The History Of Tarot Cards – Continued

The History Of Tarot Cards – Continued

Date Published:
July 27th, 2010


Now that we know what a deck of tarot cards is and where it came from, let’s start looking at some of the symbolism of the cards and try to figure out what they might be trying to tell us.

The Death Card

Many people assume that if this card turns up in their tarot card reading, it means death. Literally. They think they are destined to die soon. It is a scary looking card, usually with a skeleton and a bunch of dead bodies on it, and it almost always has the number 13 on it.

Yeah, it’s scary.

However, it doesn’t mean your physical death. The death card is often symbolic of the end of something major in your life. It might be the end of a relationship or a job. It may indicate that something is coming to a close and you are going to begin a period of transition in your life. It may even symbolize a transition to a time of renewal and rebirth in your life. The other cards that are dealt during your tarot card reading may help you determine what is changing in your life and allow you to prepare for it.

The Lovers

One of the more straightforward cards of the tarot deck, the lovers usually symbolizes love, relationships or sex. However, the card reminds us that relationships of this nature – whether they are serious or casual – require balance and compromise to maintain them and keep them healthy. When reading the tarot card spread, issues of faith, promise, and honesty often turn-up. Are you considering starting a new relationship, ending it or straying?

Much like real life, seeing the lovers card seems plain and simple on the surface, but there are many things going on underneath that need to be explored. However, knowing this is an issue in your life will help you deal with it and make good choices for your present or future relationship.

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