Your Weekly Horoscope For 14th March – 20th March 2021 Is Here

Your Weekly Horoscope For 14th March – 20th March 2021 Is Here

The dark drapes the night until the first rays of sun welcome the dawn. It’s only when all the leaves have shed, the spring shall beckon. What’s all the fuss about? Duality, Gemini. A law of nature that coexists with human existence. Even and odd, Adam and Eve, Pisces and Libra, sour and sweet.

What we are trying to do here, Aquarius, is paint a portrait for you. A portrait that projects the balance that the world is known for. Why so much effort you might ask? Well, only to simplify for you the process of matching the chords. Because last time, we heard that it’s simple to understand something that is physically present for us to behold. And feelings, being intangible, elusive, could get pretty dicey, leave us clueless.

So till the paint dries, why not give a read to your weekly horoscope for 14th March – 20th March 2021. 


Even if you tend to follow the crowd, every once in a while, you will bump into a person who is trying to make their own path to change the status quo and divert away from the crowd. That person could be you too, Aries. All it takes is a bit of self-analysis and confidence. Aries horoscope for March tells us that you are feeling a bit hesitant with the current situation and want to change it. A good call. But as you do so, try to keep the stress low and tackle things as they are rather than how you wish them to be. If you feel you are going sane with the act of balancing, try to go out on a date as it is a good week to indulge in a love affair. Financially, AstroTalk astrologers predict that profitability would be low, however, there is nothing big to worry about. If you can, postpone making any investments in the stock market.  


The week for Taurus would be mentally tough yet productive. The realisation that Taurus might have had last week will assist them to work harder for the goals they have set for themselves. There would be a constant urge to cut off from the world and focus on oneself, which is temporality fine. The tendency of Taurus to feel jealous of some people around would be sky-high. Taurus horoscope for March suggests that the bull must use the feeling of jealousy to motivate themselves rather than carping their head thinking too much about the other person. As the week would be more of a personal one, the Taurus kind of love would be missing. Do not overexert and eat well. Try to trust your earthy nature. The situation may seem very blurry right now but eventually, the sky will clear.  


You are very possessive about your possessions, Gemini, so why not about the heart you home in that beautiful body of yours? This week, as Venus moves into Pisces, it will inspire you to indulge in an intimate affair. Couples might feel the need to announce their love to their respective families, however, AstroTalk astrologers suggest that Geminis must wait for a week or two and rather try to understand each other more. Career-wise, lots of work seems to be piling up on your table, which you must try to finish before heading into the next week. If you feel the need to alter even the minutest thing in your life, try to do it. As you do the same, the journey down the road would be giving and mentally peaceful.


What’s your perception about the world is one out of the seven billion perceptions that co-exist. Accept the other side of the story and such an acceptance will free up your head. We understand the fact that you are a cardinal sign and thus have an urge to lead but then there are other cardinal signs too, and all curious to lead. Thus, to excel, refine your strategies this week, especially in career terms. Also, as Venus moves into Pisces on the 17th, it is a decent week to take decisions regarding your love life because chances are, you will be too busy having fun and forget about the future of your relationship. A good diet is also something you must invest in to get yourself going. Be cautious of over-tiring yourself and calling it being productive. 


If it were simple, it wouldn’t have found you. Start your week with this logic in mind and the project that has you worried will turn out to be the most successful project of your career. Try to ignore the limitations and give space for confidence to brew within you. And if you still have to take the backseat in some situations, remember that failure can help in character building; it never means that you will never be great again. Moreover, as Venus moves into Pisces on the 17th, the phenomena could add to your health woes. Take good care of your body. Maybe go out for a walk with a family member you want to spend more time with. Students need to focus very much on studies to subdue the feeling of regret in the future. One preparing for a government exam must resketch their schedule because it seems like they have not been following it very wisely. Financially, bar away from applying for loans. 


Stars would not change much for you this week, Virgo but you can change a lot for yourself. Like taking out time for gardening or planning a trip with your friends. A tad bit of pampering would keep you relaxed this week. As the planet of love, Venus, moves into Pisces on the 17th, those in a relationship would want to take things forward. Are you willing to? It’s also high-time for you to redefine your goals or maybe analysis if you are on the right course. On the work front, a promotion or raise is a possibility. You may also get a chance to travel for a project, which would be a much-needed detox. Those who have been suffering from a prolonged ailment may finally pitch upon a treatment that works. A decision to invest in the property must be well-thought. 


Hello Libra, still trying to get a grip on your overactive mind? You need it this week for the Air sign that is you is lacking the fundamental trust of self-confidence being overly free of bounds. Libra Horoscope for March advises you to try committing to something more serious. Like a relationship. It will allow you to think from a perspective that would be more mature even if you aren’t. If you try the mantra, you will feel more creative both personally and also at the workplace. Talking about the workplace, this is a good week for ones’ who have their interviews scheduled as the chances of finding new employment are high for Libra. Elders in the house may have a little bit of mental stress. The younger ones must try to calm them down by having a chatter or maybe going out to buy groceries with them.  


A Taurian stubbornness is something we are very aware of but look who is giving them competition. Spending quality time with your love continues to be of paramount importance to you, right? But alas, you keep ignoring the love that loves you so much. What has been following you won’t part ways until you either stop it by speaking up or just accept it. Ignoring the situation gives them hope that one day all would be gloomy like it once was. Do you feel that’s the right thing to do? While you try to figure out the answer, Scorpio Horoscope for March tells us that the movement of Venus into Pisces on the 17th will make a huge positive impact in your life professionally. A party in the Scorpio HQ also seems to be brewing. Go shopping for the same but avoid a long journey, as you are likely to suffer from health problems due to over-exhaustion. 


Look in the mirror and ask yourself today, have you been restricting yourself lately, Sagittarius? You can’t lie to yourself. And trust us, it is a blessing. Realising the truth releases you from the curse of unacceptance that claws most people down. Be free from yourself this week Sagittarius before you line up a schedule for yourself like the Prince and Princess you are. Also, this is a very good time for students and they must make the best out of it. On the professional front, the weekly horoscope for Sagittarius is pointing towards a situation or person who could irk your peace of mind. If you ask us, it is always a good idea to nip the situation in the bud. Moreover, if you happen to look around, you might bump into someone who looks up to you.  


How comfortable you are with your current situation would be a question that will either add to your woes or help you carve a new path for yourself this week, Capricorn. Try talking about the situation to better deal with the same. With the movement of Venus into Pisces on the 17th, from sex to studies, you will become more active in performing your duties across genres. Intimacy will also help in igniting the emotional touch between you and your partner. Capricorn Horoscope for the week asks you to part ways from going serious at the workplace. Allow yourself a little silliness to filter your world, which can grow dusty otherwise. Moreover, avoid lending money and try to save a little more than you usually do for an unfortunate instance ahead.  


Things on the personal front are looking so downhearted. This may be due to the tiring schedule that you may have chalked out for yourself and named it – ‘Being Productive’. Well Aquarius, your task for the week is to find the right definition for the word ‘Productive’. Being productive, the last time I learned, is also cooking a meal for the lady in the house or taking the children out for shopping or planning a trip for a much-needed detox. Try finding where you belong and where you will not just be productive but also happy. From the health perspective, those who suffer from skin problems must try seeing a doctor and not leave anything and everything for the age to cure. Venus shift into Pisces on the 17th will have a positive impact on your finances. 


Some people have the instant charm to put a smile on your face no matter how you have been feeling lately. And then, there are some people whose aim, we believe, is to only dump their emotional baggage on us and exhaust us with their presence. This week, you need to pay attention to how you feel after each and every conversation you have with someone. . And then, make a choice if you seek to continue being forced to think what you shouldn’t be thinking? Love wise, some misunderstanding can brew between couples thus Pisces Horoscope for March advises you to practice constrain. Those of you who have long-pending court matters must seek better legal advice. Also, later in the week, new proposals might knock at your door.  


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