Ketu In 4th House: Meaning, Impact, And Remedies

Ketu In 4th House: Meaning, Impact, And Remedies

Just like North node or Rahu, Ketu is also a shadow planet with no physical texture but great astrological importance. Known as the tail of the dragon, it influences not just your natal or birth chart but also your life in multiple aspects. Ketu in 4th house in your natal chart hits directly on your spirituality and ambition.

Karmic traits would be there in terms of a relationship. You shall possess strong faith in life, if benefic. However, if malefic, you would love to isolate yourself and become self-centered.

Speak to our astrologers to know if you have Ketu in 4th house of your Kundali.

However, if you already hold the information, how Ketu in fourth house affects various aspects of your life.

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What affects Ketu in fourth house?

The fourth house in astrology illustrates details about the mother, home environment, comforts and happiness, and love and care. Not just this, your education and personal life would depend on the fourth house. The Moksha Bhava in your chart will also be because of this fourth house in your chart.

However, to understand the placement of Ketu in 4th house of your horoscope, you need to analyze many other factors and not just this planet. Here we have a few of them that shall affect Ketu in fourth house in your natal chart:

  • Placement with Moon: Moon is the significator or Karak of the fourth house in astrology. And, with Ketu and Moon sign signification would enhance the results of Ketu. You would be high on intuitive abilities and have positive insight into your life. The planet would add contentment and comforts to your life. Also, happiness will be there from all edges and ends. Plus, you would have a relaxing environment at the house and be gratified about it.
  • Placement with Mars: When Ketu combines with Mars, it makes the Pishacha yoga. The same would give the most extremist energies to the person. You shall have a warm body and possess severe health ailments in life.

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Positive effects of Ketu in 4th house

The position of Ketu in fourth house would make you highly mature and spiritual. You would feel drag and devotion in following the righteous path in life. Enlightenment and understanding in nature would be there too. You shall possess peace of mind and feel contented with whatever you have or achieve in life. Not just this, you shall also possess unexpected success and gains if involved in business or real estate.

Moreover, with the placement of planet Ketu in 4th house, you will have a caring nature and respect females in your family and in general. Also, you shall be rich and own all sorts of luxuries in life. Having a lavish lifestyle wouldn’t be hard for you. In fact, your family too would enjoy the money you have accumulated or possessed. Along with it, there would be a company of many famous and recognized personalities and the same would be beneficial to you in the long run.

Also, your relationships and family life will be great as well. You would know how to manage your connections with your partner or spouse, which shows the positioning of Ketu in fourth house of your Kundali. All in all, your married life would be blissful, pleasant, and sensually romantic. You would respect your partner, and the same would come to you with the exact intensity.

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Negative effects of Ketu in 4th house

Being a shadow planet, Ketu does show many negative effects. Ketu in fourth house of your horoscope might make you a person with expanding travel history. You might have to switch from one location to another very frequently. You would be vulnerable or lose interest in spiritual deeds. Intelligence would lack in you, and you might take majority decisions from the heart.

Also, with Ketu in fourth house, your relations with your mother or spouse would get affected. You would either feel distracted around them or run into conflicts every now and then. Along with it, you shall also confront immense depression and anxiety because of loss and downfalls in business and profits. Adding to the ill effects of Ketu in 4th house of your chart, your decision-making skills would suffer. You might go through low self-esteem, and the capability of making stupid decisions would be on your tips.

Furthermore, with Ketu in fourth house of your chart, your psychic abilities shall get affected adversely. From health and wealth to wisdom, all might seek instability and ill effects of Ketu. Wealth accumulation would be tough, and because of the same financial instability would be there too.

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Ketu in fourth house remedies

Discussing with our expert astrologers at AstroTalk, we have got some gratifying and easy-peasy remedies. So, those who wish to wipe off the debilitating effects of Ketu in 4th house may follow these:

  • Keep and pet a dog at home. Moreover, give a part of your food to the dog. This shall directly wear off the ill effects of Ketu in fourth house.
  • Keep a silver piece with you, or wear something silver on the neck, arm, nose, or ears.
  • Flow off yellow things in the water. To be precise, float gram pulses in the river or flowing water.
  • Keep fasts on Wednesday and Ganesh Chaturthi and seek Lord Ganesh’s blessings.
  • You can also flow off sesame (Til), banana, or lime in water to remove the ill effects of Ketu in fourth house of your Kundali.
  • Lastly, offer yellow color clothes to the Pundit and priest in the temple and seek his blessings.

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