Rahu in 2nd house: Meaning, Impact and Remedies

Rahu in 2nd house: Meaning, Impact and Remedies

So happens, Rahu wasn’t really in the 1st house of your kundli. Well, is it in the second house? Thankfully, you can always check that for yourself by simply talking to our astrologersBut in case you already know that Rahu is in the 2nd house of your kundli, then in this blog, we pinpoint how this placement will affect various aspects of your life.

Rahu, just like Ketu, is a shadow planet in astrology. The planet denotes the northern node and is a snowball of negative energy that affects all of us differently. When specifically in the second house of the kundli, Rahu is to affect aspects such as your speech, family (including in-laws), money, wealth other than money, and so on.

There are some houses in our kundli that give positive results when camped by Rahu and then there are some which give negative. Rahu in second house is usually to give negative results to the native. The effect of Rahu in the second house depends on some factors like:

  • The fellow planet in the house with Rahu – If, for example, the planet Moon and Rahu are in the same house (that is the 2nd house in this case), the results are to be negative as Rahu and Moon are enemies to each other. However, if Rahu is in the 2nd house with Mercury (a friendly planet), the results are to be positive. 
  • The Zodiac sign influence – Some zodiac signs affect Rahu traits positively while others negatively. What it means is simply that Rahu in 2nd house will affect the Taurus ascendant differently and Virgo ascendant differently.
  • Rahu and time – The third factor is when was/is Rahu in the second house of your kundli. Was it in the second house at the time of your birth? Or has it recently camped in the house? Results and effects change accordingly.   

These are some factors that decide the effect of Rahu in the second house. Further, here are the positive and negative impacts of Rahu in 2nd house of your kundli. 

Positive effects of Rahu in 2nd house

Rahu in second house mostly gives negative results to the native. However, the positive impacts can’t be ignored. Rahu in second house eases the native’s access to worldly affairs. As Rahu denotes materialism, the planet allows one an abundance of success in terms of wealth and treasures. However, you must also learn to rein your lust for these pleasures and not get addicted to them (which Rahu wants you too). 

Rahu in the second house is really positive for art collectors. During this time, such collectors will have the luck to find the best deals in terms of ancient art and craft. The second house rules our speech of the native and the presence of Rahu in this area would be positive for you. You will be able to influence people with your speech and will be able to alter their mindset as per your comfort. People with Rahu in the first house (at the time of birth) enjoy a long life too.

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The people with Rahu in the first house are attached to their family. They like spending time with their family and also take pride in their lineage. The natives like to be around socially privileged people and are always looking to enhance their knowledge across all domains of life. The natives with Rahu in 2nd house will likely develop a love for language and musical instruments. If they try, they can really excel in these domains. And honestly, that would be a great thing to add to your resume or that find love app bio. 

Talking about love, these natives are really on the lookout for a partner who can add to their wealth. They are likely to acquire some property from their in-laws. They also may have a rich partner.

Nagative effects of Rahu in 2nd house

Rahu in the second house makes the native prone to acquiring more and more. This gives birth to credit issues. It is suggested by the Astrotalk astrologers that people with Rahu in the second house shouldn’t take loans until required urgently. Rahu in the second house also hints at diseases in the throat, mouth and intestine area. These diseases could turn into serious ailments if not cured in time. Women with Rahu in the second house may develop problems in the uterus area.

Rahu in 2nd house also develops in the native a bent towards spending recklessly. You may also acquire habits like gambling, uttering falsehood and getting influenced by shortcut deals that will eventually add to your losses in the long run. You may struggle at fulfilling the desires of your family. Thus it is suggested that you must rein yourself from coming under the influence of Rahu by properly relying on guidance and thoughtful decisions.

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Besides these negative impacts, Rahu also gives the native suicidal thoughts, fears and phobia. You may be prone to think that you are worthless in life and can’t achieve success. This feeling heightens, especially during the Rahu Mahadasha period. As Rahu stands for deception. Its presence in the second house may make you a cheater, someone who is immoral and greedy.

Rahu in second house remedies 

Astrotalk astrologers suggest these remedies for one who seeks to curb the malefic effects of rahu in 2nd house:

  • The best thing you can do if Rahu is in your 2nd house is cut your spendings or spend wisely. Children should take the advice of their parents when it comes to spending money.
  • Don’t fall for short term schemes or any such financial lurings.
  • The second house in kundli is influenced by the planets Jupiter and Venus and thus you will live a happy life if you can please these two planets.
  • Keeping a solid silver ball with yourself can help in curing the malefic effects of Rahu in the 2nd house.
  • Chanting the Rahu Dosh Nivaran Mantra can fine-tune your relationship with Rahu.
  • Wear things made of gold or yellow or saffron clothes to make Rahu in 2nd house in kundli strong.  

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