I am a Beacon of Light that Helps Amplify the Light

I am a Beacon of Light that Helps Amplify the Light

Patty Horton from Inner Eye Connections is a Teacher, Mentor, Medium, Author and Trance Medium. She reveals how important it is for us to understand our own intuition as she guides you to listen to the language of your own souls’ voice. 

Can you explain “Inner Eye Connections’?

I began channeling in 1993 and building a report through the pathway of automatic writing with my spirit guides and teachers (my Counsel). Today I refer to it as inspired writing. This is where I gather information to be shared with humanity on a mass level. When I was guided by my spirit team to finally share what had been written, I needed to create a website and business page for people to visit. My thoughts took me back in time, to a magical metaphysical bookstore in a town that was close to where I grew up called The Inner Eye. I absolutely loved this store and everything in it. 

Although the bookstore closed many years before I started my business, I chose Inner Eye Connections as my business name. Firstly because of my love of this shop and secondly because it pays homage to the ability of Clairvoyance and the Third Eye. This is the place within us where we are offered a space to develop the duality of our senses.

How would you define ‘spiritually curious?

These are the people who are meandering through life, yet something spiritual is awakening from within them. A pull in the form of a nudge, is asking them to discover hidden aspects of themselves. They may be drawn to tarot cards, pendulum work, the development of their own psychic abilities and where they begin seeking out avenues for development. 

I help open up a world for them where they can dive into their gifts through the classes that I offer. These classes are built from a place of experience and through the guidance that I’m given from my spirit team. This is where I teach people how to access all that they are by utilizing the simple path. Through the likes of meditation and journaling a foundation is created so that they have a space to acknowledge when the spirit world draws close.

Tell us about the services you offer?

I am a Medium first and foremost, this is what I was born to do. I am also a teacher, mentor, and a trance medium. When I do a reading for people, I communicate with the spirit guides and teachers, and I give them information on a soul level. 

This is where the spirit world will access their soul language and communicate to the sitter what will serve their highest joy during our time together. The guides are able to communicate past, present, and future information. Not only in this life, but in the form of past life information too.

I always refer to myself this way. I am only a beacon of light that helps to amplify the light within others. 

Can you recall your first experience with the psychic realm?

From my earliest memory, I was imbued with the notion of God, or Source, and had a strong connection with Him. I was, after all, raised by an Italian Catholic mother, and this is where my connection to God became solidified. By the age of eight, my spirituality already had a solid foundation, one built upon the teachings of the Church.

It was at this time in my life where I had my first of many incredible experiences. I had been told that there were no such things as ghosts, and that the dead lived in heaven. Then something was revealed to me – something that was not spoken about in the church or in the home that I was raised in – that would change my life in a very profound way.

On this one particular evening I was awakened by a blue electric light that filled the room. As I looked around, I could see clearly through this indigo-colored light, and every tangible thing in my room was crystal clear. It was what I saw in the next moment that took my breath away. 

There before me was a coffin, but not like any you would see in a funeral home today. It was very plain and had the shape of the coffins from Dracula films. The outside edges were lit with a very bright white light. The rest of the coffin was the same electric blue as the light that lit up my bedroom.

As I gazed upon the coffin, the lid slid open to reveal someone inside, a woman I immediately recognized as my mom’s mother. My grandmother smiled softly at me, and as I sat straight up in my bed, she did the same in her coffin. What happened next is as vivid today as it was that night so long ago. 

As I sat frozen in my bed, my Grandmother Pulio opened her arms and stretched them out towards me. Then, out of nowhere, seven white crosses came from her heart and flew directly into my own. I could feel each cross, one by one, enter into my body. It happened quickly, at the speed of light, yet at the same time it felt like the scene was unfolding in slow motion.

I screamed out, sure that I was going to die right then and there. I thought that she was going to take me away and that I was going to burn in hell for some sinful thing that I must have done.  Mind you, my sister never woke up during this whole experience, which to this day I still do not understand. Next thing I knew, I had hustled it out of my bedroom and into my mother’s room. She told me it was just a dream and to go back to bed. I thought, Go back to bed in that room? No way!

However, from here, I started predicting the weather for all of the kids in my neighborhood. I also started to communicate with nature and the spirits that dwelled near the edges of the forest. This was where I found myself singing to those nature spirits and had many close encounters with the animals that lived there. My connection to nature became an important conduit for what I was being prepared to do. 

It all started here and gradually I became aware that there was something beyond my everyday life. 

Do you believe we all have the capacity to be ‘intuitive’ in the true sense of the word?

I absolutely do! I believe that everybody is intuitive and if only people could understand how to connect to that intuition or soul’s voice, they would be guided from what I call your internal GPS System. The color connected to your intuition is a vibrant yellow color which sits just beneath your own ribcage. Some people refer to this as their gut. It is here, where your voice of reason, your voice of truth, your imprint is created and shared with the world around you. This is the place where the words of your own soul’s voice is heard and spoken through you. 

I believe that everybody has intuition, some people are just not aware of the ins and outs of it all and have not quite found a way to trust that inner voice. Sometimes peoples’ minds override their hearts, yet it is the heart that is connected to our intuition. When we are connected on a heart level, we are then connected to our truth, and where our intuition is more readily shared, and easily accessed. 

Is there a modality that resonates most with you?

Modality and Abilities are like kissing cousins. On an ability level I am a Medium first and foremost. As far as modalities go, I would say that I am always tuned in but not turned on. I always keep myself open to the flow of information so that I am guided on a soul level always.

However, I do believe that everything is intrinsically interconnected so that all modalities have their role to play, at any given time. It is also important to remember that mediumship is multi-faceted, which most people may be unaware of. The medium, if you will, is not only capable of communicating with the discarnate souls. They can also communicate with the guides, teachers, and God if you will as a way to glean information on a Universal Level.

What does your mentorship program entail and who is likely to benefit most from this?

The student is likely to benefit most. When people reach out for mentorship, I guide them to my website. If they are drawn to what I have written and decide to commit to the program, I send them a questionnaire. When I read their answers, the spirit world, for example will tell me that I have a healer here…They will start to build a syllabus according to the energetic impressions that are written by that same person. 

The syllabus is written around the desires of the student, along with the guidance I have received from the Spirit world. Everything is created and will be individual to that person’s desire to learn. It is created around the energy of the soul that has stepped into the classroom. 

I believe that there is always some kind of a mirrored reflection between teacher and student. This is why we are always drawn to those who can serve and benefit us most. I teach people that there is a simple path to spirituality and teach from that perspective. 

It is my belief that we are all individuals seeking to awaken that which sleeps within us. This is where the language of the soul bubbles to the surface, asking for acknowledgment. I teach people how to understand the language of their souls’ voice and give them a clear pathway towards a connection to their individual soul language.

All that is asked of the student is to be open to what each teacher will give to you. What doesn’t resonate with you now can be placed in your pocket. This is where you will save it for later so you can work with what feels right at any given time in your own development. 

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