Get Rid of Vastu Dosh By Storing Broom In The Right Way

Get Rid of Vastu Dosh By Storing Broom In The Right Way

Don’t keep the broom like this. Don’t cross over the broom. Why is the broom lying here? We all get to hear such taunts from our elders every now and then. Ever thought why so? Well, simply because brooms (Jahadu) have the capability to decide the Vastu of your home, and your elders simply know that fact. And it’s high time you know it too.

Vastu shastra is another dimension of astrology that keeps in check the negative and positive energies entering the home. Having the right Vastu is associated with positivity, happiness, wealth and a nurturing environment altogether. And among so many other things that can influence the home’s Vastu (like plants), a broom is one of the most important. 

It is a very known fact that brooms, if not kept in the right place or the right direction, can lead to Vastu dosha. And when there is vastu dosha in your living space, it could lead to a drain of wealth, health, marriage related problems and much more. Vasu dosh can be tackled by simply talking to our astrologers, but why go that way if you can adopt some simple preventive measures and safeguard yourself from vastu dosh? 

Importance of broom as per Vastu 

Brooms are said to be very auspicious. And that is why there are some good days to buy a broom and some inauspicious days when you shouldn’t buy a broom. As per mythology, when Goddess Laxmi went to Vaikuntha or Vishnulok she used the broomstick to clean the place. So a broom is certainly like an embodiment of the Goddess, and keeping it with respect, at the right place, can bring you luck, wealth and blessings of Goddess Lakshmi.

With that being said, here are some tips you can follow when it comes to placing the broom at home:

Best direction to keep the broom? 

Million-dollar question? Surely it is. The placement of each and every product in the house contributes to either good Vastu or bad Vastu. For example, different Gods favour different directions and thus must be placed accordingly. Similarly, a broom also favours a certain direction. As per vastu, the best direction to keep the broom is the southwest direction of the house. Making sure that the broom is kept in this direction helps you with the flow of wealth as it makes Goddess Lakshmi happy. The worst position to keep the broom is the northeast direction. 

Keep the broom hidden

Just like most of us tend to keep our wealth hidden? Exactly. Apart from making sure the broom is well hidden, you also need to make sure that the broom is not kept inverted, upside down or in a standing position. Always place the broom in the resting position as it signifies the constant flow of money.

To tackle Vastu dosh, make sure you don’t leave the broom out in the open like at the balcony or terrace. Doing so signifies disrespect towards the Goddess Lakshmi. More so-ever, even when hiding the broomstick, make sure it doesn’t come under someone’s feet as it is a bad omen.

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Where to keep the broom at night? 

AstroTalk’s expert astrologers suggest that one can consider placing the broom outside the house, mainly at the entrance at night. However, doing so is not advised if you live in a busy place with high footfall. The whole motive of placing the broom outside the main entrance is that it protects you from negative vibes. However, one should make sure that the broom is taken inside the house before sunrise.

What is the best day to buy a broom?

If you seek to buy a new broom for whatever reason, following Vastu shastra is important. As per our astrologers, Saturday is considered to be the best day to replace brooms. Make a note that you buy a new broom on Krishna Paksha. Purchasing it on Shukla Paksha is inauspicious.

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Can I use the broom in the evening?

As per the expert AstroTalk astrologers, the first four hours of the day are best for cleaning the home. On the other hand, you should not use the broom to clean the house during the last four hours of the day. Doing so spreads negativity.

However, if you come home in the evening after a holiday or so and wish to clean the house, then you must make sure you don’t use a broom but a wet cloth. More so ever, if under any circumstances you had to use a broom in the evening, make sure you do not throw the garbage or soil outside the house, keep it somewhere near the dustbin and throw it out in the morning.

Other tips to remember

  • Make sure you don’t use the broom right after someone has left the house. Doing so increases the chances of accidents.
  • Whenever you shift to a new place, make sure you use a new broom to clean the place. Doing so would be the first step to good Vastu. 
  • Avoiding touching the broom to your legs, Vastu Shastra believes that Goddess Laxmi gets angry if you do so deliberately.
  • Diwali is one of the best times to buy a broom.  

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