Mercury and Rahu Conjunction in Taurus on May 1 – How it will affect your zodiac sign

Mercury and Rahu Conjunction in Taurus on May 1 – How it will affect your zodiac sign

As we enter the month of May, the period of Taurus is in full bloom. And so are the planetary movements that are to not only affect the Taurus natives but all other zodiac signs too. 

On May 1, 2021, the planets Mercury and Rahu will conjunct in Taurus to stay there till 26 May 2021. Post the conjunction, Mercury will retrograde in Taurus on 3 June 2021 and will remain in Taurus till 22 June 2021. Phewww!!

Rahu is a friendly sign to Venus, Mercury and Saturn. Thus the two friendly planets – Mercury and Rahu -meeting each other assures that Rahu’s presence in Taurus won’t be as bad as it sounds. But surely, there would be minor uncertainties, which one needs to be careful of.

So, with that being said, here’s how Mercury and Rahu conjunction in Taurus will affect your zodiac sign. And like always, the predictions are based on your Moon sign.

Mercury and Rahu conjunction in Taurus for Aries 

The conjunction for Aries begins on 1 May 2021 and ends on 26 May 2021. The period will inundate the Aries natives with highs and lows and thus s/he must practise caution in speech. It is recommended that Aries natives drive carefully as the chances of skin damage around the head area would enhance. You may also have to cope up with tongue, gum and throat problems. It is recommended that you practise brisk walking to ensure the stomach is clean to safeguard yourself from health woes. Anyone planning to make new investments can go with the instincts during the 1 May 2021 – 26 May 2021 period. However, starting 3 June 2021 till 22 June 2021 when Mercury will retrograde, you must think twice before making any new investments. Try being close to your family and share the problems with them as far as possible. 

Mercury and Rahu conjunction in Taurus for Taurus 

Hmm, May is the month of Taurus (till May 20) and Rahu is here to meet the Taureans, darr to bht rahe hoge aj tum? Haye!! Well, if you have been dealing with any health-related problems recently, then you might need to worry as health could take a backseat during the Mercury and Rahu conjunction in Taurus. Cold, cough and problems around chest and stomach areas might bother you. In addition, the time wouldn’t be the best in terms of finance and career so practice caution when taking any decision regarding the same. Natives involved in partnership firms may see a loss in earnings. However, don’t let the temporary strain plague your peace of mind and practice patience for the best outcome. For students, this is a great time to take an internship as Rahu’s presence will be helpful in this area. Couples must spend some extra time together being romantic to make their relationship stronger. 

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Mercury and Rahu conjunction in Taurus for Gemini 

The conjunction of Mercury and Rahu in Taurus will be a normal one for the Gemini natives with minor hiccups that the twin sign will have to worry about. Expenses will remain on the high side despite your attitude of managing those for yourself. Negativity would be in the vicinity to plague your subconscious. However, you can fight with it by practising meditation and yoga. Work-related tensions would also prevail especially for those in business. Try to be friendly towards your employees and appreciate them. As mercury retrogrades from 3 June 2021 till 22 June 2021, there would be a surge in physical craving that might prompt some to invest in flings. Be cautious here as you are likely to make the wrong decisions, which you also might have to regret in the future. Spend more time practising self-care and try not to stress yourself. 

Mercury and Rahu conjunction in Taurus for Cancer 

As Mercury and Rahu in Taurus conjunction begin from 1 May 2021, the crabs in the town will have to worry about their thighs and knees. You will also experience chest related issues. On the bright side, this is a great time for children in the family as they will develop an intellect to learn what you have got to teach them. Moreover, the conjunction time would be great for taking a road trip so if you seek to, you can have one. Your business will, however, will neither see a big growth or a big dip but it is to remain favourable in and out. You are advised to control your anger as much as possible and especially not burst out in front of your spouse. Taurus sign is all about sensuality and the month of Taurus allows the Cancer couples the extra aphrodisiacs to redraw and rethink their physical relationship.

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Mercury and Rahu conjunction in Taurus for Leo 

For the Leo natives, the conjunction of Mercury and Rahu in Taurus in May 2021 is to bring a good time career-wise. Planning to switch the job? Try finding one for yourself from 1 May 2021 to 26 May 2021 period as you are to get the best one for yourself. Those in business will also see gains. However, what one needs to take care of is the health of any pregnant lady in the house as she could experience mental stress owing to the influence of Rahu. The time is good for unmarried couples. The love you two share will bloom. You can consider announcing your relationship to your respective families as they would be in support of the same. If you are in an extramarital affair (why?), your chances of being caught will rocket during the conjunction period. Don’t talk rudely with your father or any elder as the regret of the same would dent your focus.   

Mercury and Rahu conjunction in Taurus for Virgo 

You are to experience skin related problems during the conjunction period. However, it is advised you don’t rely on too much medication to cure the same. Try homely good practices like hydrating yourself, practising yoga, morning exercise, etc. Ones in the service sector may feel confused about their career goals and might want to change their profession. Take proper guidance before taking any such decision. The time is good for business overall, and especially commission related business. The month of Taurus is likely to infuse in couples an emotional surge like never before. One’s considering a divorce may want to rethink the decision. If you are in creative fields like advertisement or film industry, you should spend more time with nature to enjoy the luxury of new ideas. You can also try investing in the stock market with a long term perspective.

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Mercury and Rahu conjunction in Taurus for Libra 

The Libras will enjoy their balance as the conjunction of Mercury and Rahu in Taurus is to not change much for Libra natives. The time is great to invest in gold, silver and precious stones. The Libra native looking for a partner is likely to find one for themselves. Those who are lucky to have the parental property and are seeking to sell it must wait for a month or two as chances of you being cheated during the conjunction period seem lurking. Healthwise, you may experience joint pain and laziness, which could also hamper your will to study. Thus, students who are preparing for government exams must especially regain focus. Couples, married and unmarried, might feel detached. However, you need to assure you don’t let the gap widen and take the rein of your love life back in hand to tread your love life in the right direction. 

Mercury and Rahu conjunction in Taurus for Scorpio 

Urinary and asthma-related issues will haunt the Scorpio natives during the Mercury and Rahu conjunction in Taurus. The best way to deal with the woes is to rely on naturopathy and eat right, i.e. no spicy food. The conjunction is a good time to get any pending surgery done. However, you must avoid any eye-related surgeries throughout the month of June. You are also to experience obstacles in terms of your career. However, you must not let yourself get disheartened and correct what is wrong in the given situation and move forward. It is advised to not begin a new task during the conjunction period. Also, don’t lend money (until someone’s life depends on it) as the money you lend might become a bad asset. But interestingly, the chances of you getting the money that you have lent back will be high. You will also experience problems in your relationship with your mother. 

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Mercury and Rahu conjunction in Taurus for Sagittarius  

Sagittarius would lose a couple of people in their lives and the blame will be on themselves and their penchant to ignore the right people often. Mental stress is to affect the health of the Sagittarius thus it is advised to not indulge in arguments and practice healthy habits like being disciplined. The time is good to invest in jewels. If you are a student, you would be inundated with the motivation to set your goals in the right direction, thus, make use of the opportunity. A work-related or religious trip is also expected. You can also extend such trips as the prospects of travelling are good. Children under the age of 10 will suffer from cough, infection and sore throat. Consult a doctor on the first sign of discomfort. Career-wise the Mercury and Rahu conjunction would be good for the Sag natives. Starting a new business will be easy and profitable. Married couples will have to work harder in their relationship. 

Mercury and Rahu conjunction in Taurus for Capricorn 

The Mercury and Rahu in Taurus would intensify the problems for the Capricorn natives. The health of the pregnant lady in the house needs special focus during this period. Bar away from having outside food and rely on home-cooked meals as much as possible. Parents must also take extra care of their kids to safeguard them from injuries that they would be prone to during 1 May 2021 – 26 May 2021 period. On the bright side, the conjunction is good if you are taking a government exam. For young natives who want to go abroad for studies or jobs, applying for a visa during the aforementioned dates to get good news. You must also not quit your job during the conjunction period as finding a new one would get tougher. Married couples can think of planning a child and the time is favourable.

 Mercury and Rahu conjunction in Taurus for Aquarius

The transition period will take a toll on your health as the influence of Rahu would overwhelm you with problems like stomach pain, sore throat, pimples and digestion problems. Thus, it is advised to take extra care in these areas. The pressure of work at the office space would mount. You might feel the urge to schedule the work for later, however, such an attitude will only pile up the work and stress you more. Try exercising and think less to help yourself regain your energy and wits. If you have been wanting to buy a car, the period is good. You can also opt to go a long drive in your new car as the travelling prospects are to remain good. Meanwhile, take extra precaution not to hurt your siblings’ sentiments at any cost. You may face some issues related to the house or immovable properties, child’s education.

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Mercury and Rahu conjunction in Taurus for Pisces 

Though the conjunction period for Pisces natives seems to be on the bright side, however, during the Mercury Retrograde, from 3 June 2021 to 22 June 2021, you would be prone to injuries in the upper body area. So make sure you stay careful if going out. Take a proper diet and don’t overeat. You must also be cautious of some of your friends as they might develop a feeling of envy against you due to a misunderstanding. Try to talk the situation out instead of ego clashing. Whenever possible, try to wear light coloured clothes and a moti. Take a loan only when you need it the most and at least think of some prospects through which you plan to return it. The conjunction time is great to invest your money in the stock market. The ones who know nothing about the stock market must take a third opinion. Married couples might have to face issues but nothing that they can’t handle. 

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