Know What The Money Line In Your Palm Says About You

Know What The Money Line In Your Palm Says About You

With the world becoming its materialistic self, money constitutes to be one of the most important have haves for most of us. And don’t tell me you don’t want enough of it. Well, even if you don’t, personally, yet we always want enough to ensure our family doesn’t miss out on the luxuries in life. So whatever are your thoughts about money, the conclusion is, we all need it. And to help you know how much of it you will have for yourself in this life, we have the Money line.

So after learning in detail about the Marriage line and Life line, now we will have a look at where is the Money line on hand. Apart from locating the Money line on hand, we shall also look at its multiple shapes, forms and what do they tell about your monetary prospects.

Money line on hand

In palmistry, the money line is located close to your marriage line. It is of different shape and size for all of us and thus, accordingly, affects our monetary health. To locate the money line, all you need to do is look under the ring finger.

Straight money line on hand 

If you have a straight money line, which is also dark and deep, then it is a sign that you are the owner of smart intellect and capable of making great investment choices. You will have the luck of making a fortune from multiple sources after 30 years of age. Additionally, if your Sun line is also straight, it shows that along with money, you shall also acquire name and fame. However, you still have to work hard for all of this to come true, as a good Money line only makes sure that success comes easy to you.

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If you have a waved money line

If you have a waved Money line on hand, this is a sign that you may not have a stable fortune or money source in life. On a good note, this also means that you will change your profession often until you aren’t doing what you love. However, even when you do so, the chances of failing in business or jobs would always be looming around you. Thus you need to be cautious about your professional choices.

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The discontinuous money line

This is not the kind of Money line that most of you would want to have on your hand. The discontinuous money line is a sign that you may face many hurdles in any kind of job or profession you take. When it comes to profession, you will be low on confidence and would rely on others to complete your task. All of this may affect your growth in the office space. 

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Moving forward, to know how much money, fame or wealth you will gain in your life, only the Money line is not enough. There are many more lines on hand that can help you know about your monetary success.

Money prospects from Sun Line 

Your sun line also plays a role in helping you find how good you would be with money. If you wish to locate your Sun line, all you need to do is look below your ring finger. The vertical line below the ring finger is the Sun line.

A branch spanwing out of the sun line

If you have a branch coming out of the Sun line, which extends to the little finger, then it’s good news for you. Such a line is also treated as a money line and is an indication that you will amass great wealth for yourself. You will also likely acquire paternal property and will be able to bring it to the best use. This type of Money line on hand makes you good with investing in stock markets.

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Branch touching the money line

If you have a branch spanning out of the sun line that connects to your money line, then, again, it is a good sign. Such people have the luck of making a fortune due to their reputation. You are great at entrepreneurship and can build a good and successful business for yourself if you implement the ideas brewing in your head on the ground. People with this type of money line are also good with part-time jobs.

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‘M’ Sign on palm

You might have to give this a closer look, but if the head line, life line and heart line on your palm, together, form an ‘M’, then it is termed as a good sign. The one who has the ‘M’ shape on hand is said to be good with wealth for the most part of his/her life. These people may acquire great wealth before they turn 40. Having this shape in hand supports your hard work and helps you in getting success a bit faster and more often than anyone else.

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Money management line 

Acquiring wealth is only half the job done. Wealth management is as important as earning it. So how good are you with managing your money? To find out, you need to observe the Money management line, which is placed horizontally to the life line. If the money line is of moderate length, you will not face many problems when to comes to choosing how to use your money. You are wise in money matters and know how to take care of it.

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Line of phoenix eyes 

Lines of the phoenix eyes are present on the thumb. If the lines above the first knuckle of the thumb and form a circle or an eye-like shape, then it is called a phoenix eye. The meaning of this eye is that you are certain to marry someone who would ensure you have an abundance of wealth around you. Even if you are an independent person, your partner would want to contribute to your lifestyle and would be happy about it.

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Lines at the end of the thumb

Another among the wealth line on hand are the lines at the end of your thumb just like the ones shown in the figure. Having such lines is a good indicator of wealth, and that’s why they are rare to find. Having such lines also show that you are good at saving money.

Lines on mount of venus 

Grills or having crisscrossed lines on the Mount of Venus are the virtue lines in palmistry. If the Mount of Venus is developed at the same time, it shows you could get rich by taking over the family business. Also, you will likely get success if you start your own business.

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