22 Lucky Things To Keep At Home As Per Vastu Astrologers

22 Lucky Things To Keep At Home As Per Vastu Astrologers

Filling one’s home with positive energy is a kind of renaissance that who wouldn’t crave? And to make that part easy, happens, there are plenty of Vastu Shastra-approved traditions and trinkets all of them honed to banish negative energies from your space and fill it with positivity. 

As you may know, there are as many as five major elements in nature; namely, – fire, water, air, earth and space. And all of these entertain a distinct kind of energy the reflection of which can positively fill your life with an abundance of good luck, health and wealth. 

Nevertheless, while we as humans can do less to attract these energies, however, there are some affordable and adorable things out there that have an eye for such energies. 

With that being said, here is a list of 22 lucky things to keep at home as per Vastu that will fill your home with bliss. Hold on!! high road ahead!

1. Bamboo

We would suggest tying a red ribbon around the bamboo plant if considering getting it for yourself for good luck. Bamboo, in Vastu Shastra, represents wood and the red ribbon denotes fire. They together represent the perfect balance in life.

While a bamboo plant shall sit anywhere in the house, however, if you keep bamboo in the east direction, its presence will enhance the family’s health aspects besides obviously adding to the aesthetics of your home. 

2. Buddha

Buddha or laughing Buddha statue, when placed in the southeast direction of the house, is said to bring good fortune, peace, success, and health. The best thing about Buddha decor is the fact that Buddha statues are available in multiple shapes also called Mudras. A mudra is simply a position that Buddha used to sit in while meditating. For example – Anjali Mudra, Varada Mudra, Karana Mudra and many more.

All these postures signify a distinct deed and ultimately all of them help one get closer to Nirvana

3. Burn sage

Burning white sage is said to ward off the negative energy from one’s vicinity faster than anything else. Besides Vastu benefits, sage’s smoke also helps remove bacteria plaguing the air while repelling insects and improving the overall intuition of the home. 

4. Tortoise 

Our expert astrologers usually advice people to wear a turtle ring. Why is that? The benefits of wearing a tortoise ring are most celebrated in Chinese astrology. Tortoise, in Chinese mythology, is said to bring longevity and positive energy to the household. 

Metal tortoise North or north-west
Wooden tortoise East or south-east
Glass/Crystal tortoise South-west or north-west
Stone tortoise West

Also, there are multiple types of tortoise figurines with each ruling a specific direction. The best days to place a tortoise at home are Wednesdays and Fridays.  

5. Dreamcatcher

A dreamcatcher, if you didn’t know, usually finds a place over the bed of small children to ensure bad dreams don’t plague their peace of mind.

As per Vastu, dreamcatcher has that spider web design that allows only good dreams to pass through and reach the child through the feathers tucked with the same. So if you have children at home, you can consider investing in a dreamcatcher for Vastu benefits.

6. Water Fountain

As per the best Vastu practices for home, if not a water fountain, you can consider investing in a painting that showcases a river flowing to attract positive energy.

However, when you decide to place a water fountain in the house, make sure it is always in the north direction. Also, never ever place the fountain in the south, southeast or in the west of your home. You can also consider placing a Buddha statue by the fountain for enhanced results.

7. Salt Lamp

You must have heard of the detoxifying benefits of salt baths. Have you? Just like a salt bath can detox your body, similarly, salt lamps, especially pink Himalayan salt lamps, can detox your surroundings.

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Himalayan salt lamps are simple crystals carved from amber-colored rock salt, hollowed out to fit a lightbulb inside. The presence of a salt lamp in a house doesn’t only turn heads but also uplifts mood allowing better sleep. 

8. Acorns

Never heard about them? Well, as per ancient druids, acorns have eternally been considered as one of the luckiest possessions. All you need to do to enrich the good effects of acorns is spill them around the home or simply collect them in a bowl and place the bowl on the table.

However, watch out for squirrels for they love acorns and wouldn’t mind stealing one.

9. Crystals

Crystals are very lucky things to keep in bedroom. There are multiple types of crystals that can be placed in different parts of the home. For example, Carnelian and Apatite crystals are best placed in the kitchen as they help with creativity. Similarly, Azurite and Pyrite promote wealth and focus.

For love, a crystal named Rose quartz can be placed in your home. Nine Carnelian crystals, meanwhile, help in enhancing an open-minded approach.  

10. Horseshoe

Another lucky thing for home as per Vastu is a horseshoe. The Irish legend behind a horseshoe being lucky is that once there was a blacksmith and a devil. One day the blacksmith was working at his shop when the devil approached him and demanded a shoe for himself.

The blacksmith, recognizing the devil, offered him a burning hot shoe, which he happily took and wore. After walking away, the devil felt the heat and he ripped the horseshoes off and swore to never wear them again. Since then, placing horseshoe in ‘U’ shape on the entrance has become a tradition. No points for guessing why. 

12. Fish

Adopting a fish is a lucky Vastu for home because of their constant habit of moving. The moment is known to keep the energy of wealth on the move. One of the best fishes to consider adopting is Dragonfish. However, we would suggest not to adopt fish because it’s like holding them captive and they truly deserve the ocean.

Yet, if still bringing a fish home, make sure that the tank or aquarium is placed in the south-east direction of the living room or the north direction in other rooms. 

13. Burn Incense

Burning incense stick or even dhoop is being practiced for ages be it in Masjid or Mandir. The simple Vedic explanation behind the attachment with incense is the belief that once the smoke produced by the burning of the incense clears, so does the negativity.

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Specifically, rosemary and sandalwood are also praised for their cleansing properties.

14. Elephants

Yes, elephants. In Vastu, elephants are a symbol of strength, gentleness, happiness and prosperity along with intelligence and knowledge. It is very auspicious to keep the statue of elephants in pairs at home for the giant in them protects your family.

Try investing in a statue of elephants made of stone to place them at the main entrance of the house for best effects.

15. Plants

We have a whole blog listing as many as 21 best Vastu plants for home. These plants have been sorted after considering the Vedic benefits one can derive from them by placing them at a specific place in your home. Also, even if a nonbeliever of the fact, you can still consider keeping these plants in your space for positive vibes and a healthy indoor environment. 

16. Fresh Flowers

The fragrance of flowers is significant to the Gods and allows enhancing positivity. It is a France -originated tale that when once plague spread in France, none of the people who used to work in an aroma factory named Lang Lang were infected by the same.

While flowering plants are the most lucky things to keep at home. But if you don’t have the luxury of flowering plants, you can get some from the market and place them in your space to maintain the flow of good energy. 

17. Fruit Basket

As per ancient texts, some fruits are symbols of fertility, longevity, prosperity, and wealth. Like the juicy Pomegranate is considered as the fruit that enhances fertility and is said to bring happiness to the family. 

Meanwhile, peaches, as per Feng Shui (ancient Chinese art and science) is said to be the fruit of the heavens. So keep a blow of fruits in your home and keep both doctors and negative energies away.  

18. Windchime

There is no better luxury than sitting amidst the silence and listening to the chimes produced by a windchime. Windchimes make one of the luckiest things to keep at home as per the Vastu. The gentle tickling sound of the same is said to curb human stress.

There are different types of chimes out there that one could invest in like a bamboo chime, metal chime or ceramic chime. The melody of the entity is best placed on the western side of the house or at the end of a staircase. 

19. Shanka

You must avoid using Shanka as a decorative if you have children hopping around in the house as the breaking of a Shanka is considered as a bad omen. But if you place a conch or even seashells in your home, they will help you attract prosperity and enhance the communication skills between the family members.

20. Wall Clock

Wall clock is one of the most important things to have in a home even if you don’t care to give it a stare. A clock denotes continuation and a regular flow of energy. A clock must ideally be placed in the East, West, or North wall of the house to welcome positive vibes.

As per culture, Kubera, the God of Wealth, rules over the north direction while Indra, the King of Gods, dominates the East direction and a clock in these directions help enrich out their energies. 

21. Swastika & Feet Symbol

This is a no-brainer and probably many of you must have been investing in decorating the entrance of your home with the Swastika symbol. What we would love to add here is that besides swastika, you can also try painting multiple ‘Feet’ signs from the entrance of your home to the mandir, signifying God making their way into your house to his.

22. Candles

Finally, we would suggest that every once in a while, you must rely on some candles to illuminate your vicinity. Imagine, summer, winter breeze, and candles. That sounds like a date with oneself, right? And sometimes, it’s all that you need. To be with yourself. 

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Candles, besides having ornamental value, also serve decorative purposes and can provide health benefits while improving the air quality inside your house. 


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