Astrological Adventures and Shamanic Explorations

Astrological Adventures and Shamanic Explorations

We chat with Agneta Borstein, Astrologer and Shamanic Practitioner, who enlightens us on the role of shamanism and astrology both in her life, the life of others and in the shaping of the modern world.

Why and how does Swedish Artist, Hilma af Klint resonate so deeply with you

To respectfully research someone’s life becomes intriguing, which is further fascinating when we add their natal chart, as well as transits during important events in their lives. An astrological chart is always alive! Hilma af Klint, born in Stockholm, Sweden, attended the Royal Academy of the Fine Arts, which I applied to. My plans didn’t work out, and I became a Draftswomen, getting lost in space and magical numbers. 

During my writing of Hilma’s life, Spirit came through with chilling connections in our astrological charts, as well as our hunger for the ‘infinite’. “Hilma af Klint was convinced that reality was not confined to the physical world. Parallel to the material dimension there exists an inner realm the contents of which were as true and real as those of the outer world”. (

 How did Astrology find you and how does it communicate with you?

Astrology and I found each other at an early age. The language of Astrology came effortlessly to me, yet additional new discoveries make this an every-ending study. My desire to support, heal, and coach individuals from all walks of life, has supported my intuition and desired technical methods of the Art of Astrology. It is common practice for me to begin an astrology session by invoking my Guides, grab my rattle or drum, and be allowed to be free in my consultations, where the practical magic incorporates the wisdom From the Sky to Earth. (Name of my TV-show produced for three year). 

Do Planets = Gods in your view?

Yes, I do consider the Planets living Gods within our psyche. The planets are living entities within our Body, Mind and Spirit. We respect their mythological names, such as Luna, the Moon, Mercury, Hermes, the messenger, and Pluto, the God of Death, and so on, as they correspond to earthly events. Since 2013, I have lectured on the principles, “How Loud will the Gods Speak?” The Gods will show their metamorphic power and strength in the unavoidable Global Transformation through the outer planets, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, not perfected until 2026. 

How would you describe the practice of Shamanism?

Astrologers become an astrological counselor, a coach, a writer, or a speaker, and a session invites a form of healing. A Shamanic Practitioner is actualized through personal experiences to assist those in need of profound healing. I recall my sensations years ago when I knew I could offer additional support to my astrological clients and contemplated a formal counseling degree. Instead, I choose Advanced Initiations in Shamanism and Shamanic Healing from The Foundation for Shamanic Studies. (

As a Shamanic Practitioner in my professional practice, I welcome Astrology and Shamanism as an auspicious day and time for the timing of events, support of the individual’s chart, and healing when appropriate. My personal Sadhana combines Shamanic Journeying, Meditation, Yoga, and Life itself. The passion and integration of the thousand year old Shamanic traditions and Astrology are to share its Rituals including the popular, simple, and natural phase of the Moon and the Eclipses observed by many. 

What has been the biggest revelation in your journey so far?

My physical journeys around the world in my life? Smile, or the many out-of-body journeys I have taken so far?  It’s probably impossible to state one of the biggest revelations, but if I must, it is the experience and eventual revelation of life itself from my near-death experiences. To understand Life, we must die a little bit before we are fully alive. Bringing each moment on Earth including the unavoidable pain, but the task of staying alive and healthy. 

My journey begins every day that I wake up!

What is the key to being your ‘authentic self’? 

To be our ‘authentic self’, it is necessary to seek out the deepest part of our past, present, and future understanding of who we are becoming. The Self is already contained within, which can be understood by a natal astrological chart, preparation of transits, healing, therapy, and a committed Sadhana. Whatever might work, the authentic Self is an instrument of accepting that which we are here to accomplish. The Kashmir Shaivism philosophy suggests we are always observing the Self, as a reflection of the authentic self, to be aware of tools, to be honest, inspirited, and committed to being true to that Self.

How do you see the future of Shamanism and Astrology in our modern world?

I have presented the combination of Astrology and Shamanism over the last fifteen years, during astrology conferences, at healing centers, and alternative venues with simplified astrological language for the audience, not necessarily to adopt in the foundation of astrology. The combination of Astrology and Shamanism dates to ancient times when the seer, the shaman, the astronomer/astrologer worked in harmony with the Sky and the Earth by observing the planetary shifts with their naked eyes. Now, we are dependent on new technical and scientific research with impressive images from the Sky, which connect us to something larger than we can imagine. 

Shamanism in a modern world might be incorporated, as well as accepted, when individuals offer simple, yet powerful prayers, or rituals daily. Groups are formed, zoom webinars are offered, healing circles are reinforced on the Internet. The word Shaman continues with a respectful connotation of Rituals dated back thousands of years, derived from ‘Sa’: ‘to know’, “One Who Knows”. Hopefully, Shamanism and Astrology will thrive in a New Age when various traditional religions are diminishing. Those seeking that ‘Authentic Self’ will respect ancient methods, bring new much-needed understanding, respect of ancient traditions and welcome innovative ways of thriving in a new way of living and survival.

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