Which Vampire Diaries Character Are You As Per Your Zodiac Sign

Which Vampire Diaries Character Are You As Per Your Zodiac Sign

Don’t you think that OTT series and television shows have become a vital part of our lives? From F.R.I.E.N.D.S to Big Bang Theory and Sacred Games to Mirzapur, all influence us intensely, and we connect with them super strongly. One such series is The Vampire Diaries. If you are a teen or have a teen at your house, you must have seen them watching this marvelous series. With a talented star cast, the show is originally from its novel written by L.J. Smith. So, do you wish to know which Vampire Diaries character are you?

Are you Damon or Stefan, Elina or Caroline? Check below to find out!

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“You know what? Friends don’t manipulate friends. They help each other.”

-Elena Gilbert

The most gorgeous and helpful, you dear Aries folks possess qualities like the Vampire Diaries character Elina Gilbert. Just like her, you are an ambitious and firm personality. Always happy to love others and by her friends’ side, Elena was a selfless yet kickass woman! If you are with the Aries zodiac sign, we are sure you would have solidly related with all these traits.

Aries zodiac sign folks also make rash choices and usually leap prior to thinking of their plans. So was Elena Gilbert! And the proof of the same lies in the series. With being superbly ambitious, she also had a bit temper, clearly indicating the Aries Alert!

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“I am not too much of a peoples’ person.”

-Klaus Mikaelson

What he said, he believed it! Klaus being Klaus. Yes, Taureans, Klaus was just like you. He loved power, patience, and ruthlessness until it was about his people. And, Taureans, you are all about stamina and willpower with a tinge of selfishness. So, if you are a folk with a Taurus zodiac sign or know one, you shall see that they are all about “Me and My People.”

Moreover, you would be dotting hot and with a personality too exotic to handle. Also, if you have seen Klaus’ love for Caroline, you must mind the possessiveness he had. Thus, from pampering to giving importance, you shall put your all in minutes!

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“We both know I could rip you to shreds and do my nails at the same time.”

-Katherine Pierce

Natives with the Gemini zodiac sign are known for their dual personalities. Katherine, the most resourceful Vampire Diaries character, totally justifies the Gemini traits. Moody, funny, and top-notch sarcasm and fun lover, Katherine was the crazy packet pouch of TVD! And you Geminis, you are the same. You love being witty and acing the roles you are in.

Just like her, you too switch from your personality according to suitability. Sounds mean, but Geminis, it’s kind of you, isn’t it? You are at times cold, sometimes manipulative, while sometimes with too many mood swings. With loving to be the center of attraction, she always had things her way, just like any Gemini.

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“I am willing to do anything for the people I love.”


Sweet people who love to live for people! If you are with the Cancer zodiac sign, you definitely are Enzo from the Vampire Diaries character. He loved Bonnie to death bed and loved and cared for her deeply. You are the same. You nurture and care for people to the core and from within.  

However, if you are a native with the Cancer zodiac sign, you might be impulsive too. We have seen that with Enzo as well. Because of certain rash decisions he made, he almost lost Bonnie to death! While on the other hand, Cancerians are loyal to heaven, and Enzo has proved this numerous times.

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“If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.”

-Caroline Forbes

Born leaders and the knack of winning people by logic and perfection! We know that it is so you, folks with Leo zodiac sign, and the same is Caroline from the Vampire Diaries character. Caroline was a damn control freak and straightforward woman with the guts to take her own bloody stand every time. With attitude and personality, she was a high-minded and prideful person with all sorts of accomplishments and bravery. Sounds like you in the form of her, right?

However, if you flip the coin, you shall see that the natives with the Leo zodiac sign are sensitive as well. You try hard not to show that side of yours to anybody, yet deep down, that sentimental side sets there correctly. You could see the same when Caroline was with her daughters and Stefan. Also, if you are a Leo folk, you would have wow organizing and management skills. A set example of the same was Caroline Forbes, the queen of organizing events. Be it prom night, dance events, or other things, she was pro at it with perfection. 

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“My problem is that everyone thinks I shouldn’t have one!”

-Jeremy Gilbert

Virgo folks are highly loyal, selfless, and kind. And Jeremy from the Vampire Diaries character totally fits these details. He was harsh as hell and loyal as heaven to his people. Be it his love for Vinnie, Bonnie, or his sister Elena he never thought a second time to save them or keep them over himself. Virgo has this hidden trait of being shy and worry-tub, or should we call it being an introvert with lots of stress. And Jeremy was that too, proof being his behavior around Vinnie and his family in the beginning.

However, when he became a hunter, he was practical and hard-working, another feature Virgos have. He worked hard not just to become a pro Vampire hunter, but also to control his desperation towards the Salvatore brothers. On the sidelines, natives with the Virgo zodiac sign have a temper issue too, and Jeremy Gilbert was just the person with a killing temper.

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“There’s always a choice. Whenever you make one, someone else suffers.”

-Bonnie Bennett

Honestly, she was the Hero of the entire series. Savage, fearless and loyal, Bonnie Bennett ideally describes the Libra zodiac sign. With being rational, natives of the Libra zodiac sign are ideal listeners. You shall listen to all points of view available and then conclude what to do. And, we have seen Bonnie doing the same a zillion times in the entire series.

Another quality of the Librans is being a justice personality. You definitely won’t consider who is in front of you when seeking justice. Bonnie was harsh on Damon when he was a jerk to her friends. Also with Benzo, Kai and others! There are so many examples of the same in the series. Being unbiased, you Librans are great at it, and so was the Bennett witch from the Vampire Diaries character list.

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“The only person I can count on is me.”

-Damon Salvatore

Scorpions always have a tough time dealing with people. They are easily misunderstood every time, and Damon Salvatore’s history, ooh! It had been quite the same. He was taken as the evil one, while he was the sweet pie always ready to give his all for Elena and his brother. Natives with the Scorpio zodiac sign are also intense, passionate, and ideal lovers. You would be all for the person you are in deep love with and shall go beyond limits to give them all the happiness in the world. 

Also, Scorpions are hard to put down and are usually sarcastic to cores. And Damon was superbly unpredictable and dominating when he was on his own. Also, if you are a Scorpio, you must have noticed that you sometimes go too critical and competitive to realize what you are worthy of. We have seen Damon do this a lot, especially when he is not thinking sane but crazily.

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“The bond affects how you act, not how you feel.”

-Tyler Lockwood

Sagittarius folks are full of adventure, enthusiasm, and optimism. You love to be in free spirits and expect quick results. Therefore, for you, we have Tyler Lockwood from The Vampire Diaries character chart. Just like any Sagittarian, he was a freedom-lover as well, who was always ready to take on the world. 

The next quality peeps with the Sagittarius zodiac sign possess is loyalty, which was like another name of Tyler. He was very clear about taking charge of his pack of werewolves. Also, it is seen with Saggitarians that they are possessive to heights. Tyler was seen with the same when Klaus tried on Caroline, and he didn’t step back but tried to take on Klaus uncontrollably.

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“I’m an expert at dealing with loss, you know? I started at a young age.”

-Matt Donovan

Capricorn folks try hard to be stable. You love taking responsibility and charge, indicating that you are so much like Matt Donovan from the Vampire Diaries. He became the Sheriff and took responsibility to save the town. Also, peeps with the Capricorn zodiac sign take on others’ problems themselves and solve them like their own. 

However, when it’s about their issues, they shall become ignorant to all extents. We have seen Matt doing this all the time. Be it his matters with Elena or his sister Vinnie, Matt was just too avoidable about all of them. But on the other hand, he was very dutiful. He worked hard to move the Vampires from the town no matter how hard it was and became a good police officer.

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“I am every parent’s worst nightmare. I am the chaperone teacher from hell.”

-Alaric Saltzman

Peeps with the Aquarius zodiac sign are the ones with wow ideas and the ones with out-of-the-box mentality. And, the perfect example of the same from The Vampire Diaries is Alaric Saltzman. He was the one with the solution to everything, the mister “Know it all” with qualities of initiating to everything all the time.

Also, Aquarians possess fighter qualities with a tinge of idealism and dedication. And Ric was just the person to personify it all. Along with being a great professor, he was a perfect father, a great friend, and a solid mentor. All in all, possessing Aquarius zodiac sign qualities, he was always there to save the day.

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“We choose our own path. Our values and our actions, they define who we are.”

-Stefan Salvatore

A perfect brother, friend, partner, and on and on and on! The list is ongoing for Stefan Salvatore, and so is for the peeps with Pisces zodiac sign. If you’re one with the same, we know you would definitely relate yourself with him. From being honest and selfless, he is trustworthy and expressible. Just like you Pisces, he too has deep thoughts and prefers others’ happiness over his own.

Moreover, folks with the Pisces zodiac sign also keep a check on their loved ones. You protect them and try to keep your people safe in the best possible way. And Stefan Salvatore has always done that! In fact, in the end, he sacrificed himself to save Elena and others by going to the deathbed himself.

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