Weekly Horoscope For 4th April – 10th April 2021

Weekly Horoscope For 4th April – 10th April 2021

A river never falls short of the paths it could tread on. It simply finds a way for itself. Similarly, there comes a time in everyone’s life when you can either continue to play it safe or take that leap of faith into the unknown. We have a strong feeling that you are in a mood to surprise yourself this week, Virgo. Take the leap for you may find what you have been looking for. And just in case you don’t find what you have been looking for, yet you will have Gemini to walk you back home where Leo would cook you a delicious supper and Aquarius will tell you stories until you bid the night goodbye.  

Meanwhile, on 6 April, Jupiter will transit into Aquarius to camp there till June 20, 2021. While Jupiter’s transition in Aquarius would either be moderate or favourable for most signs, however, Taurus and Capricorn need to be extra careful during this period. Well, we will find a solution for that too, but before that, let’s look into your weekly horoscope for the week ahead.

Aries Weekly Horoscope

When we see the world from where we are standing, we tend to get caught up in the illusion. It’s easy to feel like everything is falling apart. However, like we said, it could all be an illusion. Beware of what you put your belief in this week. This week you might feel withdrawn from social adventures. You will have the urge to stay alone or with only a couple of people around. It’s basically your mental health asking you to pause your life for a moment. Remember that there is always time to reemerge in the world but not before refuelling yourself with the energy you would need to respawn in a way that the world notices. Going ahead, your spouse would be the source of energy. They can guide you through if you let them. Financially, you may not feel like spending money but if you invest in the stock market on a long term basis, the returns would be favourable. 

Taurus Weekly Horoscope

You are feeling the urge to stop whatever you are doing for the sake of doing what your heart desires. Any wise man would think so. However, is it the right way to go into things? Our astrologers suggest you first need to kickstart what you have always wanted to do. Leaving everything at once to do something you have always wanted to, and then leaving it too will leave you good for nothing. Beware. If you feel burdened, try to pause your life for a bit. Take a moment to reflect upon what your actions are being guided by. Talk to the one you believe in the most. That is how you will find the answers you need to go forward. This week is good for singles trying their luck with love. Financially, this week will be quite stable for you and you will see an improvement in all aspects of your finances.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Ok Gemini, let’s imagine the plot together. You are somewhere amidst the mountains, driving on a road with huge trees on both sides. And as the sun rays, mixed with the cold breeze, enter through the car’s window to smear your skin, all you can wish for is – God, I don’t want to leave this place ever. That’s all you need, right? So what’s stopping you? Yourself. Thinking you have time is a mere bluff, Gemini. This week could turn out great if you do what your heart tells you to. If in love, outside elements will try to create nuance between you two so it’s better to run away before misunderstandings spew. You may also feel manic in the office space but don’t let the feeling drain out your confidence. Financially, the week would remain pretty much stable if you ignore investing in something. There are chances you might get a promotion so don’t let go of any in the office space. 

Cancer Weekly Horoscope

We all, at some point, think that the other person will achieve so much in life while we would remain stuck with little if we continue to do what we do on a regular basis. But how many of you realise that you could be doing what you love and they, despite pulling a bigger cheque amount, might be coping with doing something they envy? Trying to do something extra shouldn’t come at the expense of ignoring what you have always wanted to do. Grow, but with caution. On the love front, avoid hurting your partner just for the sake of seeking attention. The adventure may lead to the end of the relationship. Misunderstandings must be talked-out. Financially, the time is right for long term investments only; like in the share market. Business people will see a gain in profit. Elders with blood pressure problems must take extra care of themselves. 

Leo Weekly Horoscope

Nothing is permanent. And that is both a blessing and a problem. But can we change the facts? Or simply say, the divine’s plan? Try, and you will fail this week and week after this one too. Your purpose for the week must be not to overthink about the love that failed you, the missed opportunity or the chances you didn’t take. If you can do so, life will bring you favours from unexpected sources. And the plan will work out great for you. This is a great week for wedding shopping if you have to be the bride’s maid to someone anytime soon. If you go out, especially for a meeting, try to wear the colour pink for good luck. Don’t go too aggressive on your savings until you need it so much. The worries of job security could plague your mind. The easy way out is to give your best and not drain your energy thinking about what is yet to happen. 

Virgo Weekly Horoscope

The baggage of life can feel heavy at times. And this is one week when it just might. The days ahead would be challenging for Virgo if they try to figure out what is all that is false in their life. And it is a challenge that we suggest a Virgo must take. Have you been procrastinating a lot? Do you need to work more on the relationship? Find answers to these questions and you will have a new perspective to follow. Woes can emerge in love life due to misunderstandings. To stop that from happening, spend more time talking to each other. Unmarried couples must avoid temporary flings as it will dent your relationship. This week, you may actually receive a delayed inheritance in the form of property or jewellery. It is a great time to invest in the stock market especially shares with the element of water like ports. 

Libra Weekly Horoscope

The libra HQ is brimming with fun-ivites, and the credit goes to all the stars joining in for the party. The week is great both, financial and health-wise. However, the better of the week can infuse in you the will to part away from your goals. It’s up to you how you control the same. If you have plans to travel for a day or two, try to extend the same to get the best of it for both yourself and the one you plan to take along. An old love may bump into your life or simply, you could feel the urge to talk to them. That decision is of you to decide. The desk job prospects will be high and you would be motivated to try to do things differently. The lucky number for you this week is 7, and the lucky colour is anything but blue. Healthwise, high and low blood pressure patients will see some improvement on this front. Diabetic patients may, however, experience some uneasiness. 

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

They are drifting away from you, Scorpio. And this time, the reason is your stubbornness. Maybe it is for the greater good of you and them, but you need to ask yourself if it is what you want? It’s your call Scorpio. A plague on the health side seems to be brewing. Try stretching exercises to ensure you don’t feel lethargic during the day. Personal life needs attention with decisions not influenced by outside forces. There are strong indications of physical needs brewing in you but don’t use it as a reason to fall for anything and everything. Financially, property dealers must take advice from their partner before making any financial decision. The self-employed may get an opportunity to work abroad.  

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

This week is what they call the ‘time of plenty’. However, despite the fact that there is plenty for you to behold, the space you have got to store the plenty in is limited. So it’s for you to decide how much of what you let in and how much to let go of. Our advice would be to have more compassion for yourself. The week you will want to shed away your extroverted form to spend time with loved ones. Try to listen more than you speak. You will understand what is something you can change about yourself to become kinder. Anyone looking for a new job must wait for a week instead of hurling into something wrong. Also, your tendency of thinking that you are not experienced enough to take so and so job needs to change. If you don’t challenge yourself, you will never have that experience in the first place. If trying to find a hobby, it is a great time to try painting. Steel shares will allow good returns. 

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

How you analyse a thing that has been said before replying to it decides how they would treat you in the future. Listen to understand Capricorn, and not just reply. They may call you a fool but less they know that releasing that what a fool you are is of great intelligence. Only when you realise you are a fool, only then you have the curiosity to tread with better humility, love and respect to change that aspect. Change is always happening, and you must be open to life, to yourself, to understand that you can be many things. The week will be excellent for couples married or unmarried. One planning to propose love must go for it without a second thought. On the work front, creativity-block could affect your work. However, taking help from a colleague would sort things out for you. If you are a boss to someone, try to guide others for better results. Taking a car loan must be ignored. Take your wife with yourself if planning to get a home loan sanctioned.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Philosopher and poet Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star.” The unpoetic meaning here is that you need to look at the bigger picture instead of just settling in for what literally half the world is settling for. All the lectures because this week is wonderful for beginning something new. Try to evaluate the opportunities while building an inner sense of solace and calm. Romantic life could come to a standstill due to distant signals. Pregnant women must avoid going out for the better health of the Good News coming. Careerwise, this week is all about trying new things and taking a reasonable amount of risk to get maximum results. A promotion is likely if you have been looking for one. Anyone who feels they are getting less for their efforts must talk about the feeling and shy away from looking the other way around in the absence of solutions. At last, be grateful for what you have and what you have lost. 

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

If the first day of the week has you exhausted, then it is because of two things. Either you are trying too hard or not trying at all. Find a balance here, Pisces. The time is great for self-inspection and changing some things you have been wanting to do. However, when you self inspect, ensure you don’t let the past become a longer guest or else you will again have to start from zero. The end of the week will be a delighting for the ones in love. Misunderstanding of any kind must be talked out or it would strain your relationship. On the financial front, a promotion is likely. One who is to get married must avoid long journeys. Resist from being influenced by investment temptations, especially the stock market during the beginning of the week.  

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