Mars Transit in Leo On July 20, Effect On Your Zodiac Sign

Mars Transit in Leo On July 20, Effect On Your Zodiac Sign

Mars, the planet of aggression and action, had been brooding along with its least likeable sign Cancer, for the last few weeks. The fickle vibe is finally going away on July 20, 2021, when Mars will enter the flashy Leo. Mars transit in Leo zodiac sign would continue till September 6, 2021. Two such superbly enthusiastic signs coming together will set a perfect time to think out, innovate and strategize extraordinary planning for the future. Besides conveying changes in the astrological world, it also makes amendments and alterations in people’s lives. Let’s check out how Mars transit in Leo is all stationed to influence your Moon sign.

Note: The prediction is based on the Moon Sign of the person.  


Moving in the house of relationships, studies, and children, i.e. the fifth house, Mars, might make you prone to accidents. Therefore, you must also be careful when driving any vehicle during this transit. Also, the transit might bring some stomach-related issues as well. However, if you keep a check on avoiding spicy and hot food, you shall find yourself off from any stomach ailments. Also, those who are in a love relationship need to keep an eye on their romantic life as your intense actions and feelings might push you away from your loved ones and cause issue in your relationship. 

With negatives for many, this transitwould be positive for the students, specifically for the medical ones. So, if you are a medical student or any other stream student in general, you shall find yourself more involved and passionate about your field and could score and perform better in it. In addition, economically, things would run well. In fact, possibilities of sudden or unpredictable changes might be there too due to this Mars aspect.

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With this transit, the fourth house of happiness and family will be expecting Mars movement there. It might lead to some health troubles for the mothers in the town. Make sure she takes her meds on time and must adequately follow her routine. Those who are married might face some conflicts with their better half. Relaxing and avoiding fights is what should be done until transit gets over. 

As Mars will anticipate your house of occupation and add energy to it, you would seek a successful blooming period in professional life. However, there are mild chances that troubles might come in your way while managing finances. So, balancing your earnings and spending must be done keenly. With that, the Mars transit in Leo will prove to be favourable for those planning to sell off their land or property. Potential buyers would be found without much trouble, and you will be able to get rid of your property super quickly. 

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For Gemini folks, Mars with this transit in the third house of younger ones, power, and courage. This journeying of Mars will be favourable to the newbies searching for jobs. Good and wanting opportunities would surround, and you would be able to grab the best suitable for you. Also, this transit will be great for those planning a job change. With that, your overall skills and vitality shall increase, which will make your shots on cracking an interview high. Moreover, efforts won’t get wasted if you’re planning a transfer in your job. Good news will be in your bag as your real efficiency will be aspired by all in your working environment. 

However, the better your professional would look, the more you would bear troubles on personal grounds. There might occur some conflicts with younger siblings, and you might end up being on the edges of bursting out. But seen on the other side, the transit would be good for bonding with new people as friends and plan a short trip with your acquaintances. 

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For Cancer peeps, Mars would be making its move from the second house, i.e., for speech and accumulated wealth. So, you are highly advised to be picky about whatever you say to anybody, as your oration shall be quarrelsome. Your rude aura might get fights at home, and you may ruin your terms with your mother. 

If you are a working folk, the Mars transit in Leo would be auspicious for you, and the right opportunities and work lines shall knock on your door. Moreover, if you’re planning to expand or work out something more in your family business, then it is a perfect opportunity to do like the results in the same shall get you good gains. Also, Mars transition would bring upon a commending time for students. Whatever stream you are pursuing, you shall feel a keen dedication and passion towards and would work on your respective goals with full vigour. 

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For Leo natives, you shall expect the Mars arrival in your first house. You shall be high on confidence, but the same may become your ego if not keep in control. Easy dealing with scenarios and public dealings will be there with this transit, and a strong determination shall surround you. You can also pick on some luxuries to involve in your lifestyle. Professionally, the transit will prove to be auspicious for you if you are in an administrative or authoritative position. 

However, with such auspices, the transit gets you some warnings as well. If you are into a romantic relationship, listening to your partner must be done for sure, while, if you are a married person, misjudgments and over-possessiveness must be highly avoided. Also, health-wise, you may go through some stress issues and stomach-related ailments. So, a diet check needs to be done.

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For the Virgo zodiac sign, Mars would be in their twelfth house, making it a mixed up time for them. High capital gains are what you can expect if you are into any business or job. With fame and name, this Mars transit in Leo would also improve your reputation in your working environment as well as society. However, with such great gains, you shall seek some massive expenses coming your way, which would lead you towards chances of having financial instability too. And so, it is recommended that you manage money well. 

If seen to other angles of life, the transit doesn’t have many good results for them as well. If you are seeking a foreign settlement, then it is advised that you skip this time. Also, extra heed should be taken when you’re around your partner, and useless fights or unnecessary arguments must be avoided. 

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For Libra native, Mars will be in their eleventh house. The coming transit has many auspices in the bag for you. You would be determined and fearsome and shall finish any grueling work effortlessly. Moreover, a feeling of being diligent shall rise in you, and you putting your all into any work will lead to success. Also, financially things have chances to run pretty well and soothing. You can go for savings and money plans during this transit time. Also, your friends and family shall have your back in decisions you would make regarding finances. However, expenditures might come, but they will healthy ones and more related to household needs. 

The only downside this transit would get you will be pertaining to your love life. Although it will be a blissful time for you to approach your partner for marriage yet avoiding fights and being calm while handling situations will still be a need to save yourself from a miserable relationship.

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Mars will sit in the tenth house for the Scorpio folks, being a self-house for Leo. Mars transit here would bring much favourability for the native. You can try your best chances in seeking any governmental position as it would get you name, fame, and respect in your working environment and society. The only precaution to keep in mind while approaching in the same arena is to be in the zone of rules and regulations and avoid all sorts of incorrect means. Mars transit in Leo would also get you immense recognition in your workplace and compactness in articulation, which in return shall get you to respect in an overall manner.

Although, avoiding office diplomacies should be done for sure as it can affect your growth on the professional front. Moreover, you need to take good care of your mother as this transit could bring her some unfavorable possibilities.

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With this transit, you can see Mars settling in the ninth house of the Sagittarius folks, affecting their fortunes. With a blissful time for personal life, this transit will become an auspicious time for those planning to take their relationship to the next level. You can introduce your dear ones to your family, express your true self to your partner, and bond better with them. Also, traveling is highly recommended with Mars transit for your zodiac. With support from younger siblings in work related to your college, you would also get good scores in examinations and institute according to your intent. 

If seen on the other side of the transit, there could be some entanglement with your teachers and father. You might run into some conflicting conversations with them. Thus, it is advisable that you avoid this, making it a top-notch priority.

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Capricorn folks can expect some considerable changes with Mars transit in Leo. As Mars will rise in this sign and be moving to the eighth house, unfavorable possibilities shall cage you. You need to keep a keen eye on your personal health and double-check while crossing roads as the possibility of running into an accident could be there. Furthermore, if planning to purchase a new vehicle, you must avoid it until the transit finishes. With family predicament, misinterpretation of words could also be there between family folks. 

Although, the transit won’t be all bad for you Capricorns, as you can expect unanticipated gains in your earnings. But with that, it would be better if you could keep your business plans, ideas and deals private as you might be some enemies disguised as well-wishers surrounding you to plot mess against you.

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For the folks with the Aquarius zodiac sign, Mars would be journeying through the house of vocations, partnerships, and married life, i.e., the seventh house. It will become a flourishing time for the business folks. Therefore, the transit will mark a good time to expand your business and work on your reputation in your respective professions. Plus, business relations and partnerships will witness deep bonding, and you would be able to work fiercely and with full intensity in your workplace.

Adding to the same, you may take a chill pill as the transit shall make you encounter support and well wishes from fellow associates and friends. Not just this, you can plan short trips or journeys as it will add positivity and a self-analyzing time for you. But, with great success come some warnings. So, Aquarians, you need to be careful about your personal life. To be precise, married peeps must avoid conflicting fights and temperamental conversations with their partner. However, in all, the transit will bring immense activity to your life, and you shall be able to give your best shot in finger clicks.

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With mixed repercussions, Mars would be positioning itself in the sixth house, noted as the house of natives for the Pisceans. This placement will get you success but after struggles and extra efforts. On one side, you may confront zero or no support from your fellow mates, while on the other side, you would attain strength like never before. The Mars transit in Leo will benefit the Piscean folks involved in professions like mechanics, engineering, or teaching. However, there are few chances that if you lose your humbleness during this transit, you shall lose important mates in your life. So, it is highly advisable that during this phase, you keep your tone in check. 

With more warnings, the transit foretells that you need to look after your personal wellbeing as well. There are chances that you suffer from ailments related to eyes, skin, and others. The miscellaneous prospects of this transit may also bring some issues between you and your brother, but blissfulness could be expected around the spouse.

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