Common Dream Symbols – Continued

Common Dream Symbols – Continued

Date Published:
June 22nd, 2010


And now, we analyze the last two dreams: falling and flying.

Falling Down

Yet another very common dream is the dream of falling. You could be falling off the top of a slide or from the middle of the sky and you wake up before you hit the ground.

Contrary to popular belief, you will not die if you hit the ground in your dream, but you are more likely than not to wake before you hit the ground. In fact, when you do wake, you may actually feel like you were falling. You wake with a start, your body jerking all over the place. This may be because falling dreams most often occur at the beginning of our sleep cycle, which is when our bodies tend to spasm and move around. This is what wakes us.

As for the dream analysis, when we fall in our dreams, it usually indicates some area of our life is out of control, much like we are in the dream. We have no choice but to continue down. Until we figure out what’s causing us to fall, we cannot change our direction. Do you feel out of control at work or school or in your relationship? Figure out what might be causing these feelings then see what you can do to regain control.


What’s interesting about these dreams is that they often are considered “lucid” dreams, meaning when you dream them, you realize you are dreaming but continue to dream. The dream analysis can be a bit more intense because you are more likely to remember what is happening, not just the action, but your emotions and feelings.

The analysis of the dream starts with understanding how you feel when you are flying.  Are you enjoying flying? Do you marvel at the scene below you?  Are you able to actively control where you are flying? If you answer yes to these questions, you probably recently overcame some obstacle and are enjoying your newfound sense of freedom. You are in charge now, and enjoying it.

On the other hand, if you are having trouble flying, seem unable to control your flight path, or find obstacles in your way, you are facing a difficulty in your life. By flying in your dream, you are probably trying to gain a new perspective on your situation, but you need to determine why you feel off course and what is blocking your path. Once you remove the obstacle, you will be able to fly freely, both in your dream and in reality.

And those are the more common dreams with only some of their interpretations. Of course, each dream is a little different for each individual. Dream analysis of your specific dreams helps you understand a little more in depth what your own dreams are trying to tell you.

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