Lucky Numbers For Each Zodiac Sign

Lucky Numbers For Each Zodiac Sign

Have been seen 11:11 often lately? Maybe it’s simply your lucky number. 

When it comes to guessing, we often rely on what we think is our lucky number. Well, no harm done, but really knowing what exactly is your lucky number too has its own benefits.

If you ever bump into our numerology experts, they will tell you how numbers are so connected with our personality, feelings and horoscope. From the one you are born with to one that your partner owns, lucky numbers can come from different sources. But what shines among all these sources is one that is astrology-approved. You would believe that, right?

Guessing that you would, we took a favour from our expert numerologist and asked them to tell us what is the lucky number for each zodiac sign and here is what they have to say.


Though Aries are the creators of their own fortune and destiny, but that fortune of theirs can swell up if they have their lucky numbers by their side. So as per our expert numerologists, the lucky numbers for Aries are 6, 24 and 64. However, Arians should make sure that they don’t use these numbers for gambling purposes.


Lucky numbers for the Taurian born are 6, 11 and 17. If you see these numbers often in your day to day life, it means that you are being blessed with positive energy and thus keep doing what you have been. These lucky numbers, as per sour numerologists, can also help in adding to your professional success.


It’s really difficult to scoop out a lucky number for Gemini. This is because these people don’t like to be stuck in a schedule for long. Thus just like they bring modifications to their personality with time, their lucky numbers also change. However, for now, the luckiest numbers for Gemini are 3, 5 and the results that come after summing these numbers – 5+3 = 8. 5+5 = 10, etc.


Cancers are guided by their emotions and take decisions accordingly. As per our astrologers, 24 of any month is very lucky for a Cancer to begin any work. Apart from 24, numbers 1 and 58 are also lucky for Cancers. These numbers help the Cancer to have control over their emotions.


Lucky numbers for Leo is anything that has 9, with the most auspicious numbers being 9, 19 and 49. Doing any work in the muhurats that has these numbers can add to the goodness of your yogs and will allow you positive results invariably. 


Virgo belongs to the Earth element. As an earth element, they get influenced by their own actions and also by the actions of others. Thus they often try to balance their surroundings while hanging on to their wits. And to help them in doing this are their lucky numbers – 0, 14 and 49.


Libra crave to find a balance in everything they do. Thus any double digits number with the same numerical (11, 77, 88, 99, 66) is very lucky for them. However, when it comes to single-digit numbers, numbers 8 and 2 are auspicious for Libras, as per our astrologers.


Scorpios tend to be very curious and anxiety-stricken about life. And numbers can really help them cut shot this anxiety. The numbers that are lucky for Scorpions are 5, 18 and 69. If there is a yog in the day around these numbers, and you start any work at that time, chances of it going out well for you are high. 


Sagittarius are secretive. They like freedom and have the energy of a bull. However, they often find it difficult to forge long-lasting bonds. And even if they do, that bond would be nothing more than ‘just friends’ thing. So what a Sag – who relate to all this – should do is try finding someone whose birth date is 5, 7, 15 or 28 as these are your lucky numbers.


The Capricorn natives will find success if they keep them surrounded with numbers 3, 5, 14, and 95. Doing health exercises, especially when the tick of the clock is at any of these numbers (Eg: 5:14 AM); would help you better align your chakras. Such timings also make any kind of session more productive than ever.


Aquarius tend to hide their emotions well. But do they really want to? Well, just like each one of us, they too seek some pampering, love and care. And guess who can allow them this luxury? Well, that would be anyone who has a 2, 17 in their birth-date. Other lucky numbers for the Aquarius are 77 and 35.


Pisces born can have themselves positive results by choosing from numbers 5 and 7. Also, the numbers that sum up to these numbers, like 15, 36, 21 etc. are lucky for a Pisces. These numbers shall help you in fighting negative energies.

To know more about your lucky numbers, you can always get in touch with our expert numerologists.

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