Decoding What The Day Of The Week You Were Born On Says About You

Decoding What The Day Of The Week You Were Born On Says About You

Human personality is brewed and influenced by many things. And that’s the only reason why some people have got traits that you might be craving for, and likewise, some traits that you might be entertaining but others crave.

Again, if you have to pin-point the ‘many things’ that makes us different or allow us a specific trait, these could be, the date on which you were born, your zodiac sign, the position of planets when you were born, your zodiac element, and also the day of the week you were born in. 

With that being said, while the Sunday-born could be all jolly about him being born on Sunday, however, let us hush that there are many more reasons that the Sunday-born could be happy about. Like, in astrology, it is believed that people born on Sunday are usually very lucky. Similarly, there are six more days with their own palette of characteristics.  

7 Days, 7 Planets In Astrology

In Vedic Astrology, you must have heard that there are as many as 9 planets also called NavGraha. And these 9 planets in astrology are Surya, Chandra, Mangala, Budha, Guru, Shukra, Shani, Rahu and Ketu. However, the last two planets – that are Rahu and Ketu – are associated as the Shadow Planets, meaning planets with no physical form. Hence it leaves us with seven physical planets, which, as you must have guessed by now, correspond to the seven days of the Week.

To simplify – Sunday (Surya), Monday (Chandra), Tuesday (Mangala), Wednesday (Budha), Thursday (Guru), Friday (Shukra) and Saturday (Shani). 

The day of the week you were born on has a ruling planet to its name and it influences your character the same way your zodiac does. If wondering how to find the day of the week you were born on, you can simply type your exact birth date on Google and you will have your answer.

Now when we talk about the traits of a Sunday born or Monday born, we are most likely talking about the traits of the planet ruled by the specific day, how it influences one’s subconscious and if it is placed positively or negatively in your Natal Chart? While the specific traits of each planet mostly stay intact but the shift in planetary position can sometimes influence a person differently. 

But like we said, for the most part, the traits of the planet say intact, hence here’s a closer look at what the day of the week you were born on says about you:

Sunday Born Personality

Ruled by the Sun, Sunday is the first day of the week. People born on Sunday are the luckiest ducks in town not just because it’s Sunday on Sunday but also because the Sun, as the King of all planets, has a great influence on such people. The Sun allows these people an aura and magnetic power like its own. This helps them connect well with their surroundings. For the unaware, the Sun visits the same spot that it occupied at the moment of your birth in one-year intervals. This is a sign of consistency. And consistency helps a person enhance the quality of leadership. Talking about leadership, these people, being free-spirited, like contributing their own ideas instead of just nodding what their senior says.

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Despite being introverted, Sunday born people are fun to be around. However, they sometimes can be very self-centred, doubting, authoritative and insecure too. Also, they don’t like to be ignored. And if you do ignore them, they would not mind cutting you off from their life doesn’t matter how much you matter to them. For them, self-respect is the highest form of respect. 

Monday Born Personality

Monday is the day of the Moon. And in astrology, Moon is rooted in a dedication to humans emotions, comfort zone, their maternal side, and how they express their feelings and vulnerability. It is one of the most important planets to consider when trying to use the zodiac as a tool for self-discovery. Like the moon entail the sheer power to influence tides on Earth, similarly, the Moon is said to influence the mood of the people born on Monday, making them emotional and prone to mood swings. They love being at home, fancy a feeling of shelter and consistency, and have a natural appetite for carving out their territory in the world.

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The emotional characteristics of the Moon can also make the people born on Monday a bit sensitive and unwelcoming towards emotional change. Such people like to be consistent with their feelings and are happiest when things are going as they have planned. People born on Monday in love are highly caring individuals and in career are highly oriented with clear goals.

Tuesday Born Personality

Tuesday is ruled by the warrior planet Mars. It is the nearest planet to Earth. The planet smears its energetic influence on people, and the people born on Tuesday thus have within themselves the uncrumpling desire to lead. Such people incline themselves with change and are not scared to explore unfamiliar areas. However, Tuesday born people could be materialistic in nature. The trait, however, is not harmful until the glimmer of materialism doesn’t begin to influence their decisions in life.

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On the downside, people born on Tuesday don’t tend to think before speaking. They also have a tough time taking criticism. They get very competitive if you try to scrutinise them. This could often result in unwanted situations, especially arguments. However, the fact that Tuesday born people entail within themselves a powerhouse of energy, they could simply undo the things by arranging a special date.

Wednesday Born Personality

Wednesday is ruled by the planet Mercury. It is the planet for finance travel and communication. While the trait makes them good with words, giving them the capability to talk you down into things, these people are also said to be very careless in nature. Also, as many as three times a year, Mercury Retrograde can throw enough chaos into the lives of people born on Wednesday. However, instead of getting scared by it, their expertise in improvising helps them deal with a situation like a pro.

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Also, Wednesday born people are very logical in approach and love to travel, especially with their loved ones. Talking about loved ones, people born on Wednesday in love don’t tend to have a long list of demands from their partner. They are easy-going, however, could struggle at making a relationship work owing to their careless nature. Also, their tendency to keep mum when they witness emotional turmoil shrinks the possibility of emotional attachment.

Thursday Born Personality

In a week, Thursday is the day of Lord Vishnu and also represents the planet Jupiter. The planet Jupiter is said to the most auspicious planet in astrology. It is said to bring growth, positivity and optimism in an individual’s life when poised positively in one’s Kundli. People born on Thursday are blessed with bigger things in life. They are good at giving advises (Like Lord Vishnu, who used to advice Gods) and are said to one of the most mature people out there.

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Moreover, Thursday born people are family-oriented. If you tend to do ten things to keep your family happy, a Thursday born will do 20. Such is their attachment with their family; with their partner being no exception. A Thursday born in love is very passionate. However, their tendency to get bored easily might need the other person in the relationship try to spice up things. The straightforward attitude of a Thursday born could be irritating but again, the advice they have to share is very factual and human-friendly.

Friday Born Personality

Friday is the mushiest planet in the Zodiac because hello, it got the Venus vibes. Venus as a planet not only rules over Friday but also romance, art, beauty, pleasures and luxuries. Simply say, Venus in the Deepika Padukone of planets. People born on Friday are said to be a tad bit materialistic in nature, a bit lazy (not when it comes to sex) yet still make great lovers. A Friday born has the tendency to attract anyone around them. And when they can’t, they usally get so jealous of them that they begin competing with them. In a nutshell, they have an ego problem.

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People born on Friday are great at jobs that require creativity. They can brew ideas instantly and go into things with the perfectionist mindset. However, on the dark side, Friday borns are usually depended on others for maybe ideas and even emotional composure. They get involved in a relationship with all their heart. Simply said be it either life or romance, they cherish harmony and prefer not to ruffle any feathers.

Saturday Born Personality

Lastly, the ruler of Saturday is Saturn. It is the planet of limitations. Saturn is the last planet visible in the sky to the naked eye from Earth. People born on Saturday are said to determined kind. They tend to be very mature and responsible for their duty. People born on Saturday are very studious, wise, practical in nature making them good with business. A Saturn can also get very speedy with things, which is a bummer for many in their vicinity.

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Moreover, people born on Saturday are also shy kind. Hence they often face difficulty to find and interact with the opposite gender. With other humans around, they are very selective and could be crushing over a perosn but won’t make a move. At things that don’t involve the words L-O-V-E, their confidence can outshine others. Saturday born people are typical individualists and prefer to be alone but have great organization skills.

What day of the week were you born in? Do let us know in the comment section below. Also, you can check out your week wise horoscope with us here.


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