The History Of Tarot Cards – Continued

The History Of Tarot Cards – Continued

Date Published:
August 3rd, 2010


Continuing our examination of the tarot deck, let’s look at three more cards: the sun, the moon, and the star tarot cards. Each of these things seems related based on their obvious symbols on the card. A look underneath shows us not only how different these cards are, but they have a similar theme running through them.

The Sun

Bright and happy, the sun card during a tarot reading usually means good things are ahead for you. It’s often considered the best card of the tarot deck because it means whatever you have been struggling with, physical or mental health, your marriage, or anything difficult, is soon over. If you haven’t already, you will soon be over this bad period in your life and will have moved on to better things. You have, or will soon, grow and find the things you’ve been lacking in your life: clarity, purpose or self-confidence.

The Moon

Just as the sun influences life here, so does the moon. The moon card during your tarot card reading is reminding you that many things can and will influence you on your journey. The question you must ask yourself is what is influencing you and is it a positive or negative influence? The moon on the card represents imagination but can also represent deceit. The card is telling you trust you instincts and to let them guide you. The moon also has power, reminding you that if you focus on harnessing that power (what is inside you) you will be able to find the clarity you need.

The Star

If the star card appears during you tarot reading, it is time for you to stop and take stock for a moment. While it is likely you are in a difficult period in your life, the star card is reminding us to stop for a moment and recall that there is always hope and you will be able to get through this difficult time. The card is also telling you that you may need to let go for a minute and reflect on what is happening. Only then might you find the solution to your problem.

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