Ketu In 2nd House: Meaning, Impact, And Remedies

Ketu In 2nd House: Meaning, Impact, And Remedies

The 2nd house in astrology usually deals with expression, speech, accumulated wealth, and family. Ruled by the Taurus sign and planet Venus, the second house influences family lineage too. On the other hand, Ketu is the most intellectual planet and provides a mystic illustration wherever it is. Moreover, Ketu also creates a feeling of detachment in all the matters it influences and makes you grow spiritually. And, with Ketu in 2nd house of your birth chart, you surely opt for ruthlessness and harshness in your way to deal with things.

Speak to our astrologers to know if you have Ketu in 2nd house of your Kundali.

However, if you already hold the information, how Ketu in the second house affects various aspects of your life.

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What affects Ketu in second house?

Ketu is an ignorant and casual planet. It usually behaves apathetically about the events and features of the house it is in. You go through plenty of the things in your past, and Ketu makes you wish not to have any of it anymore. But in any house, there are some other points taken into consideration while doing Kundali analysis. Here we have a few of them that shall affect Ketu in 2nd house in your natal chart:

  • Placement in any water sign: When Ketu in second house connects with water signs like Scorpio, Pisces, or Cancer, it behaves pretty emotionally. If you possess such positioning, you might hold a grudge too deep or involve in any relationship intensely. Too feely to too connected, if Ketu connects with any of these signs in second house, you shall possess an over-sentimental personality.
  • Placement with Venus: If Venus and Ketu combine in the second house, your desperation for luxuries might increase. On one side, you would crave strong likings towards comforts. While, on the other hand, you may become unpredictable and aggressive when not able to get what you wish.
  • Placement with Jupiter: Jupiter is known as the Karak of the second house in astrology. Being devoted to planet Jupiter empties the ill effects of Ketu. Because of the same, results shown by Jupiter would be effortlessly attainable. Also, you will attract good things in life like wisdom, fortune and aesthetics, and relationship tactics.

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Positive effects of Ketu in 2nd house

Ketu in 2nd house of your Kundali would give many auspicious results to the native in various aspects of life. Your personality would be convincing, and you would talk wise words. With being expressive in nature, you will also be pro at learning new languages. You would have sarcastic and fieriness in speech. When putting your point forward, you will be bold and would hold a grudge against anybody.

Foreign connections and collaborations would excite you, and the same will be helpful in your personal growth. Moreover, financial matters would settle early and effortlessly with Ketu in second house. Plus, you would accumulate wealth in the best way possible. Not just this, luxurious life would be on your tips, and the materialistic side of life would interest you.

Interest in collecting books, novels, and magazines would be there too with Ketu in second house of your chart. Plus, you will also like to write poetry and musings. Literature would be like your second love, and you may make it your profession. You could also go for accounts and similar fields to have a successful work life. You can also pursue a career as a philanthropist or someone in occult sciences.

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Negative effects of Ketu in 2nd house

If ill Ketu in second house is a placement in your chart, you might suffer through many small and big health ailments. There shall be disorders such as stammering or learning issues. You might rely too much on others and confront feebleness and concentration problems. There might be times in life that you go through eye issues and related problems.

Your behaviour would be pretty detachable. You shall lack manners and politeness. With being high on expenses, you might also be devoid of politeness. Family won’t be your favourite folks, which is why you would love staying away from them. Moreover, with Ketu in 2nd house of your horoscope, you will not have very strong connections with your spouse. The compatibility required between a couple shall lack, and you two might share an okay married life. Also, with Ketu in the second house of your chart, maintaining pleasant relations with relatives would be tough as well.

Positioning Ketu in 2nd house might also make a person with “Short Term Memory Loss.” You may forget sentences in the middle and shall forget words when speaking. Besides that, you might also be boastful and someone with great vanity. Misbehaviour with officials and the possibility of getting disputes with them might come with it.

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Ketu in second house remedies

Some effective remedies to control the ill effects of Ketu in second house are:

  • Put up a combined paste of saffron, sandalwood, and turmeric on your forehead every day before leaving for work. Make sure the paste is put in Trishool shape.
  • Offer sesamum and tamarind in the temple to poor people.
  • Take good care of unmarried females or girl children. Feed them with nice food and wash and touch their feet post that.
  • Another remedy for malefic Ketu in 2nd house is to pray to Lord Ganesh and fast on Wednesday and Ganesh Chaturthi.
  • Never give off a part of your food to a white or black dog.
  • Also, you should provide fodder to cows’ shelters whenever possible.

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