6 Types Of Toes And What They Reveal About Your Personality

6 Types Of Toes And What They Reveal About Your Personality

Though it’s quite uncanny that we usually rely on articles like these to know who we are, aka to find out more about our personality, but on the other hand, it’s also fun, right? Nothing piques our interest as much as an insight into our personality. And thankfully, there are a number of ways to have that insight other than just breaking up with your partner and letting them spew – in anger – all the negative personality traits that you entertain. Been there, done that?

Well, not chattering into that territory for now, we scooped out a better way to help you find more about your personality. And that would simply be by accessing the shape of your toes.

Just like moles on our body or the lines on the palms have got a lot to say about our personality, similarly, the shape of the toes too can help us find out about our personality. So, now that you seem excited to know more, here are different types of toes and what they have to say about your personality.

1. Greek Toe

Image – Healthline

The most common of them all is the Greek toe. The Greek foot is the one in which the finger next to the thumb is the biggest of all the fingers. This type of foot is also called Flame Foot or Fire Foot. Anyone who has this type of toe is very active and sporty in nature. There are always ready to take on new adventures and tasks. These people are also very creative and have leadership qualities like no other. Aesthetically, they are somewhat emotional but don’t like showing that feeling openly. They are also very sensual and can give you the best time in bed.

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On the downside, people with this toe shape tend to get stressed way too quickly. They have a competitive attitude, which doesn’t even spare their partner. People with Greek toes also like making the most controversial statements and tend to tell the harshest truths despite knowing the fact that it may hurt someone. In a nutshell, they are both sweet and mean at the same time.

2. Peasant Toe

The one with more or less the same length toe fingers has the Peasant foot. People with this type of toe usually have small feet. When it comes to personality, the one sporting the Peasant toe is said to have an enormous amount of patience. Using this patience, these people are able to achieve their goals without plaguing their mental health or getting stressed. Also, people with Peasant toe are the most thoughtful individuals out there. They come up with practical advice and their opinions are exceptional. They are also said to be very honest and loyal when it comes to love.

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On the downside, the one with Peasant toe likes to spend time with themselves and don’t usally have many friends. They don’t like sharing their feelings, which sometimes make dealing with life difficult for them.

3. Egyptian Toe

Image – Arm and Hammer foot care

Egyptian Toe is pretty common among people. This foot type has the longest big toe (thumb) followed by the decreasing size of the other fingers. The overall foot shape is usally long for the natives having Egyptian toes. Personality-wise, the ones with Egyptian toe love pampering. They are dreamy about romance and want to try the best of it first hand. These people have an eye for natural aesthetics like mountains, rivers and anything that involves nature. These people are really sweet and friendly. They make friends easily but also know how to deal with ones who try to be over smart.

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On the downside, the Egyptian toe belongs to peeps who are pretty private and have hidden depths. You have a habit to procrastinate, which could stop them from having the big things in life.

4. Roman Toe

Image – Women Working

The Roman toe is one where the first three fingers are of the same height and the remaining fingers decrease in size consistently. The one having this type of toes is said to have a balanced personality. These people are outgoing and love adventure. They like exploring new places and cultures. They have a knack for learning, just to increase their IQ and understanding of the world. People with Roman toe are very brave when it comes to taking on new challenges. Due to their hard work, they usually win applauds at their workplace. Talking about work, these people become better employers than employees.

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On the downside, people with this toe shape can also be a bit self-centred. They may want to do things as per their schedule, and this could give anyone a feeling of uneasiness when around them.

5. Wide Set Toe

Image – Women Working

This one is a toe that has gaps between the fingers. This type of toe usally represents an outgoing person who has a lust for travelling. These people are very romantic in nature and are consumed by wanderlust. They are also very dreamy and can sketch various scenarios in mind that are not only exciting but practical. The activism that these natives home is the shine of the party, and also helps them in mingling well with people around them. Also, the owner of this type of foot likes to ponder and relentlessly examine every decision, always weighing up the positive and negative with utmost precision.

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On the downside, these people get influenced by even the slightest of affection anyone shows to them. They are also, most of the time, unable to say what’s on their mind as they don’t want to hurt others with the truth.

6. Stretched Toe

Image – Women Working

This type of foot has the big toe (thumb) straying far away from other fingers. In a nutshell, there is a significant gap between the thumb and the fingers. Talking about personality, people with stretched toes are said to be independent. They don’t like to be tamed or limited by boundaries that society has set. However, they do take note of your opinion if it makes sense to them. These people are good listeners and tend to talk a bit less. However, when it comes to arguments, they are drawn to them like a moth to a flame. They don’t speak without having a knowledge of the topic so when they do, trust it to be a well-researched fact they are telling you.

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On the downside, these people can be tough to convince and are not really in approval of others ideas. They sometimes could be so stubborn about their opinions that they themselves regret making them. These people are also not very romantic kind and lack ideas when it comes to romance.

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