The History Of Tarot Cards – Continued

The History Of Tarot Cards – Continued

Date Published:
December 1st, 2010


At last, we have reached the end of the tarot cards. This time we will look at the cards wheel, judgment and world.

The Wheel

Also known as The Wheel of Fortune, the Wheel tarot card can indicate different things in your tarot card reading, depending on the interpretation of the card and its placement in the tarot spread.

Some readers believe the card means that not everything that happens in life is due to destiny, fate or chance. Sometimes, the things that seem like “sheer dumb luck” or a “chance choice” are really because we made good choices prior to the “lucky” event. It’s not always fate that decides what course we take. Sometimes, it’s us.

Other readers believe the card is showing you that certain events in life do depend on fate and luck. In this interpretation, the Wheel of Fortune indicates that something positive is about to happen in your life (or has already happened). However, you may not realize it’s positive when it’s happening to you. As we have learned over the course of our examination of the tarot card deck, what often times seems negative when it is happening, turns out to be positive for us in the future.


The Judgment card is also sometimes known as the Angel card because the angel image appearing on the card in most tarot decks. The Judgment card doesn’t mean we are about to be judged. It is, however, telling us it may be time to judge something about ourselves. Like many of the other tarot cards, this card is telling you to take a close look at yourself and figure out what you need to do. You are at a moment of truth in life – not necessarily a bad one. It just means you are at a point where you need to make a decision about something big in your life. So, think about what Judgment is trying to tell you and take action!


It seems fitting that the last card we look at is the last card of the deck! The World, fittingly, represents the end of something. In a literal sense it means the end of the tarot card deck. In terms of your tarot card reading, it means you have completed something. This is a positive symbol. You have achieved something you have been working toward for a long time or accomplished a long sought after goal. Perhaps you have even freed yourself from someone or something and can now move past it. Whatever it is, it’s over and done with. Good for you!

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