Everyday Crystals

Everyday Crystals

Everyday Crystals

Date Published:
July 6th, 2020


Your Guide To Using Crystals in Your Daily Routine 

If you haven’t already noticed, crystals are having a moment! From gem-infused water and skincare products to jewelry, crystals seem to be everywhere. So, why are people flocking to and obsessing over them?

At Astrology Boutique in Chicago, not only do we carry a variety of crystals and use them in our services, but we encourage anyone to explore and implement crystals into their daily routine. If you’re crystal-curious, learn all about them in today’s post!

Why Use Crystals?

Crystals are just old rocks, right?! Crystals are so much more than just rocks and hold important value to esoteric practitioners and those who are looking to amplify their daily routine. 

Crystals are conduits and are known for their capacity to store energy. Certain crystals carry specific vibrations that can strengthen the energies around them, making them the perfect tools in your everyday life. 

Using Crystals in Your Daily Routine

If you want to use crystals but are unsure of where to start, we have a few ways you can begin using them.


If you have a meditation practice, crystals are a wonderful tool to use. You can place your chosen crystal in a hand or beside you to help with setting the tone of your meditation. 

Clear quartz is a great beginner crystal because it’s multipurpose and great for clearing energy and charging other crystals. 

Selenite helps to lighten the mood and is perfect for helping you get into a deep meditative state. 

Rose quartz focuses on the heart and can promote peace, helps you grieve, and attracts love.   

Carry a Crystal With You

The more interaction you have with a specific crystal, the more it may help you. Not only is it a great reminder of the intention, but it can also be very grounding and centering. 

For example, perhaps you’re coming up to a due date for a big work project you’ve been working on, but still have a lot to do. Carrying or wearing citrine helps manifest and achieve goals and helps keep the energy high. Or, if you’re working or living in a low-vibration environment, you could incorporate smoky quartz which is perfect for stress relief and protection from bad energy. 

Use Crystals in Your Everyday Environment

Amplify high vibrations by strategically placing crystals around your home or office.

Bedroom – For a tranquil environment using larimar, spirit quartz, or green jade, are all great options for peace and calm. Many also use crystals such as amethyst or rose quartz and place it under their pillows for sleep support. 

Living Room – If you want to amplify luck, pyrite is a great crystal to place in your living room. Black obsidian is great for grounding, while lapis lazuli is great to have around for boosting confidence. Many crystal enthusiasts also place kyanite and black tourmaline on windowsills and next to doors for protection. 

Work office – If you’re looking to amplify connections made with clients or other co-workers, chrysoprase is great for enhancing social interactions, and if you need support with boundary setting, black tourmaline is a great option.


Use crystals in your self-care routine. If you love soaking in the tub, light candles, and line the side of your tub with crystals — some crystals can even be put into bathwater. 

If journaling, writing, or pulling tarot cards is more your speed, charge them by placing a crystal on top of them when they’re not in use. Citrine and carnelian are common crystals to use. 

Create a Crystal Grid

Crystal grids implement sacred geometry and crystals to help amplify and solidify all your intentions and manifestations. You can buy a crystal grid or you can print a pattern and make one yourself, from a shape that resonates with you. 

There are different ways to use crystals — they all have a unique energy — but you’ll have a master crystal that sits in the middle and clear quartz crystal to help connect the different energies. 

Everyday Crystals

Crystals can be used in just about every part of your day from meditation to your work and home environments. For more information on how to use crystals or about the crystals we carry at Astrology Boutique, connect with us today!  






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