Astrological influences and astrocartography with Ralph McIntyre

Astrological influences and astrocartography with Ralph McIntyre

Astrology is a common topic in conversations and in the media, but there’s much more to the field that people discuss or even know the existence. We talked with Ralph McIntyre, from Astro-Map Links to dive a little bit deeper. Do you want to know more about astrocartography, for example? Check out this interview then

Please present yourself to our audience. How did you discover your gift?

I have been into Astrology since I was a young boy of 16. As I aged, it started to capture my attention. I remember getting a reading from an Astrologer when I was 27 and it described exactly what was going on in my internal process it was impossible to ignore.

We all try to fit in the world and make sense of who we are. When people take what is going on inside themselves and try to compare it to the outside world, generally speaking, a lot of times people come back thinking they must be crazy.

Astrology helps you to understand what your “normal” is. That is one of my favorite things about Astrology, helping people understand where they are supposed to be and do exactly what they are supposed to do. This is, so to speak, your flavor of crazy – don’t take it like you are doing anything wrong.

Although Astrology attracts a lot of interest, it is also surrounded by false knowledge and misconceptions. Do you agree with that statement? If so, what do you see as the main misconceptions on this topic?

I do agree with that, but I would put 10 exclamation points behind the word “false”. “Misleading” and “misguiding” would be more appropriate words. Some of it is straight up false, but a lot of it is misguiding and misunderstood.

What happens in Astrology is that the Astrologers think they know the person by looking at their Birthchart. I have a joke “Your Astrology chart is the same chart as the rat’s that was born in the hospital at the same time, but you are very different.” Most people don’t realize that it’s not the chart you are reading, you are trying to help the person understand their reaction to the chart.

The big issue is When you think you know, you can project these believes onto your client and look to the Birthchart to validate it. People are not there Birthchart. That is one of the hardest things for an Astrologer, not to project your own views onto other people. This is why I read the person not there Birthchart.

What do “astrological influences” mean? How do they manifest?

The star’s energy is affecting us. When you go outside and see the Moon up in the sky, it has an effect on you emotionally. These energies happening behind the scenes are astrological influence. Depending on where you live and what is going on in the sky in the moment, the affect can change.

One of the forms of Astrology I do a lot is Astrocartography. In my opinion, a lot of people are giving misleading information as if Astrocartography is a panacea and just moving to or off some lines can change everything in someone’s life. The Sun shines in Afghanistan and on a Brazilian beach: it is the same Sun influence, but life will be worlds apart in both places. Though it is the same energy, other things going on in a particular area have just as strong an effect.

You wrote about getting a unique business advantage with Astrocartography. Can you explain it to us and give an example about that?

There are uniquely personal astrological influences affecting different parts of the planet. By understanding what their effect is, you can utilize that in your own business practices. For instance, there is a thing in Astrocartography called planet line, which is the shadow the planet makes at the moment of your birth. Think Sun set or Sunrise each planet cast a similar line.

For instance, Mercury is how you communicate. I speak for a living so Mercury energy is helpful. I don’t live on the Mercury line, but I realized that most of my clients do. I might decide to advertise where my Mercury line is because that’s where people are drawn to what I have to say. Once you understanding what your personal astrological influence of a location is, you don’t even have to go there to take advantage of it.

What are karmic wounds? Can you share with us a case in which a person has turned karmic wounds into strength?

Karma is one of those subjects that if anyone thinks they understand it they don’t. It is really beyond our understanding. We can look at it to get some clarity around it as long as we don’t fall into the trap of thinking we understand it.

When I use the word karmic wound, I mean things that have happened in past lifetimes that are affecting you and keeping you from where you want to go.

So, how to turn it into your power? On some levels, it is just as simple as excepting it as you and seeing it as a strength. Once you realize that there is nothing wrong with you. You can start to see your past wounds for what they are your greatest strengths. A lot of times, people who had horrific early childhood wounds start to thrive when they see the wisdom gained by the experience as special and valuable. If you are going through something difficult the person that has survived that is usually the most helpful.

The thing I like about Astrology is that the particular technique I use to look at the chart helps people to understand what is going on, how these aspects affect them and how they may use it as a strength.

Please share a message for these challenging times.

Your Astrology is here to help you and to empower you. Anyone telling anything different is misleading you. There are no bad planets nor bad planet lines. The Planets are your friend and are here to help you.

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