Do You Have a Soul Tie in 2021? (and How to Break One)

Do You Have a Soul Tie in 2021? (and How to Break One)

A soul tie is one of the most powerful connections you can have to another human being. However, these ties can be difficult to cut, which can make things difficult if the connection has become toxic and unfulfilling.

A soul tie can be a beautiful experience. However, it’s important to know when you might have one and how you can cut ties if the connection is no longer serving you.

This is what you need to know.

Soul Ties Explained

A soul tie is a deep connection you form with someone when you bond with them on a spiritual level. In pop culture, these connections are said to arise from sexual encounters, but soul ties are far more profound than that.

A soul tie can be with a romantic partner, friend, or even colleague, and these strong emotional or mental connections can leave you linked to someone forever.

It’s important to be aware of whether a soul tie is changing your life in a negative way though and build the strength to cut the tie if need be.

Signs You Have a Soul Tie with Someone

1. They’re always on your mind

When a new connection is formed, it’s normal to feel a sense of infatuation and find yourself daydreaming about someone. You’ll know that you truly have a soul tie, though, when you become constantly conscious of the person’s presence in your life. You’ll find yourself relating every situation to them and considering their reaction. Be wary of having obsessive thoughts though, as this could be a sign of an unhealthy soul tie.

2. You crave their presence

When you have a soul tie, you never feel as though the time you’ve spent with the person is enough. When you’re apart, all you’re thinking about is when you can see them again. You’ll constantly miss their presence and find your mind wandering to what you’d be doing if they were with you.

Be careful not to become flaky towards the other people in your life and don’t give up plans with friends and family at the drop of the hat to potentially spend time with your soul tie, because if the connection to your soul tie is severed, you may have caused irreparable damage to your existing relationships.

3. Your decision-making is less self-centered

A soul tie connection makes you conscious of different values and ways of thinking. You may even find your decision-making process changes for the better. People with a soul tie become more aware of how their decisions affect others, including their soul tie. Be certain that your soul tie is holding you in equal esteem before incorporating them into your plans too far into the future though.

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4. You see changes in yourself

You may find yourself changing once you form a soul tie with someone – in most instances, these changes are positive. You may not notice it at first, but it will be apparent to the people who know you the best. You might not be spending as much time on the things you did before you met your soul tie as they will have opened your eyes to new and exciting parts of life you’ve never experienced before. Be sure not to lose the best parts of yourself and remember how important balance is in a relationship.

5. You never want to lose them

When you truly have a soul tie with someone, just the idea that you won’t be around them ever again can be impossible to handle. They’ve become so ingrained in your life that you’ll find your life has completely changed because of them. If the relationship does end, it can feel like you’re grieving the death of a loved one. The emotions become extremely intense and difficult to process.

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Breaking a Soul Tie

A soul tie is a wonderful connection if the person you’re bonded to brings out the best in you. However, if you find yourself being manipulated, gaslighted, or even feel disgusted with who you have become, it’s time to break that tie. It’s much easier said than done, so it’s vital to follow these steps:

  • Acknowledge the soul tie: What kind of relationship do you share with this person? Take careful note of the aspects that are unhealthy for you. Write them down if necessary.
  • Separate purposefully: Ensure that when you end the relationship, you are completely erasing the person from your life. Block them on all forms of social media and delete their number. Get friends and family to hold you accountable and make sure you don’t slip back into the relationship. Design your life in a way that will allow you to spend your time meaningfully. Don’t mope around and hope for the best (even though this will be difficult at first).
  • Seek professional help: A psychic will help keep you steadfast in your decision and can help you cut the tie on a spiritual level. This is helpful when a connection is particularly difficult to break on your own.

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Bottom Line

Soul ties are connections that transform our lives in mostly positive ways.

However, if you’ve found yourself in a toxic or unhealthy connection that is no longer serving you, it’s time to get some help from a professional.

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