Your Weekly horoscope for 11th April – 17th April 2021

Your Weekly horoscope for 11th April – 17th April 2021

Libra, there is a part of you that finds itself swimming with the fishes and then there’s another part of you that is entwined with reality. But didn’t someone say that everything you can imagine is real? So this week, give both your realities some space to co-exist harmoniously. Gemini, your mind is bluffing when it tells you that you can be by yourself for the rest of your life. The temporary feeling will only inspire you to push people away from your life, which you will later regret. Cancel the pity party. And Virgo, you have been so close to reality all this time. This week, why not go virtual with life? Starting right with some shudh desi virtual romance?

Aries Weekly Horoscope

Do you feel the deja vu in the air, Aries? The hiking covid-19 cases, the feeling of captive summer like the last one, the re-arrival of feelings you once had for them? Well, that’s how the world works. What has once happened will happen again. Maybe with the same person or maybe not. However, if it’s happening again to you, you are nothing but lucky as you have another chance to change the outcome and tilt it in your favour. Take the chance this week, Aries. Also, you need to work on self-belief when it comes to your relationship. The beginning of the week may not be the best but you will have the opportunity to meet someone special later in the week. On the 16th, Mercury moves into Aries, which could bring a sort of disinterest in spirituality. Those involved in the construction and property business will have the possibilities of making a profit. Try to not lend money until someone needs it so bad. 

Taurus Weekly Horoscope

You seem to be in a hurry. Oh, correction, your mind is in a hurry this week, Taurus. And that’s odd because you are to be the most patient people of them all. The passage of time and tide makes you behold what everyone else has achieved and you see it as a benchmark to judge yourself. But achievements are the most cliched ways to judge oneself, Taurus. This week, try to judge or compare yourself based on what you have lost and what they may have lost. What struggles are on your plate and what are on theirs. And maybe you will have a worthy reason to explain your slow pace, which is still better because you are at least choosing to move. Know your worth Taurus. As Mercury moves into Aries on 16th, you may have to face a loss of money. You will have the urge to sit back at home and at the same time go for a vacation. Wear light pink colour for good luck.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Not everyone will support you in the battle you are fighting. And sometimes not even your family. Is that wrong? Absolutely, not. It’s a human tendency to believe only what they have seen for themselves. So the best way to make them believe is to show what you are capable of. Don’t get distracted by what others have to say about you for it will drain you out of motivation. This week, try to talk less and devote more time to what brings you closer to your goal. As Mercury moves into Aries on 16th, you will get to enjoy financial profits and meet someone with whom you would connect well. It is a great week for wedding shopping if there is a wedding that you need to be at. However, practice COVID precautions for your well being. You will have a normal week at the office space. If you invest in the stock market, this is a good time to invest more money in the same. 

Cancer Weekly Horoscope

The more you give the more they take. That’s what most people do. So you may wonder should I be not giving anymore? Absolutely not. Giving is a deed of the wise and not something without its outcomes. Giving infuses in you a sense of pride because after all, you have helped someone irrespective of the fact how big or small the help was. You, Cancer, have played your part and shall be rewarded when the time comes. Be proud of whatever you have given this week. On the romance front, chances are that your long time relationship will turn into something more. Married couples need to pay attention to each other’s needs. Going on a vacation would allow you the space to get closer. The movement of Mercury in Aries on the 16th will inspire you to initiate something new. You need to rein the urge to spend this week. You may also feel fearful of an upcoming project at the workspace. People with breathing ailments must stay home.

Leo Weekly Horoscope

Doesn’t matter how pleasant the view is, you still can’t keep walking and walking for miles to behold the end of it. At some point, you need to stop either to rest or rethink if it is the right way? And if not, then you may want to change the course. With the moment of Mercury into Aries on the 16th, you will enjoy the intellect to think better of what you seek from life. You can plan a trip this week as the conditions are favourable and safe. If you are dealing with depression, you should pay attention to it or the situation will get worse for you. Your office environment will be on a bit stressful side, however, your finances will remain smooth. Students must bar themselves from spending too much time with the opposite gender and concentrate on studies to safeguard themselves from future regret. The week is good for buying property but not for griha pravesh. Intra trading recklessly would bring you losses. 

Virgo Weekly Horoscope

Virgo people are up for a great week ahead if they can rein their fear of starting something new. The period will bring light issues in terms of health. If you are dealing with obesity problems, the week is good to invest in a fitness regime as you will find a solution to the same. Career-wise, the time is not good for people looking for a job change but within your current job, you are more likely to get a promotion. As mercury moves into Aries on 16th, the chances of you meeting your THE one are high. You would find more time with your spouse and the sexual relation with them will be enhanced. You have a tendency to ignore the special one in your life, which you should work on. In the end, it is a week for you to have clarity on how to bridge the gap between where you are and where you wish to be.

Libra Weekly Horoscope

It’s nothing but a bad habit to say yes to anything and everything that comes your way just because you can’t say no to it. It would simply weigh one side of the scale down. And in the end, you will have more responsibilities at hand than that you can handle. The consequences? A drain of mental peace and physical woes. Thankfully, you still have the time to unburden yourself. All you need to do is detour if you feel you are on a road that makes you feel overwhelmed. The week is not favourable on the romance side but finances will remain steady. Those who are dealing with judicial matters may face hindrances. The planet Mercury moves into Aries on the 16th of April. The movement may heighten the problems in your relationship. Entering into a new partnership or even an existing one could benefit some of you businessmen.

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

We all are enough for ourselves. All of us know how to adjust. We all have eventually learned to live with the less than what we deserve. But thankfully we are not bound to it. Because somewhere in our subconsciousness, we know what we deserve. And this week, it is the time to have what you deserve. This is because the movement of Mercury in Aries on the 16th will help you with grand improvements in health and energy. You can redefine your goals by looking at a bigger perspective. The time will help you heal from the loss of a person you once saw a partner in. Couples planning to take things forward must refrain from revealing things to anyone, especially parents, for now. On the career front, try to complete all the pending work for personal relief. Those planning to buy or invest in the property must do it. Those who wish to invest in the share market must take a third opinion.

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

It’s time for you to be with the unknown, Sagittarius. It’s a kind of detox that offers you multiple perspectives to look at. And the best way to find the unknown is to go chasing the beach or the mountain, the shrubs or the city you have always wanted to. You meet new people. They say a thing. You say a thing. No judgments. And amidst the talks, you will realise how easy it is to find happiness for some people and while on the other hand how difficult for others. The 16th of April, when Mercury moves into Aries, will bring a period of fame, success and victory. However, you must be mindful of cherishing the smallest victories too. For those working in the arts field, the time will bring you prosperity in terms of project and finances. This is also a great time to begin or end a relationship until you are not in your schooling period. 

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

Being confused is not that bad, Capricorn. Being confused may make you wanna think about the given situation. And thinking is synonymous with having multiple ideas that one can handpick from to make one’s personal life better. So what do you plan to focus your thoughts on this week, Capricorn? With Mercury moving into Aries on April 16th, we suggest you focus on your relationship as that area needs some attention. The profits of investments made would be slow for a week or two from here. You will have to think from a personal perspective in your professional space to have better results on the table. Foreign travelling must be avoided this week. You must try to wear white clothes to attract positive cosmic energy. Evening time between 5:30 – 6:30 PM is very beneficial for you.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Not all get the love, validation and approval from their families. And some of us wander our entire life to find love only to be disappointed time and time again. But you are not one of those Aquarius, despite the fact that you may feel so. You have been granted the gift of a soul family that will begin understanding you once your ideas, views and opinions with them. And the best time to do it is after the 16th when Mercury moves into Aries. Also, your romantic relationship needs nurturing. For most of those planning to get married any time soon, this week is good to host a bachelorette party. Take COVID precautions anyways. The promotion you may have been looking for isn’t just there yet. You will have to work harder in the office to get the desired results. A Judicial matter could drain your budget if you don’t remain careful about it. Despite the chaos, don’t let life overwhelm you. Take one step at a time.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Many people tell us stories about what we should and what we should not be. Stories that pull us back from being ourselves and loving us fully. So this week, why not treat these stories they tell you just like other stories for which we simply say ‘esa thodhi na hota hai yaar’ and move ahead? Try to write your own story this week, Pisces. Overall, the week is going to be very prosperous for you. On the 16th, as Mercury moves into Aries, you will enjoy the luck of finances and prosperity across all areas of life. The week is excellent for romance so if planning a date, it probably would lead you and the one on the other side of the table somewhere. However, getting into a hasty relationship will not work out. Professionals engaged in sales and marketing will have to undergo a hectic schedule. An investment made in shares that involve steel or water – like ports – would bring profit.  

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