. 

Rajinikanth’s birth day – Tuesday  

Rajnikanth was born on Tuesday on 12 December 1950. The Tuesday birth indicates that Rajnikanth is someone who is able to show anger without any kind of hesitation. He enjoys adventurous sports and doesn’t mind changing his decisions. That’s the only reason why he was able to change his decision of entering politics recently. People born on Tuesday are a storehouse of energy that allows them to chase goals as they seek. Having had worked in so many films without a drop in confidence and motivation, Rajinikanth truly represents the Tuesday born.

Rajinikanth’s birth star – Shravana

Born under the Shravana birth star, this star allows Rajinikanth a surge to achieve things by whatever means possible. People born under the star neglect the idea of wandering aimlessly in life. They always look out to do some other things (other than the routine things) that adds plurality to their life. Also, these people have a character that makes others in their life feel like they don’t really care for anyone. However, it is totally opposite. Despite your seeming lack of concern for others, you are always ready to put a fight for things you really care about. This birth star in Rajinikanth’s birth chart makes him secretly worried about people in his vicinity.

Yogs in Rajinikanth’s kundli

Here is a list of some important yogas in Rajinikantha’s kundali

  • Akhanda Samrajya Yoga – This yoga allows the human to rule over others and different life matters. 
  • Sunabha Yoga – This yoga is formed when the second house from the Moon is occupied by Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus or Saturn either alone or together. This yoga makes the person wealthy and famous. 
  • Anabha Yoga – Another yog in Rajnikanth’s kundli is Anabha Yoga. This yog makes the person polite, generous and kind. 
  • Dhurudhura Yoga – The one who has Dhurudhura Yoga in his kundali will not see a shortage of money in their life. Also, though you will earn well but that won’t affect your natural qualities of kindness and loyalty. 
  • Sasi Mangala Yoga – This yoga too is related to money and is present in Rajinikanth’s birth chart
  • Vimala Yoga – This yog allows you to convert a negative situation into a positive. It simply motivates you to see positive in negative. 
  • Yukthi Samanwithavagmi Yoga – This yoga allows a person gain an immense amount of respect because of your speech. 
  • Nishkapata Yoga – this yog is about having innocence. A person with this yog has clear intentions and does not like hypocrisy.
  • BudhiMadhurya Yoga – This placement may give you great intelligence and you may be virtuous. This virtuous nature may give you great fortunes in life. 

Is Rajinikanth manglik?

If we analyze the birth chart of Rajnikanth through his original name, that is, Shivaji Rao Gaekwad, we see that Mangal Dosha is not present in his Lagna Chart. However, Mangal dosh is present in the Moon Chart. However, if checked through the popular name, Rajinikanth, one will find that Rajinikanth is not Manglik.

If you are Manglik, some good remedies for you would be Kumbha Vivah, Vishnu Vivah and Ashwatha Vivah. Ashwatha vivaha means the marriage with peepal or banana tree and cutting the tree after that. Kumbha Vivah, also called Ghata Vivaha, means marriage with a pot and breaking it after that.

Rajinikanth in politics and future predictions

Rajinikanth has well established himself both in the hearts of the people and in his career. From here, the road for him is as smooth as butter in the aforementioned aspects of life. However, this does not mean that his life ahead is plain or any less of adventure or even hurdles. Rajnikanth’s political ambitions have always become the talk of the town. Not only his fans, but even some major political parties across India were long awaiting his arrival in the political space. And though he may have cancelled any such plans as of now, but the Astrologers at AstroTalk predict that it’s not the end of the road for Rajnikanth when it comes to politics.

While preparing Rajinikanth’s birth chart, major stress must be given on his health. As per astrologers prediction, the health of Rajnikanth is to remain good over a long period from now, but serious temporary ailments will become a cause of concern for his loved ones in the coming years. It is advised that Rajnikanth shouldn’t indulge in multiple projects at a time and give his health priority over work. Well, this would be difficult for him as his birth chart suggests that he is a hard worker, but we recommend he abide by the advice for his own good.

In terms of business, Rajinikanth must not get involved in Agriculture as he would make a loss there. However, agricultural activities undertaken for charity is an exception and also a possibility. Moreover, on the down, in the coming years, the superstar may experience transfer and trouble in foreign lands. Rajnikanth’s social reputation might also take a beating due to some disputes with good people in society.

That’s all from Rajinikanth’s birth chart, next time, we would be looking into the kundali of some other famous celeb.

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