Dream Interpretations That May Give You Answers

Dream Interpretations That May Give You Answers

Dream Interpretations That May Give You Answers

Date Published:
September 5th, 2018

Dream Analysis Chicago

Meet Our Dream Interpreter!

If you are being pestered by a recurring dream, or a dream that you believe has a specific meaning, our dream interpreter, Carolyn, can help to decipher the details. With her help, you can see if your dreams have an underlying message or perhaps there is a portion of your dreams that you have been misunderstanding. Whatever the situation, our dream interpreter will be able to hear about your dreams and determine what they mean. Carolyn has had years of experience in this field and will be able to channel her psychic abilities to determine whether a passed loved one is trying to tell you something, or that your mind is trying to prepare you for something. Of course, only contacting us for an appointment will tell what the dream(s) mean.
In this blog, we will discuss the history and science of dreams and why they are important. We will be able to explore the mystery of dreams and if they have some underlying message that needs to be read or interpreted.

Why Do We Dream?

It isn’t really understood why we dream. Science has no definitive answer as to why we dream, however, there is a popular idea that dreams are the brain’s way to search for outcomes and information while we are sleeping. Many believe that dreams serve a primary purpose and are a way for the brain to use problem-solving skills. Dreams can also breach into the bizarre, by running scenarios of situations and monitoring your emotional reaction to the images. Though dreaming is not completely understood by science, many studies have observed the phenomenon and have concluded that dreams can have six main purposes.

    • Learning

Some believe that dreams are a component of memory processing. Specifically, the brain is used to aid the consolidation of learning and optimized long-term and short-term memory.

    • Waking Consciousness

Dreams can also be used as a tool of mental reflection. For instance, dreams can be a waking consciousness in which your brain can reflect on the experiences of waking life.

    • Situational Analysis

The brain can run situational analytics while we sleep by relaying situations and problems in our dreams. Our minds are then allowed to work through difficult or complicated thoughts and emotions to cope with the circumstance. By using this simulation, the brain can achieve a psychological and emotional balance.

    • Response

The brain sometimes makes biochemical changes and electrical impulses while you are asleep. Your dreams can be the effects of these changes taking place.

    • Information Interpretation

Dreams are often considered to be your brain’s way of learning and preventing future mistakes. In a way, dreams are a form of consciousness that can take lessons from the past and the present, in order to make your future better. In many ways, dreams can be your brain’s defense mechanism for repeating certain mistakes.

    • Protection

Dreams can be a form of protection for the brain. By being able to rehearse emotional and psychological reactions, it can prepare itself for when a threat or challenge occurs. For example, dreams can be used to prepare for a tragedy in your life. This way, the brain has already trained for the emotional responses and therefore is not overwhelmed by a sudden influx of mental and emotional turmoil.

Dreams and the Mystic

Though some believe dreams are a mechanism of the brain, there are others that view dreams as a way for the spirit world to make contact with us. Mystic Dreams are transmission dreams that involve intense sensory stimulation, specifically by the use of lights, colors, sights, sounds, aromas, and music, to convey a message from beyond. This type of dream is typically very vivid and memorable, and often insights a lesson or a strong emotion. These types of dreams can include icons, animals spirits, verbal communication, and a transference of information to the subject who is dreaming. Sometimes, loved ones or benevolent spirits will not rest until they have shared their information. This means you could have the same dream or even a sequence of bizarre dreams for an extended period of time.

Informational Dreams

As stated, Mystic Dreams are often used by spirits for transmission, which means that it is how a spirit can make contact and share information or a lesson. However, their lessons aren’t always straight-forward, which is why having a professional dream interpreter to understand your dreams can be advantageous. Someone with mystic abilities will be able to interpret the dreams as the spirit intended, rather than your rough understanding.
During informational dreams, you may feel disoriented and overwhelmed. But, when you regain consciousness, the information and dream will seem very clear. People who have experienced an informational dream have stated that it is the most memorable dream of their lives.

Animal Spirit Dreams

Animal spirits will appear in Mystic Dreams to provide a message to the dreamer. This animal can be a creature that you identify with or have an emotional response to. Animal spirits make a debut in a lot of mystical practices, such as tea leaf readings, tarot card readings, as well as dream interpretations.
If you see an animal in your dreams, it is very possible that a spirit is typing to contact you or share a piece of information. It is important if you see an animal in your dream that you recall what the animal was, what color is was, and what it was doing in the dream. For example, if you see a horse in your dream, remembering what color the horse was and what it was doing, could clue you in as to what it was trying to tell you. For instance, a white horse bucking can mean something completely different from a brown horse running .

Emotional Responses

For any dream, but especially dreams with animals in them, you want to recall the emotional response you had when you looked at the animal. How you feel when you look at the animal can tell you a lot in terms of the creature’s purpose. For instance, if you see an animal and are frightened, this could be in reference to your fears or insecurities. Ultimately, a dream interpreter will be able to tell you what your dream means and how it can reflect on your life.

The Astrology Boutique

At The Astrology Boutique, we can take an in-depth view of your dreams. Before you begin your dream analysis, our interpreter, Carolyn, will ask you to compile a journal of your dreams. By being able to read over your dreams on a night-by-night basis, she can determine if there are repetitious factors in your dreams or anything that is blatantly mystic in nature. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our dream interpreter.

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