Rahu in 10th house: Meaning, Impact, And Remedies

Rahu in 10th house: Meaning, Impact, And Remedies

Rahu is the evilest planet in the entire astrological system. Known as the dragon’s head, Rahu is not a physical planet if seen astronomically. However, it stands as a vital part of Vedic astrology. So, if Rahu is in 10th house of your birth chart, you shall have a good time in your professional life. It would take you to heights, if with good placement. However, if the positioning is unpleasant, it might get you mysterious obstacles and hurdles in life.

You can always know where your shadow planet Rahu is via chit-chatting with our elite astrologers. But in case you already have your Kundali details in your hands then, read the article to understand the impact of Rahu in 10th house.

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Along with all this, there is a bit more astrologers consider prior to telling you about your Rahu placement in your chart and its effects on your life. Let us look at them:

  • Placement in ascendants: Rahu in 10th house shall give almost similar results as Saturn would give in this house. However, variations might come from ascendant to ascendant. So, if you are with Aries, Taurus, Virgo, and Scorpio ascendant, Rahu would be pretty favorable. While, for others, things might sway to and fro in life.
  • Positioning during transit: Rahu, when traveling in the 10th house for 18 months, massive changes shall come in your career and professional life. Especially if you are someone of 30+ age, you can expect other changes in various aspects of life. There might come times when you may make mistakes, but in all, the transit would bring positivity in your life.

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Positive effects of Rahu in 10th house

With Rahu in tenth house, you can expect many possibilities. You would excel in ornate skills. With it, you will be adventurous and with wisdom and knowledge of all sorts. You might get to travel to foreign nations and maintain pleasant compatibility with the organizations there. Also, you shall possess the knack of adapting to foreign cultures. Furthermore, with Rahu in 10th house, you would have the power to defeat and influence your enemies.

However, the natives may expect a little wittiness in behavior. But, that would only help you to move forward in life and seek benefit from the same. You shall also acquire a high position and rank in society and government and possess recognition and fame because of your deeds. Not just this, your life after 30 will be more vital than any stage of life.

Professionally you would do excellent business. Be it expanding your business or making new partnerships everything, will come to you the easy way. Also, with Rahu in tenth house, you would effortlessly accumulate money, and tactics for doing the same will be in you like a pro.

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Negative effects of Rahu in 10th house

Roughly, Rahu in 10th house in any birth chart would never give up to the mark results. You might seek delay in success. With it, you can also expect profits from your profession coming a little later than usual. However, you would always be the center of attraction all the time but will not seek satisfaction from the same. Also, with Rahu in tenth house, you can expect a desire to obtain leadership roles and fame in society.

There are high chances that you will get whatever you wish for, but the way to the same would be shady and evil. Your marriage might come to the stake because of your ill deeds. Also, you may adopt immoral and unlawful ways to grow in position and power in life. With it, your childhood might go a bit hard, and general parental care shall be lacking in your life.

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Rahu in tenth house remedies

So, if you are someone with malefic Rahu in tenth house, you may look to these following remedies and solve your crisis of an afflicted Rahu in 10th house:

  • You should always cover your head either with a cap or with a scarf. If kept open, Rahu shall show its ill effects.
  • With it, you must try wearing black or blue shade caps. Those colors would shield you well from Rahu.
  • Also, you could feed and serve blind folks.
  • You must offer 4kg of sugar, unprocessed in nature in flowing water or a sacred place. It shall flow off the malefic effects of Rahu.
  • Plus, you must donate sweets or Desi Khand in any temple near you for 40-45 days.

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