Chakra Balancing – Continued

Chakra Balancing – Continued

Date Published:
February 4th, 2011


If you imagine yourself standing (or sitting) straight up, you can start visualizing where your chakras are. There are seven major chakras (the ones we will focus on here). They run in a straight line, starting at the top of your head down to the base of your spine. Each of the chakras has its own balance, energy, color and influence over a physical and mental area of our body.

Starting at the top, you will find the crown chakra. It is sometimes known as sahasrara and is associated with the color violet. The picture of a lotus flower often represents the crown chakra. This chakra is associated with awareness, perception and consciousness. It helps you feel more connected to the universe around you in the spiritual sense, not the physical sense. It is knowing and feeling and being.

While it is very much a spiritual and mental chakra, it does have some physical characteristics. It is associated with the endocrine system and central nervous system, areas of our bodies that are thought to play a role in our consciousness, emotions and connectedness with others.

When this chakra is unbalanced, it can manifest itself as headaches, skin rashes or coordination problems (to name a few). To help rebalance this chakra, you can try eating and drinking things that are violet, wearing violet clothes or jewelry, or using essential oils made from lavender or other violet flowers.

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