Astrological Signs – Understanding Houses

Astrological Signs – Understanding Houses

Date Published:
December 20th, 2010


The Seventh House

When you look at your astrological chart, you’ll notice that the seventh house is directly opposite from the first house. As we discussed early, the first house deals with your personality. So, it’s only fair that the house directly opposite from your house deals with other people.

This house is all about relationships. While it is sometimes known as the marriage house, this house has come to define more than just our marriage. It’s about all of our deep relationships. Our important friends, our business partners, as well as our chosen life partners (whatever that may be), can all be found in this astrological house. It will tell you how you fare in relationships with others. If you find yourself struggling in relationships, understanding what is in this house can help guide you to a place where you find relationships easier to navigate.

The Eighth House

This is probably one of the more complex houses on the astrological chart, given it looks at several things. First, this house rules our sexuality and ability to be intimate. It tells us why we are able to be open and honest with some people but not others. It’s our ability to share deeply and bond with others. In this house, you may find clues about your soul mate.

However, the eighth house also deals with some of the deeper mysteries of life. While some readers think this is about the occult, that’s not necessarily the case. It can be about our unconscious desires and how those play out in our life, whether or not we realize it. As a result, this house also explores how we grow and evolve over a lifetime. Understanding this house, as well as how all the houses in our astrological chart interact can go a long way to making this process easy and enjoyable.

The Ninth House

No matter how much you dislike school, the ninth house is all about education and learning. However, this isn’t about the formal learning process of opening a book and studying for a test (though it does have some bearing on how we approach and handle it). This is about how we approach all of these learning experiences in life. Do you relish the thought of traveling to a foreign country, trying new foods and learning a new language? Are you interested in learning about different religions in hopes of bringing part of what you learn into your life? The ninth house helps us understand why we want to learn and helps us understand how we can take these experiences and incorporate them into our life.

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