A Love Letter To Cancer Season

A Love Letter To Cancer Season

A Love Letter To Cancer Season

Date Published:
June 27th, 2019

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Happy Cancer Season our emotional little stars!

As the summer solstice has passed and the sky rolled into peak zodiac position for Cancer, all of the signs have been feeling the emotional pull of the crab’s mighty pincers.

Cancer Characteristics

Cancer signs are ruled by the moon, known for being in touch with their emotions and their natural instinct to comfort others with almost laser focus. They are sweet, caring, and dreamy — a Luna Lovegood of the zodiac constellations if you will.

Often Cancers are depicted as having an energy that is best described as melancholic and hazy with some powerful celebrities representing the crab like Lana Del Rey, Solange, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Elon Musk, Princess Diana, and even Courtney Love.

With a soft core protected by a hard outer shell, Cancers are fiercely defensive, private, and thrive when they feel safe in their environment. They make their best friends in quiet, personal situations and are hyper aware of their surroundings both on the micro and macroeconomic scale.

Cancer Season

If you’re not a Cancer and are much less inclined to be in touch with your emotional state of being — hi, Sagittarius, we’re glad you’re reading — our advice is to lean in. From June 21st – July 23rd your emotions are going to be much much stronger than you. Have you seen the planets? Those are some giant space rocks to try and go up against!

This year’s Cancer season aligns perfectly with the retrograde of Neptune, the planet known for its effect on dreams, imagination, and creative spirit. Being so far from Earth, Neptune’s retrograde will last all summer and all fall! With the stars aligning, now is the perfect time to channel Cancer and Neptune’s pensive energies and take on an emotionally charged project you’ve been putting off.

Be warned, you’ll feel your most sensitive and most inclined to cling to your creature comforts. Just because you’ll feel moody and chaotic, take a breath, we promise you’ll survive. Here are some tips to help you be in touch with yourself and not lose your cool this Cancer season. Just remember, no matter how moody you get, we’re all human and to give yourself plenty of slack — please be nice to your friend, you!

  • Accept the mood swings and give yourself a moment to process them in the moment.
  • Don’t confuse your feelings for facts.
  • Focus on your family — whether they’re your chosen or your blood family — reach out and reconnect with whomever makes your heart feel at home, in whatever form that takes for you.
  • Nourish your creative side. Learn something new or take on a hobby you’ve always wanted to know more about, now is the perfect time to channel all that extra emotion into a creative outlet.
  • Date yourself! Take yourself out on a date and do something you love completely alone. Cancer is sensitive and appreciates quality time, especially with those who are the most important, namely yourself.
  • Celebrate the feminine in your life. Cancer is the first water sign and known for her feminine energy, so take a moment to appreciate and celebrate the important woman or feminine figures in your life. Some other ideas would be to donate to a women’s organization, support a local girl scout, or volunteer with a local women’s shelter.

Listen loves, don’t fight Cancer’s emotional ocean. It’s going to be more energy than it’s worth and instead, get in touch with yourself. You never know what could happen! You might learn something life-changing. Do you need more help with Cancer season? Come into the Astrology Boutique and get a personalized detailed reading today!

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