Here’s How You Can Find Out How Long You Would Live

Here’s How You Can Find Out How Long You Would Live

We know that “Zindagi is a series of paheli” and finding how much life we have or how much we would live is a topic of curiosity. Will their lifespan be long or short? Will we have a healthy life or be full of problems? Your birth chart has an answer to all your questions. 

Vedic astrology presents methods by which determination of your longevity could be made. Also, using Yagyas and Shastras, you can even improve your health and longevity. 

Let us check out how you can judge your longevity or lifespan. 

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Viewpoints To Pinhead

What astrologers consider when determining the lifespan are various angles and conjunctions of your birth chart. Moreover, ganders at the frail periods or malefic planets could be seen too. It would influence your factors of wellbeing. 

What expert astrologers check in your horoscope, let’s find out:

  • Importntly, strength of your Lagna or ascendant house
  • Twelfth or eighth house to a particular degree (twelfth house is the house of hospitalization).
  • In what condition your Sun and Moon are in with respect to vitality
  • Planetary phase running of the eighth housemaster of weak viewpoints to lifespan indicator

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What For a Long Lifespan?

For a long life span, you shall have these possibilities in your birth chart: 

  • Your eighth house will be strong
  • Planet Saturn placement would be powerful, and it might be a Karak)
  • Your seventh house placement would be good
  • Benefic planets would be in the first house or the ascendant house
  • If your Moon and Jupiter are in the house responsible for gains, i.e., the eleventh house, then longevity shall be there.
  • Your ascendant house or Lagna will be strong
  • Lastly, your ascendant house lord would be strong in your chart

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What For a Short Lifespan?

Just like for a long life span, there are few possibilities for a short lifespan in your chart too:

  • Your ascendant lord is weak, and the eighth house lord is in the angle of it, you may expect a lifespan of 20-35 years
  • Plus, the lord of your eighth and the twelfth house conjunct with any malefic planet in the chart
  • Your fifth and eighth house and lord of your eighth house conjunct with a malefic planet
  • Also, if your eighth house lord is placed in a self-house and the moon conjuncts with a bad planet or possesses malefic planets Drishti, the child may not survive more than a month.

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Other Yogas to Consider

With them, there are few more conjunctions you may consider when figuring out the lifespan. Let us see them too:

If the lord of your eighth house in your chart is in the fourth, seventh, or tenth house, you could possess a long lifespan. While if the lord of your eighth house conjuncts with the Lagna or ascendant lord, your longevity might be questionable. Also, if your first house lord conjuncts with a bad planet, longevity may come into question. 

Also, if Shani or Saturn plus the lord of the tenth house are in your eighth house or conjunct with a malefic planet or ascendant lord, you may expect questionable longevity. Furthermore, if the lord of the sixth house possesses a place in the twelfth house, there shall be a possibility of a short lifespan. Along with it, if your sixth house lord seeks a place in its self-house, short life could be there.

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Final Word Says

We know Babumoshai, ki Zindagi Badi Honi Chahiye… Lambi Nahi! and to make the same, many astrologers suggest chanting the Mahamrityunjaya Jaap to improve your health and make your a better one to live. It not just makes things better on a physical level but also channels energies that lead your life towards prosperity.

Moreover, what we told you above are just a few factors you can find easily in your birth chart. In case you don’t, our elite astrologers are here for help. 

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