The Ideal Wedding Venue For Each Zodiac Sign

The Ideal Wedding Venue For Each Zodiac Sign

We all want our wedding day to be the most special day of our lives. After all, it is the start of a new adventure and a new life. And of course, you’re marrying the most special person. But having the perfect wedding is far from simple. You need gorgeous attire, a delicious menu, the right caterer, and the perfect venue. Your wedding venue could easily make or break the wedding. The place where you are tying the knot has to be tailor-made for you and your beau. But there are just so many options that it is only natural for you to feel bewildered. Why not let astrology pick out the ideal wedding venue for your zodiac? If your love was written in the stars, maybe so was your wedding venue.


You like things done a certain way. So, we are fairly certain you want something as vital as your wedding to look like a dream. We know you won’t be satisfied with traditional venues where everything is just so drab. Maybe you can go rent an industrial space, loft or warehouse and have it customized exactly as you’ve imagined since you began to daydream of your special day.

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You are the romantic type and you’ve found “the one”. Your close friends probably think you would probably even get hitched next to a dumpster. But no! You know it’s going to be an exceptional day so you have to make it a remarkable event. We know you’re not into big parties. A small romantic and private garden wedding sounds just the right fit for you.

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Yes, we get it. You’re easily bored. So your wedding can be nothing short of an adventure. How about a tryst in the mountains with your would-be spouse?  A destination wedding seems like just the thing your zodiac would be into. We’re sure your friends already have their passports on the ready because they know you need your wedding to be completely bonkers.


It’s your big day and you want to remain stress-free. You don’t want to remember your wedding day as a constant rollercoaster but for the joyous occasion that it is. The perfect way to do that is to tie the knot on a boat or yacht party. Nothing screams fun like a party on the ocean.

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Since you love to show off, you should only settle for a wedding venue that is grand. A destination wedding is definitely your cup of tea. If money ain’t a thing, go big. Go to Europe, Italy, or Rome. You want your guests to have the time of their lives at your wedding right? So, go big!


You are a nature lover. Nothing pleases you more than a day spent in Mother Nature’s loving arms. There can be no better wedding venue for your zodiac than an outdoor setting. But beware nature might just end up giving you stiff competition when it comes to looking beautiful.  

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We know you have a soft spot for art, culture and history. And your ideal partner must be at least somewhat the same. So why not turn your dream wedding into a destination wedding? Somewhere like Rajasthan or Udaipur will not only make the perfect wedding venue for your zodiac but you might be able to begin honeymooning early too.

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Much like Taurus, you crave intimacy. You value only a few people and those are the ones you truly want to be by your side during your nuptials. Why not arrange a quaint and lovely backyard wedding? A dimly lit garden, the sweet smell of champagne, happy faces and delicious food. Your wedding is going to be a raging success and you know it.

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Sag, your wild spirit and free soul make you almost not want to plan a wedding. And we think you probably won’t. You are the type to get married on a whim on a night where the stars are shining especially brightly. Now, we know your folks will never agree to it but all your friends will be up for it. And hey, if you play your cards right. You get two weddings!


The Earth sign has a keen eye for ancient forts and mausoleums. They love luxury and Indian heritage is nothing if not extravagant and fancy. Your zodiac wedding venue must be a destination wedding in an ancient city. Think Ayodhya, Varanasi, Gwalior.

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You love to experiment and you never settle. You want your wedding venue to be a representation of your personality. So what better way to do that than to choose an offbeat location? One that will have your guest list marvelling at the beauty and novelty of it all.  

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Your element is water so it’s only fitting for you to have a beach wedding. If you think a beach wedding is not the right choice for you, you can always get married at a location that overlooks the ocean. We don’t think there could be anything more romantic than that. Places like Goa and Mumbai would be ideal for you. And hey, what’s better, no sand on your lehenga or shoes.  

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