Ketu In 1st House: Meaning, Impact, And Remedies

Ketu In 1st House: Meaning, Impact, And Remedies

Planet Rahu relates to afterlife experiences and karma and rebirth. On the other hand, Ketu is the Karak of liberation. Rahu is known as the giver, and Ketu is known as the taker. Rahu shall bring evil to you. However, Ketu would make you realize the path is wrong, and you need to become moral and righteous in your ways. Also, the damage done by Rahu is made right by Ketu. Ketu in 1st house affects the native’s personality and social status. Moreover, it shows some effects on your drag towards spiritual deeds and workings.

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However, if you already know it, read more details about what Ketu in 1st house is all about!

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What affects Ketu in first house?

Ketu is a headless planet and shadows your birth chart by its arrangement. It is not as malefic as Rahu but still shows its traits in a number of ways. Solely whatever characteristics it possesses, it does, but numerous other factors affect the placement of Ketu in 1st house of your Kundali. Have a look at them:

  • Rahu’s placement in your chart: Rahu represents the head while Ketu represents the body. Thus, it is so that their placement shall affect each other in the chart. If you have Ketu in 1st house and Rahu in 7th house, both shall influence each other (in axis). Furthermore, if all the other planets sit in between them, they could also make the Kaal Sarp Dosha in your Kundali.

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  • Zodiac sign it is in: With being in the first house, some zodiac signs strongly influence Ketu. For say, if the first house or the Lagna house of your Kundali has a Virgo or Gemini zodiac sign, Ketu will act beneficially. However, if you have Ketu in 1st house with the zodiac Leo or Cancer, things might run rough for you.

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Positive effects of Ketu in 1st house

Ketu does give more negative results than positive ones. However, with Ketu in the first house of your chart, you can expect many great possibilities to occur in your life. You shall have an attractive personality. But on the other hand, you might be a little mysterious to understand.

You would be people’s favorite, and they shall love to meet you and talk to you. Though, you would not be very straightforward in your choices. However, you will say things that have an intense and deeper meaning. Moreover, with Ketu in 1st house of your horoscope, you shall love traveling. Frequent trips concerning business or education could be there.

Also, there would be high chances that you get to explore new cities, towns, and countries. Plus, you shall also have many tours and excursions that would be helpful for your personal growth. The same will satisfy you in the best way possible. Because Ketu is the taker of all thus, with Ketu in first house in your kundali, you shall realize yourself where you go wrong in what aspects of life.

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Negative effects of Ketu in 1st house

You are explorative, but the same might cause you troubles if Ketu in 1st house in your chart is malefic. Therefore, you must be careful regarding your choices in life. Also, with Ketu in first house of your Kundali, there are chances that you might find sinful company. And, when this happens, there are also chances that it might become difficult for you to be sane-headed or prosperous in your deeds.

You might also become greedy and self-centered. With working on your ethics, you also need to look after the fact that degradation of the same never comes. If something like this happens, it might become hard for you to focus on your life appropriately. If your Kundali has the negative effects of Ketu in first house in your horoscope, it might affect your wellbeing too much. Lack of stamina and constant exhaustion with minor health ailments may become your permanent mates. The same may lead you to low self-esteem and a lack of confidence.

You might run into a miserable health-related situation and other rough situations in general. With it, all sorts of pressurization, hurdles, and challenges shall be with you all life long. Things might not come to you the easy way, and you might also become weak-willed and stressed mentally.

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Ketu in first house remedies

Consulting our expert astrologers at AstroTalk, we have got some gratifying and easy-peasy remedies. So, those who wish to wipe off the debilitating effects of Ketu in the first house you can follow these:

  • Put on Saffron tilak on your forehead, naval, neck, and hairline. Doing so would deteriorate the ill vibes of Ketu in your chart.
  • You can also wear a silver ring or silk thread on your finger.
  • Another remedy says that you must have white and black blankets in the temple for poor people.
  • If you are a parent, never give money to your son either in the evening or early morning.
  • Avoid being open to people and sharing your weaknesses. Also, keep your tone in control in front of others.
  • Serve a black and white dog with food every day. It could be wild or domestic.
  • Offer sweet Laddu to Lord Ganesha every morning. It will ward off all the ill effects of Ketu in 1st house of your chart.
  • You can also perform the remedies of Saturn if Ketu in the first house gives you malefic results after marriage.

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