4 Zodiac Signs That Are Compatible With Alia Bhatt

4 Zodiac Signs That Are Compatible With Alia Bhatt

The quintessential girl-next-door, Alia Bhatt has wowed the audience since her debut days. The Bollywood starlet may have the looks of an heiress but she has never shied away from playing versatile roles. Her performances in sombre and dark movies like Udta Punjab and Raazi were as marvellous as her more frivolous roles in Two States and Dear Zindagi. If you too are a devout fan of hers and find yourself wondering if you could be compatible with Alia Bhatt zodiac sign, we’ve got you covered.

Born on March 15th, Alia is a Piscean. Pisces women are dreamy, generous, emotionally intelligent and have an artistic streak. They love romance and are very sensual side to them. Anyone who has bagged a Pisces woman is a lucky person indeed. Now we know Alia is spoken for, and she and Ranbir do indeed make quite the pair. But it’s always a pleasure to know if you could be ‘the one’. Maybe your zodiac complements Alia Bhatt zodiac sign perfectly.

Here are 4 Zodiac signs compatible with Alia Bhatt.

1. Cancer

The courtship of Cancer and Pisces is fated to be nothing less than a spiritual journey. The two-star signs complement each other perfectly what with both of them being emotional and creative in nature. Despite the instant emotional connection, Cancer and Pisces have very different goals in life. Cancer can be very materialistic in nature, they want to lead a lavish lifestyle and they work hard for it. Whereas Pisces has a more simplistic approach towards life. One would think that this obvious disparity is enough to drive the two zodiacs apart but it actually pulls them closer still. Cancer and Pisces know that what they have is not worth sacrificing so they both work on themselves and their relationship to establish and maintain a balance.

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2. Capricorn

Pisces and Capricorn make a worthy match because they love the qualities that the other represents. Capricorn wants their lady loves to be gentle and caring while Pisces wants someone dependable and loyal. Their relationship has a strong foundation and no, we don’t mean love. Their relationship is strengthened by trust. The two signs can rely on each other with eyes closed. And that is what ultimately helps flourish their relationship. When it comes to emotional connection, Pisces and Capricorn are poles apart. Maybe that is exactly why they cannot get enough of each other. Capricorn reminds Pisces to not lose sight of reality while Pisces ensures that Capricorn never loses touch with their imagination.

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3. Taurus

Taurus and Pisces want the same things out of a relationship: stability, longevity and harmony. And when you desire the same things it is sort of impossible for the union to not be a happy and fruitful one. The two-star signs also help one another become better versions of themselves. Pisces influences Taurus to be kinder, gentler and less obstinate. And Taurus pushes Pisces to achieve their wildest dreams. Though their emotional characteristics may be somewhat divergent their needs and wants are the same. Watch the two lovebirds gravitate towards one another even after a huge feud.

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4. Scorpio

Scorpio and Pisces share the element of water so they are basically two different sides of the same coin. Their relationship is forged of mutual respect and understanding. Scorpios are very strong and passionate people so they need someone a little mellow to get them through life. And Pisces fits that role perfectly. Pisces helps Scorpio get in touch with their emotions and cures the zodiac of its vices. Scorpio, on the other hand, encourages Pisces to shoot for the star. Together the star signs are unstoppable. Scorpions are typically compatible with Pisceans because they need someone to trust and Pisces never gives anyone reason to doubt them.

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