Your Zodiac Predictions For March 7th – March 13th, 2021

Your Zodiac Predictions For March 7th – March 13th, 2021

Do you ever realise how things turn momentary as March approaches? You may want to sit under the sun, but that is a momentary bliss as the rays would eventually begin to irritate you after a while. And the constant urge to switch on and switch off the fan? What’s that? Transition, Taurus.

It’s how nature works. And so our lives. What you sow eventually ripes following the rules of transition. It’s an inevitable shift that one may or may not like. A shift that one might be scared off or even happiest about. But eventually, without caring even a bit about the mood swings you are entertaining, the transition has to happen. And what you need to believe as the transition happens is that it entails the plan God has carved for us. 

So as you go into the transition what you need to be vary off? Well, why not let the cards do the talking.

Aries Horoscope Predictions

Things you end up being scared of aren’t really the things you must be scared of; said no one. Aries, a good thing about being scared is that you begin to understand its worth. And if you can do so, why not try to understand, for once, your worth too? March would help you feel stronger than you think if you open your heart to new things. 

With the impact of Venus, this week, financial woes won’t come in your way. On the 11th, Mercury moves into Aquarius, which will promote socialising and unplanned trips. This week is good for romance too hence if you don’t ignore socialising, you might end up meeting someone you have been looking up to. Communication and mutual respect are the secrets that will help you scale up your relationship. At last, health-wise, nothing seems to be plaguing your plans until you are not spending much time in front of the computer. Remember, No one saves us but ourselves. 

Taurus Horoscope Predictions

The bulls are known to go headstrong into the transition. But you seem to be on the crossroad, Taurus? What happened? Some decisions in life are spontaneous, selfish but yet can bring you higher good. And then, some decisions are so well thought, selfless, and they too might end up awarding you with the higher good. So why not take the easy way round? The former. And just start doing something instead of mulling about it.

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The week will find you more active than you have been with your decisions and all the random physical things. The shift of Mercury into Aquarius on March 11 will be professionally rewarding. If a student, you need to give extra attention to your studies. Avoid investments in questionable financial schemes. More than your health, you need to focus on an upbeat attitude of yours to win over both your stubbornness and the people around. Dance in the storm with your favourite dress on.

Gemini Horoscope Predictions

Your soul has been a supporter, but it aches for comfort in the transition period, Gemini. So maybe you need an extra pair of shoulders to lean on for the remaining life that awaits you. Happens, the second week of March and the stars are all by your side. On the 11th, Mercury moves into Aquarius, which can trigger some financial losses, however, it is a good shift if trying to work on love alliances. Still, ensure you don’t rush into any such decision for the results, as of now, could be catastrophic. 

If you have been having problems with focusing, try meditation even if you need to reschedule your work. Financially, this week will be more or less stable for you and you will not face any problems where the money is concerned. If you invest in the stock market, the week will bring monetary gains. Nevertheless, a third opinion must be taken. Overall, don’t let your low self-confidence get the better of you, as it will hamper your growth. Life is better when you are creating moments with them.

Cancer Horoscope Predictions

You don’t have to explain yourself if you don’t wish to. As a seeker, you understand that not everything can be explained logically. The presence of the Moon in Virgo wants you to not get involved in a confrontation. This week, try to mind your business and follow the ‘speak less and listen more’ mantra. And you are to gain insights on where you would want the month to lead you too. 

Moreover, if you are in love with someone, the impact of venus will help you get closer to them if you can gather the guts to say what you have invariably wanted to. Though the workplace luck would be by your side, however, we would suggest not to take extra work. Money that comes to you from an unexpected source will loosen off the financial burden. Yet, there is a need to save extra. Some things are best seen with your eyes closed. 

Leo Horoscope Predictions

Don’t you find it magical when you are humming a song in your head and the one sitting far away begins to sing it? That’s not a coincidence always, Leo. Sometimes, it’s a signal from God where or with whom you need to be. Professionally, the week could get a tad bit challenging. Thus, you might seek an emotional shelter and that could the mother’s lap or the partner’s chest. The feeling will prevent you from going sane. 

If you are facing issues with finance, get the financial backing from someone you can trust. For the last time, we would suggest not going for bank loans. For people trying to do something new, efforts put in now are necessitated to bring you very good returns in the months ahead. While mostly you are to remain health-God’s favourite this week, yet in case of minor hiccups, avoid taking advice from others (excluding doctors) as they might misguide you. There is nothing wrong about us.

Virgo Horoscope Predictions

Jealousy doesn’t bring any good, Virgo. If you are jealous of how they are working so hard to achieve a positive transition, maybe you must too. What or who is stopping you? And if you decide to, even the stars would help you for the week is the best time to change something that has been bothering you. It could be a schedule, your work ethics, a relationship and anything you would eventually know better.

Monetary gains and good health would be by your side with the transition of Mercury into Aquarius. You will feel motivated to find yourself new opportunities and if you get one, you should go for it without much thinking. On the love front, bar away from flings and look for something long term. Financially, it is a good time to invest in property. Better late than never.

Libra Horoscope Predictions

Trying to balance the transition would be a foolish deed Libra as the two sides are completely distinct. What you must do is let the scale mismatch and slowly shift the weights to find an equilibrium. As March makes the air (your element Libra) warmer, you may feel unsettled about the world at large and where you belong in it. You may also feel unromantic, which is with all of us at some point. 

What you could do is keep the conversations going without needing to be romantic. Conversations involve a different kind of intoxication, Libra. Try it. As you will have less to focus on the love side, tilt your attention towards work, for if you do, you will have things going your way this week. If planning to begin something new, 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM is the best time. Make spirituality your saviour. The key to finding the balance is to know when you have lost it.

Scorpio Horoscope Predictions

It’s highly possible that your ex might want to connect back with you this week. It’s your charm that you need to be proud of. Talking about the ex, rethinking the alliance must be an option on the plate because as a Scorpio, you don’t hurry into a relationship and we believe you didn’t when it comes to your ex. However, if you are in a committed relationship, don’t think twice before blowing away the old flame. 

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As mercury moves in Aquarius on the 11th, you are to get closer to your family members. This caters an opportunity to tell them things you have been waiting to share. At last, remember that things don’t always appear as we expect, but we need to be open out minds to the possibilities or else we end up turning down the unimaginable because it didn’t fit the image we had in our imaginations. An incomplete story is also a story. 

Sagittarius Horoscope Predictions

Being logical about things (person we mean) isn’t always necessary. At times, your logic lacks the authenticity of facts that are gained from experience. So, are you letting yourself experience the experiences, Saggitarius? Try to focus your breath on the life force that beats within us all. Try to live as normal people do, for once. 

We are trying so hard to guide you because on the 11th, as Mercury moves into Aquarius, you may find yourself worrying about something beyond your control. The same can increase unnecessary anxiety and urge to cut down from the world. How do you plan to deal with that? Consider spending time with nature, to clear out the physical and mental clutter. Water the plants, harvest your soul.

Capricorn Horoscope Predictions

The sense of duty comes in Capricon due to the influence of Saturn. However, that also leads them to spend more than the needed time in their head trying to move the immovable boulder. How about passing by from the side of the boulder, Capricon? Yes, we are surely advising you to make an excuse and skip a meeting, a class or even a date. Why? For there is a subliminal need to test yourself as it will only help you evolve.

As Mercury moves into Aquarius, professional prosperity is guaranteed. You might feel burdened but all you need to do is sort out the things for yourself. One in a relationship may develop some kind of misunderstanding with the mate. Your problems will go away once you have an open and honest conversation concerning this. This week, if you decide to neglect your problems, do it the right way i.e. not letting it poke your head over and over again. Choose the desire to live.

Aquarius Horoscope Predictions

By surrendering to the transition that is inevitable, you are not giving up on life or yourself. It’s just the acceptance of what you couldn’t change. The mantra would come in handy if trying to end or start a relationship this week. Finding a partner would be easy. Financially, this month will be quite stable for you and you will see an improvement in all aspects of your finances. 

Ladies who have been trying to shed some extra kilos should look forward to starting a weight loss programme. Time is right to make the most of the opportunities that are being sent your way. Remember, it’s now or never with life, studies, relationship or career. Also, you need to rein your obsessiveness about materialistic things in life. Try investing in the stock market rather than momentary pleasures and eventually, It will all make sense. 

Pisces Horoscope Predictions

Pisces in the town seems to be addicted to a bad habit that they should try abandoning at all cost this week. Getting your spending habits in check is a sign of maturity and growth and reining them will help you in making better financial decisions. We are suggesting all this because the movement of Mercury into Aquarius, this week, can result in heightened debt. 

Also, the week brings an excellent opportunity for love alliances. Some of you might be attracted to a colleague of yours and will want to take things forward. Wear the colour light pink. Those lads who have just started building their career need to be ready for creativity, capable of conceiving strategies. At last, always remember that You are a soul full of sunshine.


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